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August 2021

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delivering equity

It’s official: Massachusetts cannabis-industry social-equity applicants can now apply for licenses to deliver cannabis. The Massachusetts Cannabis Control Commission will be offering these licenses to economic-empowerment and social-equity applicants first, for the next three years. The commission claims this is a “major development” to help support equity participation in Massachusetts cannabis. “I applaud the commissioners, staff and members of the public who envisioned this license type and worked hard to streamline the application and make it as accessible as possible,” said the commission’s executive director, Shawn Collins. “Our delivery policies and procedures will only bolster Massachusetts’s reputation as a role model for states looking to incorporate equity into cannabis legalization and ensure public safety.” Currently, more than 400 applicants are eligible for these licenses, specifically 122 economic-empowerment applicants and 300…

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frankly fran

Fran Lebowitz is known for her quirky commentary on many topics, and she lived up to her reputation on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. On the show, she sounded off on the hot and trending topic of New York cannabis legalization: “I have not taken drugs since I was 19. But I don’t care what other people do at all. But, it does seem to me—since it was legalized for recreational use—it seems that it was made mandatory. The streets of New York are clouds of weed. If you don’t want to smoke marijuana—you have no choice. Basically, every single person, except me.” While Lebowitz didn’t come out directly and endorse cannabis with this slightly confusing statement, and even hinted that the smoke on the streets is sometimes too…

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five dab surface types

1 QUARTZ Quartz is probably one of the best choices for dabbers because it is harder than glass and lasts longer as a banger or nail. While glass has a random molecular structure, quartz has a symmetrical molecular structure—making it much stronger and able to withstand greater temperatures and pressure. Quartz provides the best taste, but it might waste slightly more concentrate than other surfaces do, such as titanium. Quartz also heats up more quickly than titanium, but titanium retains heat longer. 2 TITANIUM Titanium will last longer than quartz and other surface materials. Titanium, however, can be a little harder to clean, which is why many people end up going the quartz route. The metallic surface exhibits different heating properties, providing a different kind of dab than quartz. You may find that…

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homemade bubble hash

Hash can also be made by the water-and-ice method. The end result is called bubble hash because the trichomes settle in the bags and can form temporary wet bubbles as they are collected. A bucket of ice water is stirred vigorously while cannabis is added to it. Mechanical tumbling devices are sometimes used—you can even use a clothes washer. The cold temperature from the ice makes the trichomes brittle, so they break off easily. The stirring motion causes the resin glands to fall off the cannabis and into the water. But let’s assume that you don’t have expensive hand-washers or clothing washers to streamline the process BASIC SUPPLIES Bubble hash bags and a 25-micron drying sheet. A bucket. Ice. A large spoon. INSTRUCTIONS Line the bucket with the smallest-size (not largest!) micron-filter bag you have. Continue lining the…

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scissor hash

Never waste the precious scissor hash that collects on your cutting implements during the trimming process. This method is ideal for trimmers, including seasonal “trimmigrants.” Anyone who has spent time trimming will instantly know what we’re talking about. Not only is scissor hash comparable to finger hash, but it must be collected anyway, as scissors will gather up too much gunk since cannabis is a highly resinous plant. There’s not much to collecting scissor hash, and practically anyone can do it. INSTRUCTIONS Scissor hash is formed by trimming cannabis and accumulating sticky resin on the scissors. As you trim, the sticky cannabis resin will accumulate, making it difficult to trim without cleaning. Don’t throw that resin away—it’s much more potent than flower! Scrape the resin off your scissors as you trim, form it into balls…

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traditional finger hash

This method of hash making is ideal for growers and other farmhands who work in the field. Basically, finger hash is resin hand-rubbed off of raw cannabis plants and formed into balls. This traditional method has been passed on, generation to generation, in places such as Nepal, India, Pakistan, Morocco and Afghanistan—for thousands of years, in some cases. While it’s a simple, raw product, the taste and potency are almost always out of this world. It is also called charas and is known by many other names. For many farmers, finger hash is just one of the free perks that comes with the cannabis-cultivation territory. INSTRUCTIONS Finger hash is formed by simply your rubbing fingers on blooming cannabis tops—commonly done by cannabis farmers as they work. The friction and heat from hand-rubbing the…