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you’re still the one

When I was a kid, Dad had a radio in the barn that played every second of every day for as long as I can remember. He wasn’t a “music man” by any stretch of the imagination, and, oddly enough, I don’t recall him ever singing—or even humming—along with any of the lyrics. Except for one song: “Time Marches On” by Tracy Lawrence. “The only thing that stays the same, is that everything changes … everything changes.” Funny thing is, from my earliest memories until the day I moved away from home, the only thing that changed about that radio was the thickness of the barn dust resting upon it. Apparently, the lifespan of a radio can be quite extensive. Regardless, despite my dad’s affection for it, I hated that song. Maybe because…

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6mm remington (.244 remington)

FROM GUN DIGEST’S CARTRIDGES OF THE WORLD. ORDER AT GUNDIGESTSTORE.COM. HISTORICAL NOTES The 6mm Remington has exactly the same case dimensions as the .244 Remington. They differ only in the fact that the 6mm Remington is loaded with bullets of up to 100 grains, whereas the .244 Remington was never loaded with bullets of more than 90 grains. Ammunition marked .244 Remington can be fired in 6mm Remington chambers and vice versa. However, rifles marked .244 Remington will not always stabilize the 100-grain bullet. The difference in the two is that .244 rifles (if manufactured by Remington) have a 1:12 rifling twist, and rifles marked 6mm have a 1:9 twist. When Remington introduced the .244, in 1955, it selected the 1:12 twist as best suited to long-range accuracy with bullets of 75 to 90…

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gettin’ the belt

In the world of defensive hand-gunning, handguns, holsters and ammunition get the most attention. Gun belts are usually considered an accessory, when in reality they’re a necessity. So, why don’t gun belts get more attention? Partly because most people don’t understand the importance of a good gun belt, and partly because humans try to save money any way they can. Any belt will support a holster, right? Yeah, for sure. Just about any belt will support a holster. But the job of a gun belt is not to just support a holster; a gun belt needs to support a holster, a handgun and maybe even a reload. Not only does it need to support those things, but it also needs to hold them securely so that access to the handgun and…

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the rule of threes

The “rule of threes” tells us our limits are three minutes of air, three hours in an inhospitable environment (hot or cold), three days without water, and three weeks without food. (You can stretch some of those, and some people I’ve seen lately could do well with 3 weeks without food. But I digress …) Suddenly, there’s news on the radio and TV, and your cell phone is buzzing its little head off: There’s a “boil water” emergency in your city/county. “I’m OK, I have bottled water stashed under the stairs.” Tell that to the people of Flint. And good luck bathing in bottled water. If you’ve planned ahead, then the Sawyer Tap Filter will do you right. This isn’t a bug-out-bag water filtration system. It’s for your house. It attaches directly…

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destroying the shadows

Building cutting-edge electronic optics is nothing new for Burris. Long before every lens grinder and their mother turned to outfitting their scopes with a range-finding and bullet-drop compensation, the Colorado company was churning them out. Despite being a handful size-wise (OK … it’s borderline awkward), the Eliminator has become legendary for its ability to help hunters fill their tags. Despite its size, everyone who mounts an Eliminator to a riflescope seems to love it. Now, Burris has a new set of electronic optics in its sights: thermal scopes. Night hunting has exploded in popularity in recent decades, right alongside hog and coyote numbers. And with improvements on low-light imaging and aiming solutions, thermal optics have upped hunters’ success rates way beyond the days of spotlighting. Burris has gone big in outfitting these shooters with…

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a knife at a gun fight

On October 26, 2020, Philadelphia Police shot and killed a man with a knife, 27-year-old Walter Wallace. YouTube videos show the shooting, and to this observer, the two police officers who fired a total of 10 shots were likely justified in the shooting. “The old adage that a gun is more lethal than a knife is simply wrong, as a well-aimed and executed knife cut can disable and kill as quick or quicker than a similar wound inflicted with a gun.” Have you considered under what circumstances you’d shoot someone threatening you with a knife? THE 21-FOOT RULE Just about everyone who has ever attended a training course on lawful use of force has heard of the Tueller drill, referred in some circles as the 21-foot rule. To bring everyone up to speed, in…