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Guns & Ammo April 2020

Guns & Ammo spotlights the latest models, from combat pistols to magnum rifles...reviews shooting tactics, from stance to sighting...and explores issues from government policies to sportsmen's rights. It's the one magazine that brings you all aspects of the world of guns.

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8 min.
reader blowback

.308 FOR HUNTERS I just read Eric Poole’s column “Deer Hunter” and his conclusion that the .308 Winchester is still a winner. I have to agree. It is one of the best cartridges for all-around hunting. Attached is a picture of my black wildebeest taken in South Africa last August using a Howa 1500 rifle chambered in .308 Win. He fell to one shot at 255 yards using handloads with a 150-grain Nosler E-Tip bullet. Also taken was a nice blesbok. What a great trip. John Colucci Wolcott, Connecticut .38 VS. 9mm Sorting various cases, I came across .38 Auto, .38 Super, .38 Super +P and .38 Super Comp. Along with these, I’ve found the usual 9mm Luger, 9mm Luger +P, as well as 9x19mm and 9x21. What’s with the various .38s and 9mms?…

1 min.
the auction block

A superb British Vickers Model 1912 machine gun realized the impressive sum of $46,800, including premiums, at the October 23, 2019, Morphy Auctions sale. Manufactured by Vickers Sons & Company in Great Britain for the government of El Salvador, this desirable piece was chambered in .303 British and is complete with its original and rare commercial tripod. Condition of the gun is excellent with the action retaining over 90 percent blue and the water jacket, and 95 percent of the green repainted finish. The mechanics are fine and the bore exhibits strong rifling. For more information about this and future sales, contact Morphy Auctions, morphyauctions.com, 877-968-8880.…

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hollywood hardware

Savage Model 1907 Auto Pistol, “Road to Perdition” (2002) Occasionally filmmakers, by design or just happenstance, come up with a firearm that perfect matches the character wielding it. Such is the case of a Savage Model 1907 pistol in .32 ACP carried by arch bad-guy “Harlan Maguire” played by Jude Law in the period gangster opus “Road to Perdition” (2002). This superb little pistol, quite popular in its day, appears several times in the film. In the final sequence, actor Tom Hanks, who plays “Michael Sullivan,” is wounded by Maguire with his 1907. At the time the film appeared, I discussed the choice of this gun with Mike Gibbons, then owner of Gibbons Ltd. who supplied the pistol to the production company. Gibbons mentioned that they just thought it was not…

1 min.
schlieren photography

Before discussing the results of the test, let’s understand what Schlieren photography is. Schlieren photography uses collimated light, magnifying lenses, a knife edge or slit, and a high-speed camera to photograph the fluid flow around an object. What the camera sees is the different densities in the fluid flow around the object. In the testing done at EMRTC, the projectile was fired between the lenses in the center of the collimated light field. The high-speed camera looks through the magnifying lenses and records what happens. During this test, the camera was recording at 90,000 frames per second. For the projectile traveling at 2,700 feet per second (fps), an image was taken every .36 inches of travel.…

6 min.
boattail vs. flat base

IN THE SHOOTING WORLD, much has been said through the years about reloading. What load gives us the best performance, what bullet works the best for an application, and on and on. It’s not often we get an opportunity to visualize and verify or debunk what was an opinion or a hunch. Tom Beckstrand recently wrote about a test series that was done by Guns & Ammo TV at the New Mexico Tech-affiliated Energetic Materials Research and Testing Center (EMRTC). Beckstrand’s work centered on what happened when a bullet in flight struck a raindrop. As the resulting high-speed video showed, it blew away a lot of conjecture and opinion that has been around for a long time. Another test that was done during this time was an investigation with the same…