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the things part2

When sitting down to pen this column, I flipped back to the “First Shot” page of the 2018 Everyday Carry issue to see what was on my mind 12 months ago. I actually do this quite often, but this one really grabbed me. Here’s part of what I wrote: As horrific as it is, public shootings are so common right now that they’ve all but lost the wow factor in the eyes of the national media. They come and go so fast through our news feeds that it can be diffi - cult not to become desensitized. We cannot allow ourselves to become desensitized—or complacent. It feels as if I could’ve written that yesterday. But I didn’t; I wrote it a year ago. It’s challenging to define exactly how many mass shootings have…

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.32 h&r magnum

HISTORICAL NOTES The .32 H&R Magnum was the result of a joint project between Harrington & Richardson and Federal Cartridge Co. It was introduced in 1984 for the five-shot H&R Model 504, 532 and 586 revolvers. This was followed later in the same year by Charter Arms and its six-shot .32 H&R Magnum Police Undercover revolver, as well as the Ruger New Model .32 Magnum Single-Six and SP101 revolvers in 1985. The .32 H&R Magnum is simply the older .32 Smith & Wesson Long case, lengthened by .155 inch. Therefore, any .32 Magnum revolver will also accept and fire both the .32 S&W and the .32 S&W Long. This makes for a convenient situation, because the shooter has a choice of three different cartridges that will work in one handgun. Two loadings of…

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letters to the editor

Long Live America’s Rifle There was a recent article in Gun Digest The Magazine covering all the AR-15 cartridges. What a great article! I remember the .30 Remington flub-up, and I agree that it’s a shame Remington didn’t properly market the cartridge and the necessary parts changes. It would truly have given the best of both worlds middle ground for the AR-15 platform. While not a cartridge, mentioning the .223 Wylde barrel change rather than a plain .223 Remington or 5.56x45 NATOchambered barrel not only allows the safe use of either cartridge, it also gives better accuracy in comparison to firing .223 in a 5.56 chamber—something I wish would have been available when I purchased my first AR years ago (a year or two before Bill Wylde released his modified chamber). Also,…

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from the articles at

Accessories MAGPUMP: THE SHOOTER’S TIME MACHINE Get a Magpump—your watch and your thumbs will thank you for it. ARs AR-15: SUPPORT-HAND PLACEMENT Is there really a prime piece of real estate you want to put your paw on? Yes, there is. Gear & Ammo TOP SUPPRESSOR COVERS The suppressor cover goes a long way toward shooting more accurately by mitigating mirage. Concealed Carry CCW: BARRANTI LEATHER SWIFT VEST The Swift Cover Vest is a stylish and effective way to keep your gun under wraps. SOCIAL SPOTLIGHT…

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now available at: gundigeststore . com

Glock Reference Guide , 2 nd Edition By Robb Manning Your Guide to the World of Glock Gaston Glock’s revolutionary pistol is recognized as one of the most important and innovative firearms designs of the last 50 years. Since its introduction in 1983, the Glock has become the preferred autoloading pistol for countless law enforcement and government agencies, military units, competitive and recreational shooters, and private citizens. Gun Digest’s Glock Reference Guide, 2nd Edition is the definitive resource for this amazing pistol. This book provides comprehensive coverage and testing information for all Glock pistols, including law enforcement-/military-only variants and models never offered in the United States. It’s all here—every model, every caliber, every variant and every generation, from the first prototype to the very latest models. Author Robb Manning explains how they’re made, how…

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carry it. always.

01 MultiCard Multi-tool Titanium In this day and age, who doesn’t have a multi-tool? This means you know their major drawback: They’re clunky and a pain to tote around. Well, not anymore. The MultiCard Multi-tool makes being prepared as simple as tucking away your Diner’s Club card. Tipping the scales at 1.55 ounces, credit card-sized (so you can tuck it into your wallet) and made from the wonder metal, titanium, this tool is engineered for the utmost convenience. Nevertheless, it’s no mere novelty, because it’s capable of executing more than 21 functions, including wrenching nuts, stripping wires, manipulating oxygen tanks and pulling nails. MSRP: $55 02 Riton Optics X3 Tactix PRD In competition, a reflex sight is almost like cheating. Why not carry that fast-target-acquisition advantage over to self-defense? Riton Optics makes it easier…