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his December issue marks the end of the 2019 editorial calendar for Gun Digest … not that the fun ever really stops. Production of the January issue is already well underway, and February’s SHOT Show issue is currently filling up with exclusive new-gun releases that will drop at the show in late January. But even with the new stuff right on our doorstep, it’s always worth a look back at what made the “post-game highlight reel” for the year. This magazine in your hands right now is Gun Digest’s annual “Gear of the Year” issue, in which I, along with the collective expert team of Gun Digest contributors, look back and offer up our thoughts on the best pieces of hardware to come along in 2019. At the end of nearly every…

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.22-250 remington (.22 varminter, .22 wotkyns, original swift)

HISTORICAL NOTES The .22-250 Remington was adopted early in 1965 as one of the chamberings for the Remington 700 series bolt-action rifles and also for the Model 40XB match rifle. Browning bolt-action rifles were offered in .22-250 two years later. This isn’t a factory design; rather, it’s a popular wildcat that had been around for many years before Remington’s adoption of the round moved it into the commercial classification. There’s some confusion regarding the date of origin of the .22-250, which is based on the .250-3000 Savage case necked to .22 caliber. Its moniker is derived from the caliber (.22) and the “parent” case name (.250). The parent cartridge was introduced in 1915, and a .22 version might have been made up experimentally shortly thereafter. Harvey Donaldson, Grosvenor Wotkyns, J.E. Gebby, J.B. Smith…

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the parting shot: farewell, jerry

My only regret about meeting Jerry Lee is that it wasn’t sooner. It was April 2011, and the Gun Digest business was in desperate need of someone to step up and help carry the torch. My friend, Gun Digest books editor Dan Shideler, had died unexpectedly, leaving us with a gaping hole in our publishing plans. Jerry and I arranged to meet at the NRA convention in Pittsburgh, and by the time we were done talking about his family, his beloved home state of Texas, deer hunting, publishing and, of course, firearms, I was confident that “The World’s Greatest Gun Book” would continue in more-than-capable editorial hands, as strong as ever. Jerry’s polite and calm demeanor belied his deep understanding of all things in the world of firearms. If anyone had a…

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letters to the editor

Flying the Savage Flag I just finished reading the online article, “Savage AccuFit: Putting Accuracy Within Reach of Every Shooter.” I have the 110 Tactical in .308 Win., and I think it’s the best tactical rifle you can get for the money. Mine produced just under 0.75-inch groups at 100 yards with some factory match ammo. Then, I worked up a load with 175-grain Barnes Match burners and some Varget. Now, I’m averaging 0.237-inch groups at 100 yards. I’m extremely happy with the Savage rifle: It’s the most accurate, mass-produced, off-the-shelf rifle I’ve ever shot. A. Fields, via online comment Like you, no one on the Gun Digest staff is shy about their love for Savage rifles, Mr. Fields. The inherent accuracy and simple design of nearly every rifle that wears a Savage…

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FROM THE ARTICLES AT GUNDIGEST.COM Concealed Carry WHY YOU NEED A SHOT TIMER Not simply a tool of competitive shooters, the shot timer is the ideal instrument to sharpen lifesaving handgun skills. Gear & Ammo THE .224 VALKYRIE—A SMALL FRY WITH LEGS Maintaining supersonic speed well past 1,000 yards, the .224 Valkyrie has quickly become a long-range staple. Accessories FACTORS TO CONSIDER IN AN AR-15 TRIGGER UPGRADE There’s a slew of aftermarket AR-15 trigger upgrades, and each offers something different. How do you choose? ARs GUN DIGEST’S 10 BEST DRILLS AND TRAINING POSTS Get trigger time with these drills and training techniques ... and watch your groups shrink. SOCIAL SPOTLIGHT GunDigest 6 TIPS TO KEEP YOUR SEMI-AUTO RUNNING @ Gun.Digest ALL THE GUN PICS Want a steady stream of great gun pics? Follow us on Instagram: @gun.digest. Find us on Facebook! Follow us on Twitter! @gundigest Follow us on Instagram! @Gun.Digest…

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