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hip companions

By a factor of at least 10, the question I get asked more than any other is, “What handgun do you recommend?” And if you’re a regular connoisseur of this magazine, I bet it’s safe to assume that you get asked that question quite often, too. So, what do we tell them? Getting asked that question is like someone asking for our opinion about what vehicle they should buy. There are so many options out there, and the personal preferences so numerous, that the answer is, quite literally, a shot in the dark. Oddly enough, I answer the “which handgun” question with a question of my own: Would you say your hands are small, average, or big? Size matters, and the most comfortable-to-carry micro 9mm on the market is little more than dead…

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9mm russian makarov

HISTORICAL NOTES The 9mm Russian Makarov is the current Russian military cartridge used in the Makarov and Stechkin auto pistols. It was adopted shortly after the end of World War II, and its design may have been inspired by an experimental German cartridge called the 9mm Ultra. Other countries from the former Warsaw Pact also use the round. Chinese-made Makarov pistols have recently appeared on surplus shelves, along with 9mm Makarov ammunition. GENERAL COMMENTS The Soviet 9mm pistol cartridge is intermediate in size and power between the .380 Automatic and the 9mm Luger. Technically, it can be described as a 9x18mm, although it differs dimensionally from the 9x18 Ultra and isn’t interchangeable with that cartridge. It’s a well-designed cartridge for its purpose, although a little underpowered by Western standards. It’s satisfactory for small game,…

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a new juice

With a few exceptions, I’ve never been one to fret all that much about what type of cleaning solvent or lubrication I used on my firearms. One of those exceptions deals with any gun that uses real black powder. As magnificent as it is, real black powder, not the modern substitutes, is a very corrosive and stinking propellant and the best—the hands-down best—liquid I’ve found for dealing with it is Ballistol. Ballistol also works on conventional firearms, and I use a lot of it. However, a good friend of mine has started changing my mind about what I should be juicing my guns with. Len Waldron, a Missouri boy who went away to a big school, became an officer in the Army, and later a Wall Street banker as well as…

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what is that?

If you’ve purchased a new firearm recently from one of several major manufacturers, you might’ve noticed a small, square pattern of dots, where before only the company’s engraved name appeared along with the gun’s model and serial number. In an industry where the final turn of a filigree’s orientation from one model year to the next doesn’t go without notice, adding a square of asymmetrical pockmarks is sure to raise eyebrows. And to no surprise, it did, too. As more firearms appeared on the market with these marks, discussion boards lit up, recoiling and opining endlessly on the illegible and unwelcome addition. Many views are almost comical if not misinformed, but make no mistake: Your eyes do not deceive you—something is afoot. WHAT IS A DOT PEEN MARKING? A dot peen marking is an…

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slow it down

“The end result ... is that your AR pistol, SBR, and even carbine and rifle shoots softer.” Short barrels, as in AR pistols, are en vogue. And SBRs are all the rage, for those who can get them. They do, however, have problems. Basically, they require such a sharp gas input to jolt the system into working that they can be harsh in recoil. Adding in a heavier buffer helps, but sometimes you need more. Enter SureFire and their Optimized Bolt Carrier. The OBC-556 was designed by Jim Sullivan, who was the guy who debugged the initial AR-15 for Eugene Stoner and Armalite. I had a chance to visit him a while back (a story for another time) and got the lowdown on the OBC, which he was doing with and for…

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serving the semi-autos

These days, the ammunition shelves seem to be as bare as they’ve ever been. A few, short months ago both guns and ammunition were plentiful. The record gun sales—handgun, rifle, and shotgun—of April, May, and June, coupled with those who want to have an ample supply on hand, have seen ammunition flying off the shelf at an unbelievable rate. Simply put, factories just can’t keep up with demand. More folks are turning to reloading to keep their firearms fed, and while that’s a sound means of keeping yourself in ammunition, there are some points to discuss when it comes to reloading for semi-automatic pistols. Unlike the cartridges designed to function in the cylinder of a revolver—which more often than not use a rimmed cartridge—the semi-autos need a case that’ll feed reliably…