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the limiting factor

There’s an old saying among riflemen that goes something like, “Whatever you spend on your rifle, you need to spend at least double that much on the optics.” The logic behind the advice is solid: If you want your rifle to achieve its full potential, you need to make damned sure your optics aren’t holding you back. But that was then, and this is now. Don’t misunderstand me here: The premise above still holds true, but the need to spend a set amount does not. If you want to achieve the sub-MOA accuracy that nearly every rifle manufacturer is holding their rifles to these days, then you certainly can’t skimp on the glass. But material quality and optical technology have come a long way. These days, you have to search much harder…

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6mm creedmoor

HISTORICAL NOTES The 6mm Creedmoor was the putative brainchild of gun writer John Snow, who began developing the wildcat publicly in 2009 as a magazine article project. But Snow, himself, explained that the idea began as far back as 2007, when the 6.5 Creedmoor had been introduced, and it’s likely that a lot of shooters simultaneously had the notion to neck down the 6.5 Creedmoor case to accept .243-diameter bullets. Other mild case changes in the 6mm Creedmoor include pushing back the 30-degree shoulder 0.022 inch, which, likewise, shrinks the shoulder diameter 0.002 inch. Both have a maximum case length of 1.920 inches. In early 2017, Hornady introduced 6mm Creedmoor factory ammo; this makes sense, because the company had been instrumental in producing the original wildcat version. Snow’s 6mm Creedmoor wildcat was originally…

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letters to the editor

Load Data Request Jay Pinsky wrote an article in the September 2019 Gun Digest issue called “Eight Is Enough.” I shoot a 24-inch 8mm-06 improved and have been struggling trying to find a 225-grain load that performs well in this gun. Mr. Pinsky mentioned this in the article but didn’t recommend any load data. Please help me if you can regarding this load. Steve Eckman, via e-mail Steve, it’s nice to hear from a fellow 8mm-06 lover. It’s a fun cartridge. I feel your pain when it comes to published load data for the 8mm-06 and 8mm-06 Ackley. I didn’t share load data purposely. However, here’s some helpful information for you: Sierra’s manual lists data for 220-grain bullets; and Nosler has some suggested loads for 200-grain bullets. At your request, I had trouble locating…

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from the articles at

Concealed Carry WALTHER PPK/S REBOOT Re-released purely under the Walther banner, the historic PPK and PPK/S are back. Gear & Accessories RED-DOT OPTICS AND MOA Why are most dots 2 MOA in size? Which brightness setting is best? We’ve got these answers—and more. Ammo SIG’S NEW HUNTING AMMO With its excellent listed ballistic coeffi cients, Sig’s new Elite Performance Hunter Tipped ammo looks to give your hunting rifle “legs.” Shotguns 7 AFFORDABLE DOUBLE-BARREL SHOTGUNS FOR 2019 Economical over/unders and side-by-sides? You might as well ask for “bargain” diamonds. However, here are seven exceptions. SOCIAL SPOTLIGHT…

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GUN DIGEST BOOK OF REVOLVERS ASSEMBLY /DISASSEMBLY , 4 TH EDITION BY KEVIN MURAMATSU Shooters, gunsmiths and collectors alike will find the revised version of this handy revolver disassembly guide an essential reference for taking apart and putting back together today’s most popular models of revolvers for routine maintenance, cleaning and repair. With an additional 19 new models of the most popular revolvers, derringers and single-shot handguns on the market, this comprehensive resource now covers 75 models and more than 150 variants! Step-by-step instructions and clear photographs make it easy to disassemble and reassemble a wide range of modern and vintage revolvers. This 4th edition has been expanded to include single-shots and even more derringers. Author Muramatsu’s decades of gunsmithing experience shines through with practical tips that help you overcome disassembly/reassembly hurdles…

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let there be light!

It’s after sunset, and Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum are parked around the corner of the liquor store, smoking a joint and listening to Pearl Jam on the radio. Their piece-of-junk Ford Probe is idling because they’re afraid that if they turn it off, it will not start again. Tweedle Dum has a bottle of Mad Dog wine between his legs and a ring in his nose. Tweedle Dee is rolling another joint and complaining about forgetting to pick up his food stamps. These fine, upstanding citizens (actually, Tweedle Dum is an illegal alien), are looking for an easy score: a victim. A new Chevy Malibu pulls up next to a streetlight that isn’t working. Between a slug on the bottle of Mad Dog and a drag on the joint, Tweedle…