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September 2020

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not everyone loves wrestling

Seriously, I totally understand that pro wrestling is not everyone’s cup of tea but it just never ceases to amaze me how condescending people are who have never once seen a show. It’s like dealing with a recalcitrant toddler who doesn’t like veggies. Try it and you may love it. But I digress, I have to actually hop in the way back machine with Mr. Peabody (if you got that reference then your childhood was awesome) and give a bit of background. As I have mentioned previously, I have a slightly different style of promoting and participate quite actively locally in networking groups, attend chamber functions and attend various business mixers to meet potential sponsors and advertisers. I have had the twisted misfortune of running into the same individual in multiple towns…

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top ten podcasts for 2020

We love a good podcast and we listen daily to some of the funniest and most outlandish podcasts in wrestling. Here are a few of our favorite guilty pleasures in our earbuds. 1. DUKE LOVES RASSLIN Pro Wrestling Analysis without Dirtsheet Cheapheat. Welcome to the Official Facebook page of the Duke Loves Rasslin podcast! New episodes of the show are uploaded every Thursday 11PM EST to Youtube, Itunes etc! Find them at https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/duke-lovesrasslin/id1139455210 2. THE INDYKAST For over 7 years, the go to podcast for independent wrestling, pop culture, and other ridiculousness. The most consistently awesome podcast on pop culture and indy wrestling hosted by Chad, Zac, and Luna! Find them at https://soundcloud.com/wnrn 3. DDT DIVAS From the minds of Black women who love prowrestling. DDTDivas.com features a variety of wrestlingrelated content. Find them at https://linktr.ee/DDTDivas 4. THE KING…

3 min.
tony stabile after the bell

We love to go behind the scenes and after the bell to talk to our favorite performers about how they got started in the sport, who their influenced them, their dream matches and more. Let’s go after the bell with the man who runs the ring, our favorite stripe wearing leader, Ref Tony Stabile. Q1 How old were you when you saw your first live wrestling match? Probably 12 or 13. Then WWF, and later WCW, would go to The Palace in Michigan. Fond memories of a lot of shows there. Q2 Where did you begin your training and who trained you? I trained under Truth Martini at The House of Truth in Detroit Michigan. Can’t say enough good things about the school. After my training was “finished”, me and my bud Tony Vegas would still…

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have you wondered what happened to some of the most beloved characters from ignite?

There is nothing quite like that moment when you find a wrestler, manager or valet that you totally connect with and can’t wait to see at the next show. Then suddenly they vanish from your favorite show without a trace. So what really happens to your favorite characters in wrestling? It’s not as diabolical or nefarious as one may think. Sometimes, they move on and up. Let’s look at three faces that are beloved and still missed at IGNITE Wrestling and where their journey has led them since their departure Chuckles. That insane clown that we couldn’t get enough of in the ring. We last saw Chuckles at IGNITE Wrestling in late 2017 in an intergender match against Lacey Lane. But where did he go? The Indiana born wrestler has been busy…

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the many products of ignite wrestling

EXCLUSIVE Merchandise If there is one thing that has totally set IGNITE Wrestling apart from the indy wrestling scene is our expansive and unusual line of merchandise. Not one to follow blindly along with trends, it was decided by IGNITE owner and industry disrupter Kim Artlip that our merchandise and presentation would be more than just the standard black shirt. Launching one of the few indy trading card lines in 2016, it became apparent that the IGNITE Wrestling marketing division was just getting started. Still the number product in sales volume, it has been recognizedin multiple collectibles columns and websites due to its sheer size of sixty cards in the current verwion as well as variety of old and new faces in the business who have make their appearances at IGNITE. Building on tht…

2 min.
top 10 women’s division

1. KACI LENNOX - IGNITE Champion The Charm City Angel has proven herself to be a fighting champion taking on Kilynn King and showing her more aggressive side as she sought revenge for a post-match attack. After a hiatus for health issues prior to her title win, she’s back healthy and ready to show the sport what she can do. 2. DREAM GIRL ELLIE One-half of the International Superstars, this tiny powerhouse had made several appearances at IGNITE in a managerial role but she proved to everyone that she is the number one contender in a stunning upset in a fatal four way match cinching her title match. 3. KILYNN KING The Queen of Crazy has had four insane matches at IGNITE that have shown her to someone you never turn your back on or…