Hemmings Classic Car January 2021

Each issue is packed with photos and coverage of American classic cars from the Brass Era through the 70's.

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Few cars can claim to be woven into the fabric of Americana as deeply as Ford’s Mustang. Admiration for this storied nameplate spills well beyond the boundaries of enthusiasts and flows over the better part of the population, and not just of these United States. I’m sure you could flash a photo of a ’65 Mustang to people in countries all over the globe and find that most could identify it at a glance. It was born of a brilliantly simple idea: Take the low-line economy model, reskin it to look sporting and aggressive, and give it a cool name to match that style. The original Mustang could instill desire at first sight, an affect it had on a large swath of the public. Then, as that sensation warmly oozed over…

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AACA Hemi Exhibit THE AACA MUSEUM IN HERSHEY, PENNSYLVANIA, HAS OPENED ITS NEW EXHIBIT, entitled “Yeah, It’s Got a Hemi.” Chrysler’s famous powerplant is no doubt the best known among engines with hemispherical combustion chambers, but the AACA display highlights those you might not suspect used that same design. Executive Director, Jeffrey Bliemeister said, “This exhibition is possibly the first historical overview of this subject ever presented by a major automotive museum. With more than 35 vehicles and nearly 20 engine and cutaway assemblies, it is certainly the most comprehensive.” The collection ranges from a 1914 Stearns-Knight to a current RAM pickup truck, with displayed cars on loan from Maine to Florida and as far west as Nevada. The exhibit will be featured until April, so be sure to stop by…

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3 • Medina Indoor Swap Meet • Medina, Ohio 800-553-8745 • allohioparts.com 3 • Sumter Swap Meets • Bushnell, Florida 727-848-7171 • floridaswapmeets.com 15-17 • Auto Mania Indoor Collector Car Flea Market & Corral • Allentown, Pennsylvania 717-243-7855 • carlisleevents.com 16-17 • Autoparts Swap ’n Sell West Springfield, Massachusetts 860-871-6376 • apswapnsell.com 22-24 • Sumter Swap Meets Winter Extravaganza • Bushnell, Florida 727-848-7171 • floridaswapmeets.com Please note that these events are active as of press time despite the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. We recommend you verify the status before making plans to attend.…

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Little Mystery ABOUT THE SAME TIME WE came across the answer to the wind wagon in the Library of Congress online photographs collection (see HCC #192, September 2020), we also happened upon another photo of an unusual interwar vehicle that the Library of Congress’ researchers wanted to know more about. Though he named it “Little Mystery,” Kenneth L. Morehouse wanted people all over to know about him and his tiny car. Measuring 24 inches high, 34 inches wide, and not much longer overall than its 52-inch wheelbase, the car took Morehouse three-and-a-half years and $3,000 to build, according to one contemporary account. Exactly how he powered it, the account didn’t say, but it apparently lapped the Indianapolis Motor Speedway at 91.2 mph, reportedly enough to break “the world’s small-car record.” Morehouse also…

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CAR 1929 Pierce-Arrow Model 125 Roadster AUCTIONEER RM Sotheby’s LOCATION Online Mitosinka Collection DATE September 16-25, 2020 LOT NUMBER 565 RESERVE None AVERAGE SELLING PRICE N/A SELLING PRICE $67,100 PIERCE-ARROW NEEDED AN INFUSION OF energy in the late 1920s, and the combination of Studebaker coming in with a lot of money and the company’s desire to build a luxury model, helped jumpstart the development of the Model 125. The new inline eight-cylinder engine provided 125 hp from 365.4-cu.in. and was smooth-running with minimal vibration. As a result, the company saw an impressive improvement in sales with nearly 10,000 cars sold during 1929. This roadster featured an older, cosmetic restoration, with some age in the paint and a little wear throughout. The engine compartment was tidy, and the car had a canvas top that was in nice shape. The odometer read 1,978,…

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Worldwide Auburn Highlights WORLDWIDE AUCTIONEERS WRAPPED UP ITS 13TH-ANNUAL AUBURN EVENT OVER LABOR Day weekend with nearly $8 million in total sales and a 90-percent sell-through. The top sale of the live and online auction in Auburn, Indiana, was a 1935 Auburn 851 SC Boattail Speedster by Buehrig that changed hands for $1.072 million. Also selling were the Allegheny Ludlum Inc. stainless-steel Fords built to show off the company’s new metal and Ford’s new cars. The threesome was comprised of a 1936 Ford Deluxe Sedan, a 1960 Ford Thunderbird, and 1967 Lincoln Continental, selling for a combined total of $1.045 million. Chryslers had a good showing, with two of them among the top 10: A 1941 Town & Country “Barrelback” wagon sold for $286,000 and a 1934 Airflow coupe found a new…