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September 2021

Guns & Ammo spotlights the latest models, from combat pistols to magnum rifles...reviews shooting tactics, from stance to sighting...and explores issues from government policies to sportsmen's rights. It's the one magazine that brings you all aspects of the world of guns.

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reader blowback

LEFT-HAND ’03? I saw a left-hand 1903 Springfield in a brief film of the Marines in World War I, “The Battle that Made the Marines” on YouTube. I never knew they existed! Yes, the bolt arm was on the left side of the rifle, and it was shot by a lefty! Lewis Brackett Email Unfortunately, the imagery in that film was reversed. — G. James GOOD ARTICLE Garry James’ July 2021 feature that reviewed the “Gas-Pump Rifle” was spot on. I have nine assorted Standard rifles and do not trust any of them. Also, I have an original document in good condition signed by “Charles King,” which is dated June 26, (19)15. Perhaps it is a blueprint? It should be in a museum or possessed by an interested historian! Oliver Green Lakeland, Florida PART FOUND! In your May 2021…

3 min.
lives affected

I WAS A CADET in my senior year at the Virginia Military Institute (VMI) trying to survive a tough Hispanic literature class on September 11, 20 years ago. Halfway through, a third-year cadet, short of breath, charged into our room with news that a plane had hit a tower of the World Trade Center. The professor attempted to continue teaching amid our concerns, but the noise of pattering feet in the hall continued to rise so the instructor dismissed us early. With the free time given to us, I decided to head back to my room and go over a paper due that day. The cadet barbershop had one of two cadet-accessible televisions on post, so I made my way using a shortcut to the Old Barrack’s Sally Port for a…

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auction block

A lovely pair of unfired, decorated Colt Woodsman Match Target semiautomatic pistols realized $25,000 at a May 21, 2021, Sportsman’s Legacy sale. The pistols, one of which has a 4½-inch barrel and the other a 6-inch barrel, feature Colt factory “C” engraving, gold lettering and target grips. The work was executed in 1983 by Master Engraver George Spring, and he employed floral and scroll designs over some 75 percent of the guns. They are fitted in a French-style, double-walnut case complete with a Colt Custom medallion on the lid. All-in-all, the pair offers a spectacular presentation. For more information concerning this and future sales, visit Sportsman’s Legacy at sportsmanslegacy.com.…

10 min.
identification & values

HARDWARE STORE PISTOL Q: This pistol was passed down from my father. It has been in our family for many years. It was my grandfather’s originally, and I believe he bought it in the late 1950s or early 1960s. I think my father told me that my grandfather obtained the pistol in Michigan. I’ve tried doing research on it, but I cannot find much information. I’ve attached images and hope that you can do better. I’m unsure on the caliber, maybe .45 or .54. The length of the pistol is 9 inches exactly. The inscription of the lockplate says “Made for Hooper Martin & Smith Philadelphia“. M.V. Email A: That’s an interesting piece. It is a greatcoat-sized percussion pistol manufactured by some unknown maker for the hardware store Hooper, Masters and Smith which…

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recommended reads

One of the most interesting, practical and cost-effective submachine guns to emerge during World War II was the M3/M3A1 “Grease Gun.” Manufactured of stamped, welded and some machined parts, it was produced for a fraction of the price of a Thompson — and it could be turned out much more quickly. First adopted by the United States in 1943, this arm (in two main variants) saw worldwide usage beyond that conflict. Author Michael Heidler has produced a wonderfully-illustrated, detailed history of this fascinating full-auto. Details of the M3/M3A1’s development, manufacture, employment and ammunition and accessories are covered in a readable, easy-to-access format. Many period diagrams and photographs complete this well-thought-out book. It’s not just an informative read, but an entertaining one as well. $45…

6 min.
realistic reloads

DESPITE WHAT THE MEDIA would have people believe, defensive shootings involving armed citizens — both sworn and non-sworn — do happen, but they remain statistically rare. Most police officers and concealed carry practicioners will never shoot their pistols in a life-or-death event. More likely, when a situation requires an armed defender to draw a pistol, there is a good chance that the bad guy will reconsider their actions rather than engage in a gunfight. That’s a win for the good guys and it illustrates the importance of being armed. Still, it’s not a shooting. Depending on the source, the typical gunfight consists of two to four rounds fired in less than three or four seconds. It’s tough to imagine the need for a reload given those parameters. And, despite anecdotal tales,…