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the secret is out!

We’ve been secretly working with manufacturers for months so that, when they flip the switch that turns a new product release from “pending” to “live,” we’ve already tested the gun and have the full review ready for you. And that’s what you have in your hands right now: Gun Digest’s 2020 SHOT Show issue. As I see it, the biggest news is the reintroduction of the Colt Python. And judging by the buzz on every, single one of Gun Digest’s social media channels, almost everyone with a trigger finger is excited about the return of the “Cadillac of Revolvers” too. Starting on page 28 of the issue you’re holding, you can get a good look at the new version of the old wheelgun and learn what’s been changed—plus a history lesson…

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.28 nosler

HISTORICAL NOTES In 2015, Nosler created its new .28 Nosler by necking up the .26 Nosler case—itself a derivative of the 7mm RUM case, which descended from the .404 Jeffery. Nosler supports this new cartridge with Nosler brass, Trophy Grade ammunition and M48 rifles in 26-inch barrel configurations. The .28 Nosler is the only cartridge in the family (.22, .26, .27 [wildcat], .28, .30, .33, .35 and .36 Nosler) that shares all the .26 Nosler case dimensions, with the exception of being necked-up. The .27 Nosler wildcat was changed from the .26 as well. The case might be the same length, but the shoulder datum was brought back to a shorter dimension. Nosler said there were two main reasons these features were changed between cartridges: Designers wanted to stay within a 3.340 maximum…

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better than yesterday’s best

If you want a firearm to last a day, buy it from someone who just wants to build a gun. If you want it to last a lifetime, buy it from someone who wants to build a reputation. Since 1977, few brands have worked harder than Wilson Combat to establish and maintain one of the most revered reputations for quality, performance and innovation within the firearms industry. The first five minutes of a conversation with Wilson Combat’s founder, Bill Wilson, will leave no doubt as to why. Because most of America isn’t likely to have that chance, Gun Digest has done it for you. To know and understand the Wilson Combat brand, one simply needs to know Bill Wilson, who’s never known a life without firearms, despite it not running in his…

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the journey to your edc gun

One of the most common questions I get is, “What kind of gun do you carry?” I suppose, without trying to sound conceited, this is because folks want to know what a former cop—who’s trained extensively at Gunsite and tested a wide variety of handguns—might trust his life to. For those reasons, I guess there’s some merit to the question. However, I firmly believe that if you base your defensive handgun choice on what I or some self-proclaimed expert might carry in their holster, you’re making a mistake. Your defensive handgun needs to fit you, and it needs to be one you can comfortably carry and swiftly and effectively employ. That’s exactly why I stress the importance of using a drill such as the Forty-Five Drill—a drill I detailed in the January Gun…

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over-the-counter full auto

Unless your heart is as cold and callused as winter asphalt, there’s some nook that holds a special place for BB guns. Before you stepped up to a trusty .22 LR and centerfire guns, these smooth-bore shooting irons were most likely what you first learned to build your sight picture and practice your trigger control with. For those of us trapped in our suburban cages, they might even still have a place in our lives. After all, you’ve got to have something to blow off steam or keep the squirrels away from the suet feeder. However, there are plenty out there who have strayed away from this gun style and see no need for one—at least until they have kids of their own. If you fall into this category, Crosman is about…

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mission: impossible having too many tools

“My old man is a television repairman; he’s got the ultimate set of tools. I can fix it.” That was the assurance Spicoli gave in Fast Times at Ridgemont High. He was wrong, of course, because it takes more than just tools to fix things. However, if you don’t have the tools, you’re out of luck—even if you have the skills. And portable tools are more likely to be there than non-portable ones. LONG NAME, SMALL PACKAGE, LOTS OF OPTIONS Enter the Wheeler Engineering Micro Precision Multi-Driver Tool Pen, whose name is bigger than the package. This kit comprises a pen-shaped screwdriver handle that’s hollow and a set of 17 tips. Twelve of those are in a separate press-fit tray. The screwdriver bits are your basics: a Phillips head (curse the man and the…