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firearm values

“I didn’t feel any recoil at all. And I’m shaking really bad.” On the eve of our final day in South Africa, I asked my wife, Molly, how she wanted to spend the time. My short-barreled Bergara B-14 .308 Win. and I had checked off every box on my list of plains game (I’ve got a full review of this little gem coming in an upcoming issue), and she’d done everything from visit Krueger National Park to barter with shopkeepers in local villages. I soiled myself just a bit when she dropped the “h” word. Throughout the course of our marriage, my wife and I have shot together on occasion; first with bows, and then, she eventually joined Team Polymer and completed her CCW training. But working a long gun was so…

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.30-30 winchester (.30-30 wcf/.30 winchester)

Historical Notes The .30-30, or .30 WCF, was the first American small-bore, smokeless powder sporting cartridge. It was designed by Winchester and first marketed in early 1895 as one of the chamberings available for the Model 1894 lever-action rifle. The original loading used a 160-grain soft-point bullet and 30 grains of smokeless powder—thus the name, “.30-30,” for a .30-caliber bullet and 30 grains of powder. This is really an older way of describing a caliber based on blackpowder usage. Its muzzle velocity was 1,970 fps. It was adapted to the Winchester Model 54 bolt-action, as well as various versions of the original 1894 action, such as the Model 55 and 64. Marlin chambered it in the Model 1893 lever-action, the improved Model 36 and the Model 336. At one time, the Savage…

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letters to the editor

Fighting the Flinch I just wrapped up the online article, “Shooting the Snubnose Revolver,” by Mike Thomas. He’s got some very good information in that piece, but I have a different suggestion: Another way to practice at home is to remove all ammo from your handgun and clear the chamber. Place a quarter near the front sight—if your gun has a flat top slide. If you can’t keep the quarter from falling when you pull the trigger, then you’re flinching. It’s just as much about trigger jerk as it is about recoil anticipation. Larry K. Brown Online comment Recoil anticipation, trigger jerk, flinching … call it what you will, but it all equates to detrimental movement during the shot cycle that destroys accuracy. Your quarter-balancing act is a great trick that I’d nearly…

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CONCEALED CARRY Springfield Range Officer Compact vs. Nighthawk Custom T4 Stacking the one-gunsmith-made Nighthawk Custom T4 against the production Springfield Armory Range Officer Compact. ARs Challenging the 5.56 NATO: The LWRCI 6.8 SPCII The LWRCI Six8 aims to tackle the 5.56 AR supremacy. SHOTGUNS Pro Series M Magazine-Fed, Semi-Auto Shotgun Black Aces Tactical offers up a box-magazine-fed, semi-automatic shotgun in a more traditional configuration. GEAR & ACCESSORIES Seven Optics for Every Range and Budget Ready to get on target with new eyes? Check out these top optics. SOCIAL SPOTLIGHT Find us on Facebook! Follow us on Twitter! @gundigest Follow us on Instagram! @Gun.Digest…

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KNIVES 2020 Knives are humankind’s oldest and most essential tool, but that doesn’t mean they’re stuck in prehistory. Today’s custom knives are functional works of art, representing not just days, weeks or years of hard work, but millennia of refinement. To hold a knife created by a master of the knifemaking craft in your hands is an experience that can transport you to other times and places, awakening something deep inside. The next best thing to holding one of these masterpieces for yourself is this book, KNIVES 2020. The 40th edition of this renowned series showcases in brilliant, full-color photographs the absolute best custom knives on the planet. From the hottest trends, such as flipper folders and beautiful chef’s knives, to the trusty favorites, such as classy slip-joints and utility hunters, the…

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shot placement and alligators

Effective self-defense with a handgun encompasses a variety of elements such as reliability, shooter skill, ammunition performance and shot placement. Alligators aren’t included in this list, but they are relevant. No, I’m not suggesting you’ll have to defend your life from an attacking alligator. However, depending on your job description or level of stupidity, it’s a possibility; just not likely. Alligators are relevant because they are notoriously difficult to kill. The nervous system of this apex predator is extremely advanced, and the species is considered to be more than 150 million years old. If you want to kill one with a firearm—and do it quickly—you have to shoot it in a specific spot. If you can hit that spot, the caliber of your bullet, its design and the cartridge it was…