Hot Rod December 2018

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the new 1320

It’s no secret that Dodge is building fast cars. Deep inside the Auburn Hills, Michigan, HQ are some hard-core engineers who like to build performance cars. The former president of Dodge, Tim Kuniskis, was happy to let them. The result was the 2018 Dodge Demon, a Viper-like Challenger that dared you to drive it. In the place of hard parts like a manual valvebody transmission and a roll control plumbed into the front brake lines, electronics made the car act like a drag racer from the factory. It also had butt heaters, hand warmers, and A/C that blows into the seats. Pretty nice when you are suited up in the staging lanes. As advertised, the car math says mid-9s, according to power-to-weight, mph, and 60-foot times. I drove one to low-10s…

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junkyard fortune teller

I’ve been frequenting the self-service junkyards in Los Angeles County for the better part of a dozen years. Over that time, I’ve seen a slow but profound shift in the variety of parts available in them. Years ago, you could always count of finding older American cars. It was never a surprise to find second-generation F-cars, Novas, Vegas, Ramblers, Galaxies, or any fullsized car from any of the Big Three. You could always count of finding 454s and 460s in pickups, 472- or 500-inch Cadillacs, and Pontiac and Olds 350s amid the sea of small-block Chevys. I’ve even come across AMC 401s in a few Grand Cherokees over the years. Currently, things are a lot different-looking in the junkyards. It’s mostly newer, front-wheel-drive cars. That’s to be expected, of course, given…

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a wheelie big deal

Wheelstands were so new and controversial in 1958 that pioneer promoter C.J. Hart supposedly disqualified Tommy Ivo for failure to maintain steering control of his first rail at Santa Ana, California. Sixty years later, we popped the question to the movie-and-television actor who became one of drag racing’s earliest stars and greatest showmen. “It happened first at San Fernando, not long after Kent Fuller built the car,” explains Ivo, now 81. “Fuller said it pulled the front end a couple of inches, but I couldn’t tell in the driver’s compartment. Word got around the pits, and when I went up to make the next run, there must’ve been 50 people laying on the dirt along the starting line. I don’t recollect anyone doing that before. I was running Bruce [recapped] slicks…

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the hot rod archives

20 YEARS AGO December 1998 (164 pages, $3.50): It’s one of our coolest covers ever, but the Holland Communications photo studio was far from cool. Asked recently about the session, then-Editor Ro McGonegal and host Bill Holland each recalled the irony and agony of staging a Christmas cover in August. Scott Killeen shot the dual scene as a single image and ran the smoke machine. A genuine RS/SS396 was volunteered by Bob Florine, who’s still got it. Unjustly buried near the back of the book is Gray Baskerville’s warm introduction to the young Burbank Choppers (“Riding the New Old Wave”). 40 YEARS AGO December 1978 (108 pages, $1.25): This package was so packed that a Mickey Thompson retrospective and interview didn’t get a cover blurb. Bruce Caldwell’s comprehensive Mustang Market guide valued Boss…

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take 5 with kyle loftis

Few things are more synonymous with street racing than 1320 Video. Kyle Loftis’s green-tinted home videos put the viewer in the streets with some of world’s quickest and fastest street cars, brewing 1320 Video into a name known today by every horsepower fiend for dramatic upsets, hilarious sleepers, and wild horsepower. Go back far enough, and you’ll see several of the Street Outlaws before Discovery Channel’s cameras turned to them. Nowadays, the program has grown to almost a dozen full-time staff, and its YouTube channel has grown to more than 2 million subscribers with nearly a billion total views. Few have seen the grassroots end of drag-racing culture and media evolve so much around them, so we managed to catch Kyle as he and the crew drove up to Street…

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automotive archaeology infestation of jetfires

Most people have never heard of the Oldsmobile Jetfire. It was released just a few weeks after its more famous corporate twin, the Corvair Turbo. Unlike the Corvair, Jetfires came with the 215ci, aluminum V8. Only produced for two years, they are all but forgotten. In the Feb. 2016 issue of HOT ROD, we documented the rescue of a garage-find 1962 Jetfire. The gentleman who bought that car had its exact twin—with an automatic transmission. That wasn’t the end, though; the new owner started collecting more of them, and as of February 2018, he had the largest collection of Jetfire cars, parts, and even complete drop-out engines! His most recent acquisition was another spare engine and two more cars. One is in nice condition, but the other is pretty rough, with no…