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Homes & Antiques June 2020

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Homes & Antiques is the magazine for people who love great design and beautiful objects from every era, providing a unique mix of the very best of the old with the very best of the new. That's why, as well as being the official magazine of the BBC's Antiques Roadshow, every issue delivers an inspirational blend of heritage and lifestyle.

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editor’s letter

As I write, we are in our seventh week of lockdown, and working from home is now second nature. It no longer feels strange when a meeting is enlivened by the arrival of a child at a colleague’s shoulder, or is disrupted by the sudden loss of wifi. Such things have become unremarkable in the new landscape in which we find ourselves. The sadness of being separated from friends and family, however, remains undiminished. This is why our homes have come to mean more to us than ever. Whether consciously or unconsciously, we surround ourselves with things that connect us to the people and places that matter and give our lives meaning: from postcards and photographs, to antiques that are handed down through the generations. With this in mind, we…

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this month’s contributors (and their favourite museum to visit)

Paul Atterbury gave his advice in ‘Ask an Expert’ Paul is a historian, writer and lecturer, and has been a familiar member of the Antiques Roadshow expert team for 30 years. ‘Whenever I have spare time in London, I go to the National Portrait Gallery. History, past and present, is made accessible, and sometimes comprehensible, by seeing face to face the people who made it. Portraits can often reveal more than the sitter intended us to know.’ Esther Curtis illustrated ‘Quintessentially Georgian’ Esther is a freelance illustrator in Bristol. Her trademark style combines hand-drawn elements and patterns with digital illustration to create her colourful textural pieces. Her current favourite things to draw are leopards and snapdragons. ‘I love the Pitt Rivers Museum in Oxford. It’s an exotic treasure trove of decorative inspiration from all over…

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Oasis in the desert During this lockdown, I’ve changed things around and put out more pictures and collections. I’ve been a collector my whole life and my house in Dubai is testament to this, with every surface adorned with a display. Obviously, this is very unusual in Dubai, as the majority of homes are modern. I love the retro quirky period and have always been determined to have a house that would make people smile. You can also see I have a big love of art! Lorraine Ludman, via email CHARLOTTE SAYS: Thank you for sharing this corner of your home with us! Brilliant bamboo I read with great interest the article ‘Collecting Bamboo Brush Pots’ in your April 2020 edition, as one has been sitting on my desk, holding pens and pencils, for many…

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if antiques could talk...

Copper beauty My grandparents were married in 1912 and this copper lidded object was a wedding present. As a little girl I remember it being in their London dining room and was delighted when it was passed on to me in 1998. I hoped that it was a Liberty piece, but there are no marks apart from a hand-inscribed triangle with ‘151’ inside it and also ‘6493’ hand-inscribed separately on the base. The five small cabochons around the bottom are amber coloured glass I think and on the main lidded bowl are five brass ‘cabochons’. It clearly shows hand beating of the copper in the lid and bowl part. The photo also shows a Liberty salt. It has four turquoise cabochons and has the three-triangle L & Co Liberty mark and…

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the month

1 the COLOUR GET SET FOR SUMMER As the days grow longer and the weather improves, the time has come to spruce up your garden furniture. M&L’s Exterior Eggshell range is perfect for the job, and comes in 120 gorgeous shades from rich reds to moody blues. If you are overwhelmed by the choice, click on the link for the ‘Bolds’ gallery on the website, for an edited selection of the most vibrant colours. mandlpaints.com 2 the ANTIQUE PLANTERS: A POTTED HISTORY Decorative plant pots or jardinières (from the French word jardin) began to appear in British homes from the 1860s onwards, when the fashion for houseplants was taking off. The introduction of heated glasshouses and conservatories in the 18th century had made it possible to grow exotic plants in Britain and soon every grand…

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in the spotlight

RARE SAXON PENNY FOUND Discovered by a lucky metal detectorist on the Isle of Wight in 2018, this incredibly rare silver penny recently sold for £9,000 at Dix Noonan Webb, against an estimate of £5,000-£7,000. Dating from the Saxon period, the exquisitely detailed coin depicts the profile of Edward the Martyr, the teenage king and recognised saint, who ruled England for three years after the death of his father in AD975. The eagle-eyed treasure hunter, who wanted to remain anonymous, found the coin after an unfruitful day of detecting. Imagine his delight upon scraping off the mud! 020 7016 1700; dnw.co.uk BEATLES POSTER BREAKS WORLD RECORD Memorabilia relating to the ‘Fab Four’ is known to make waves in the salesroom, but the recent auction of this 1966 Beatles concert poster exceeded all expectations. Selling…