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In-Fisherman December/January/February 2019-20

In-Fisherman is for the avid freshwater angler. Each issue provides detailed instructions and demonstrations on catching, cleaning, and eating your favorite species of fish, and reports on the latest scientific studies concerning fish and habitat conservation. This is the source for finding fishing hotspots, new tackle, effective equipment, and more!

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inside angles

Participating in an online forum, discussing ice fishing not long ago, the question of the hour for participants was, “What has been the biggest change in your fishing the last few years, compared to years before?” Having just put out an Ice Fishing Tactical Gear Guide , along with our annual Ice Fishing Guide , it was a bit hard for me to focus on one element from the many things happening within the ice industry. The application of tungsten jigs, perhaps? Ever-evolving rod technology? Advances in sonar applications and in using underwater cameras? With so many options to choose from, my answer finally had to do with the application of lighter fluorocarbon lines in my fishing. I observed that: “Below the ice, fish routinely scrutinize our presentations at close range before…

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bits & pieces

Pike Movement and Habitat: Summer vs. Winter Select Science— Do pike under ice cover choose the same types of habitats they use in summer? Are daily activity periods similar between these two seasons? Research conducted in a German lake contrasted movements and habitat choice of pike, using the same tagged individual fish radio-tracked during four 24-hour periods in midsummer and midwinter.* The study was conducted on a 62-acre lake about 50 miles northeast of Berlin. The natural lake, Kleiner Döllnsee, has an average depth of 13 feet and a maximum depth of about 25 feet. About 14 percent of its surface area was covered by emergent vegetation such as Phragmites , or common reed, and cattails, and 27 percent of the lake bottom contained submergent vegetation such as pondweed and coontail. During…

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LAKE MICHIGAN TRIBUTARIES WISCONSIN Brown Trout & Steelhead » The harbors and tributary rivers along the Wisconsin coast of Lake Michigan are premier ice destinations for trophy trout. Fish in the 10- to 15-pound range are common and monsters up to 25 pounds are caught each winter. Contact: Guide Tim Maher, 920/604-4169, habitualguide.com; Guide Collin Venn, 262/497-4911,collinfishes@gmail.com. Steve Ryan LAKE WINNIPEG, SOUTH BASIN WINNIPEG, MANITOBA Walleyes » Once deemed mainly a March fishery now often kicks in by early January and doesn’t stop producing “greenback” monsters (10-plus pounds) until the end of March. Contact: Guide Lee Nolden, facebook. com/lee.nolden; Guide Donovan Pearase, blackwatercats.com; Guide Matt Cornell, bruinoutfitting.com. Doug Stange RED LAKE WASKISH, MINNESOTA Walleyes and Pike » Area resorts and landings cater to a huge influx of walleye anglers at first ice, but the fishing for “eater” walleyes and pike that may…

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staff noteworthy & new

Shimano Controlled Casting Shimano SLX DC150 baitcasting reels offer I-DC4 digital-control throughout each cast. Right- and left-handed low-profile reels a available in gear ratios of 6.2:1, 7.4:1, and 8.5:1. Check more featu and pricing at shimano.com Fusion19 Tungsten Berkley Fusion19 Tungsten Jigs are of high-density tungsten, allowing a smaller-profile jig that drops fast, while the needle-point hook insures instant penetration. Both vertical and horizontal presentation options are available in 10 different colors—$4.99, berkley-fishing.com Rod Carrier The Rod Vault ST is a vehicle-mounted rod-and-reel storage and carrier system, constructed of aircraft-grade anodized aluminum to hold up to six fully-rigged spinning or casting combos on a roof-mounted rack. The mounting system fits most vehicles—$399, denveroutfitters.com Eagle Eye Finesse Eagle Claw Lazer Sharp LV570 Pro-V Eagle Eye Jigs are American-made, of steel cold forged into light wire with a special…

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staff top picks

Doug Stange: I fish a lot of different rod-and-reel combos in the course of a year to shoot In-Fisherman TV. A couple workhorse options for largemouth bass stand out. One of my all-time favorite bass rods, the Abu Garcia Vendetta, is as beautiful in the hand as it is functional and durable. Most of my jig fishing is with a 7-foot medium-power rod with a fast action. For fishing heavier cover like the timber and brush on Lake Fork, I step up to a medium-heavy. Again, a 7-footer suffices. These rods also fish superbly with crankbaits, spinnerbaits, and blade jigs. The newest generation of these rods have Winn Dry-Tac grips and well-balanced and contoured handles that make fishing comfortable for long days in any weather condition. Their graphite construction makes them light…

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shiner men talk big bass

“In the top Florida bass lakes, I’d bet over 80 percent of bass over 10 pounds are caught on live shiners,” says Captain Jamie Jackson, renowned guide on West Lake Tohopekaliga on the Kissimmee Chain. For anglers eager to head south in pursuit of lunkers, there’s no place like Florida during the winter months. I know because I’ve made the trip many times, and rarely come home disappointed. Shiner fishing has a long tradition there and has remained popular because it’s so effective. It’s also a lot of fun. All anglers love to watch a float wiggle, then plunge below the surface, whether what’s on the other end of the line is a crappie or a lunker bass. And the way bass sometimes play cat-and-mouse with their prey is a…