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delving into the details

I fell in love with archery long before I was old enough to fall in love with a woman (yes, I know this is a gun magazine, but hold on just a minute … ). Ted Nugent is notorious for citing the “mystical flight of the arrow” as the source of attraction that drew him to bowhunting, and there is certainly something to that. Watching an arrow take flight, rise and drop into a desired target many yards away stirs up some pretty wild emotions. In a way, it’s like watching time stop: Once that arrow is released, you’ve done all you can do as a shooter. There’s nothing left but to watch the journey unfold. But more than simply watching the flight of each arrow mature, I was drawn to…

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the 6.5-284 norma

Historical Notes: Hornady now produces cases and will produce ammunition (depending upon rifle manufacturing) for this long-popular wildcat chambering. Originally, this version of the .284 Winchester was designed to offer a shorter hunting cartridge that approximates 6.5-06 ballistics; the long-range accuracy potential was recognized much later. This chambering has been used extensively in NRA High Power and elsewhere, where accuracy and barrel life are important. Peak pressure specification for this thoroughly modern cartridge is comparatively high. General Comments: A 28-inch barrel loaded with any of the better VLD (very low drag), moly-plated bullets between 130 and 155 grains in this cartridge easily achieves sufficient velocities for accurate 1,000-yard benchrest shooting. These combinations generate much less recoil than any effective .30- or .33-caliber 1,000-yard match combination. This contributes to precise shooting. However, unless conditions are…

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letters to the editor

What is ‘Standing Support’? I enjoyed Patrick Sweeney’s great article on the .375 H&H Magnum Mauser in the June 2019 issue. It did raise a few questions, however. On page 33, he says, “Only later did I discover the trick of a standing support for test-firing magnums.” My question: What the heck is a standing support, and where can I get one? Thanks for the great article! John Barnett III Jackson, MS A standing support is simple: Hunters call it “African sticks” or crossed sticks. The simplest method is three sticks, long enough to be a tripod you can use while standing. A more substantial one would be a 4x4 post with a firm base, along with a sandbag or shooting rest on top. You stand behind it, rest your hand or the rifle forearm…

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digital/new in the store

FROM THE ARTICLES AT GUNDIGEST.COM CLASSIC GUNS 5 Classic Colt Guns You’ve Got to Own These are the five iconic Colt firearms that will crown your gun collection. CONCEALED CARRY Mastering Cirillo’s Coarse-Aim Shooting Technique Here’s how law enforcement legend Jim Cirillo got the drop on bad guys. SOCIAL SPOTLIGHT HANDLOADING Unlocking the Potential of the 7mm Rem. Mag. The 7mm Rem. Mag. has a ton of potential ... in addition to just being a hard-hitter. GEAR & ACCESS0RIES What’s the Best Concealed-Carry Holster? Looking to enhance going armed? Here are the best concealed-carry holsters around today. Find us on Facebook! Follow us on Twitter! @gundigest Follow us on Instagram! @Gun.Digest…

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building your long-range kit

BADROCK SOUTH FORK RIFLE The South Fork 6.5 Creedmoor rifle teeters on custom-made performance. At the heart of the South Fork is a modified Remington Model 700 action, upgraded with a coned bolt nose, fixed ejector and modified controlled-round feed. Badrock mates its action with a 26-inch, match-grade, stainless-steel barrel and fits them into a Modular Driven Technology LSS-XL Gen2 chassis. Meant to meet production rifle standards for competition, the system does make sacrifices to achieve its price point. The scope base and muzzle device are extras. Nevertheless, for what you get on the South Fork as is, that’s not much to complain about. MSRP: $1,995 BERGER 95-GRAIN HYBRID CLASSIC HUNTER Most think of the 6mm Creedmoor primarily as a competition cartridge. Loaded correctly, however, the 6.5’s little brother is also a dynamite long-range…

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MODEL: Bergara Premier HMR Pro WEIGHT: 9.2 lbs. (.22-250 Rem.), 9.4 lbs. (.223 Rem., .308 Win., 450 BM), 9.6 lbs. (6.5 CM), 9.7 lbs. (6mm CM) OVERALL LENGTH: 39.5 in. (.223 Rem., .308 Win.), 43.5 in. (6.5 CM, .22-250 Rem.), 45.5 in. (6mm CM) BARREL LENGTH: 20 in. (.223 Rem., .308 Win.), 24 in. (6.5 CM, .22-250 Rem.), 26 in. (6mm CM) MAGAZINE: AICS-style detachable MAG CAPACITY: 5-round mag TRIGGER: TriggerTech Frictionless Release Technology BARREL TAPER: No. 5.5 MUZZLE: Threaded 5/8x24 in. with knurled thread protector STOCK: Bergara HMR molded with mini-chassis SCOPE MOUNT: Remington 700 bases with 8x40 screws. Integrated QD flush cup sling mounts and swivel mounts REAR BUTTSTOCK: Adjustable cheek piece and length of pull. Full-length integrated mini-chassis for repeatable bedding; supports fully free- floated barrel MODEL: CMMG MkW ANVIL XLR2 CALIBER: 6.5 Grendel BARREL: 22 in., 1:8 twist, medium taper,…