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shiny pants, dirty hands

Editor-in-Chief @john.mcgann I met an industry old-timer who was visiting my neighbor at the warehome last month. The neighbor brought him over for an introduction, and the guy was shocked to see me slide out from under my car. “I thought all you guys wore shiny pants!” he exclaimed, meaning that he thought people in my position were all desk jockeys. The statement was hilarious, and it reminded me of one of my favorite movie quotes from Jaws when the crusty sailor Quint, played by Robert Shaw, is sizing up Richard Dreyfuss’ character, Hooper, the marine biologist who’s seafaring résumé included a stint as a crew member on an America’s Cup sailing ship. Quint grabs Hooper by the hands, stares him down and says, “You’ve got city hands, Mr. Hooper. You’ve been…

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the tune-up!

Network Content Director @douglas.glad I have three kinds of vehicles. The daily-driver Silverado, the beach-toy 1975 Bronco, and the 9.08-second 1971 Dodge Demon. The Silverado needs oil changes and, someday, spark plugs. The Bronco has a Ford Racing Z460 engine that has ported RHS heads, a sizeable roller cam, and makes 604 hp. It has a few quirks—like a hunger for neutral safety switches and, for a while, cam gears—but is a semi-reliable vehicle for donut and beach runs on the weekends. The Demon has a twin-turbo 6.4L Hemi that makes 1,050 hp. All three need routine maintenance. If and when the Silverado needs a tune-up, it will be about gapping and threading-in some reasonably priced spark plugs and pushing a reset button. Maybe I will clean the air filter while I…

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hot rod power tour

We’ve covered HOT ROD Power Tour® on this page before, but 2019 is a landmark year for the event: the 25th anniversary! So, this look back is at its origin, which happened during one of the most noteworthy staff meetings in HOT ROD history. In late 1994, Editor Drew Hardin and his editorial staff—which, at the time, consisted of Gray Baskerville, Will Handzel, Rob Kinnan, Cole Quinnell, and Jeff Smith—had been instructed to come up with a way to increase awareness of the brand-new HOT ROD Power Festival series. Several notions were thrown around, then massaged into a single idea: Rather than fly into Norwalk, Ohio, for the Power Festival, why not drive there from our home base in Los Angeles and invite our readers to do the same? To…

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the hot rod archives

20 YEARS AGO October 1999, 154 pages, $3.50: The cover Camaros owned by Power Tour® Long Haulers and brothers-in-law Mark Moore and Kevin Harris were among the features, which also included a Comet and ’Cuda. Champion Speed Shop’s Top Fuel Chevy graced the pages for being the world’s fastest nitro Bow Tie, and we revisited Bob McGee’s 1932 roadster, famously on HRM’s Oct. 1948 cover and also the 10th cover car ever. Ten of the most important things you can buy to build a street machine? We deliberated until we ended up with heads, gas shocks, and nitrous on the list. There was also way more than you could ever want to read in one sitting about Hot Wheels. 40 YEARS AGO October 1979, 112 pages, $1.50: This issue paid respect to the…

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take 5 with scott sullivan

If you’re into hot rods, you should know the name Scott Sullivan. He built the “Cheese Whiz” 1955 Chevy that won a ton of awards when it was first introduced to the public. Not satisfied with that, Scott then set out to prove Pro Street cars were real cars by convincing me to ride shotgun while he drove this radical hot rod across country at a time when that endeavor was considered implausible. I’ve known Scott for 30-plus years, and when we arrived in Los Angeles after our famous Pro Interstate trip (HRM, Dec. 1988 and Jan. 1989), he had planned to stay at my house for two weeks. He stayed for two months. We have lots of stories together and perhaps one or two perpetuated myths. Scott has built some of…

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automotive archaeology power tour side trip

During the 2016 HOT ROD Power Tour®, our group made a stop at Wards Auto Body, where owner Charles Janssen opened his shop for our group. He had been on American Pickers years ago for a 1970 Plymouth Superbird barn find he had rescued and was storing in a lean-to. That car was long gone, but he had others scattered about the property. Out in the field were a pair of 1969 Dodge Superbee Post cars that had been parted out through the years, along with many of the other vehicles sitting out there.…