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Guns & Ammo July 2020

Guns & Ammo spotlights the latest models, from combat pistols to magnum rifles...reviews shooting tactics, from stance to sighting...and explores issues from government policies to sportsmen's rights. It's the one magazine that brings you all aspects of the world of guns.

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KSE Sportsman Media, Inc.
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reader blowback

WHERE CAN I GET…? I recently read Craig Boddington’s article on the .348 Winchester in the May issue of G&A. I was glad to see the feature on such a classic rifle and cartridge. My father has a Winchester Model 71 that is missing the aperture sight on the bolt. I am trying to track down a replacement sight for him. Any ideas on where I can find such an item? Nick Gavenas Email That “bolt” aperture was only offered on the Model 71 in the first two years of manufacture, so I think an original will be hard to find. In 1939, Winchester went with a more common Williams receiver sight. As I read the Williams website at williamsgunsight.com, it didn’t appear that they were still making anything exactly like the sight…

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thank you

RACHELLE IS MY YOUNGER SISTER. She looks up to me but doesn’t understand how someone could hold her in the same esteem. But I do. She’s the mother of four ranging in ages from three to 17 years old, and a devoted healthcare professional. Her dream was to be a forensic pathologist, but life steered her onto a different path. She first worked as an emergency medical technician (EMT) and accepted a nursing internship while making wages from side jobs. She did this all while balancing family and attending college in the evenings to become a nurse. Rachelle earned her Bachelor of Science in Nursing in 2007 and a Master of Science in Nursing 6 years later. She continued developing her skills and became a flight nurse before earning a…

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the auction block

Factory Engraved Colt Officer’s Model A spectacular and important factory engraved Colt Officer’s Model in .38 Special realized an impressive $13,500 at a March 1, 2020, Sportsman’s Legacy sale. This special-order revolver, which is supported by a factory letter, was ordered in 1913 by prominent Philadelphia doctor William Wayne Babcock whose initials appear in gold on the gun’s topstrap. The revolver displays high luster blue and intricate leaf and vine engraving. Other features include a 6-inch barrel; pristine bore; adjustable front ramp sight and adjustable rear sight; serrated hammer, trigger, backstrap; and checkered walnut grips with deep-set Colt medallions. Condition of the piece is superb. Prior to the sale, the revolver had remained in the Babcock-Jonas family since delivery. For more information about this and future sales, visit Sportsman’s Legacy at…

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identification & values

MOUNTIE NEW SERVICE? Q: Could you tell me the history of this Colt New Service revolver? I acquired it in 1976 from a gentleman I felt to be a grandfather figure. I was told it may have been used by the Canadian Royal Police. Any history would be appreciated. D.R. Email A: While the Royal Canadian Mounted Police did carry Colt New Services from around 1905 until 1954, a check of the serial number on the gun shown in your pictures, backed by the type of proofs and backstrap unit markings it has, indicates that it was more than likely used by the British military during World War I. The serial places its date of manufacture at 1916. Most Mountie New Services, depending upon date of issue, had markings specific to that entity. MORE…

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hollywood hardware

Winchester Model 1907 “Public Enemies” (2009) America’s most famous Depression-era desperado, John Dillinger, and a few others of his ilk, used to give their custom gunsmith jobs to Hyman S. Lebman of San Antonio, Texas. Lebman was a man who had talent for developing unique hardware appropriate to his clients’ line of business. Recovered from a stash of Dillinger’s gang of arms was a Winchester Model 1907 in .351 Win. that had been modified with the addition of a metal forend, a forward pistol grip from a Thompson submachine gun and a compensator. This piece was faithfully reproduced by Hollywood’s ISS Weapons for the 2009 film “Public Enemies.” It was brandished with menace by actor Stephen Dorff who portrayed Dillinger familiar, Homer Van Meter. (Courtesy of the National Firearms Museum, Fairfax,…

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crossbreed hybrid st2 iwb

FINDING A HOLSTER for a pistol with a mini red-dot sight attached to the slide is challenging. The problem for holster manufacturers is that there are so many different makes and models of pistols and reflex sight, that making standard patterns can become financially prohibitive. For larger makers, new holsters require an investment in tooling, molds and templates, while smaller businesses can only afford to support a few popular guns for low-volume custom production. Now that red dots on pistols are becoming widely accepted for carry, holsters are changing. The SuperTuck has been the flagship model for Crossbreed since 2005. Invented in the kitchen of Mark and Carol Craighead, It was the brand’s first commercial offering. Mark began the business by molding kydex shells in their oven, which didn’t last long…