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December 2019

Exclusive galleries packs of sexy models, topless, and nudes. Also some hot narrations, and themes for men like sexual medicine, cars and liquors.

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brief four steps to the perfect oral

1. Remember that you can not go to the clitoris of one, you must kiss from above (without eagerness): Lips. Neck. Breasts Abdomen. 2. Then things are hotter, and she very anxious (without eagerness): You kiss the pelvis, using little tongue and more lips. Kiss the thighs, using the lips a lot. 3. You finally reach the vagina: You give small kisses with tongue on your lips. You enter and very gently through the vagina. 4. Now the good begins: Kiss the clitoris. We increase the amount of language. You go to the stage of sucking the clitoris. There when you have it in the middle of your lips, you start to taste it with your tongue (remember to do it with different movements, changing the movements of your tongue is essential). End: You managed to be a tiger with a…

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cheapest ferrari

Do you dream of a Ferrari? Do you admire those males who drive a Ferrari bragging about its riches? I have news, you can buy it from $30,000, that's a Ferrari Mondial 8, which in the late 80's was the symbol of power of actors, sportsmen, stockbrokers and drug traffickers. You'll think this is an old car that won't look good on you, but you're wrong. Commercial history has taught us that Ferrari tends to overestimate its old cars, you will know that a moving Ferrari revolves around US$300,000 and an old one can reach US$30,000,000, although it sounds incredible, Mondial 8 can be your shining Ferrari and the reason for great conquests, for the same reason that a Kia or Hyundai is worth. Keep in mind that it's still a Ferrari and its high…

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how to last longer, part iii. apnea breath control.

In this third installment we are going to apply a millinery secret in the control of the male orgasm to have longer sexual relationships. First I want to summarize: The training of the mind delaying the orgasm in the masturbation, getting used to hold more. The strengthening of the pelvic muscle, so that with strength I can hold an orgasm longer. Now let's move on to apnea, which is a mysterious breathing reduction plan, to cut off the blood flow that generates the orgasm and thus delays it. It appeared thousands of years ago, in some paragraphs of the Kamasutra, as a way to lower the rhythm, to last longer, and as a plan so that when the orgasm arrives it will be more pleasant. Now the dynamic is very easy, you can practice it,…

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sex dolls hyper - reality

Gone is those inflatable doll models that you have to inflate, and that their texture made you feel more like a relationship with a life jacket than a sex toy. Japan innovates sex: The sumptuous hyper-reality doll has been introduced, nothing to do with any other male sex toy, it really imitates a human.Its texture on the skin, its visual reality and to the touch, its realistic look, and without a doubt its delicious attributes, guide to that it is a toy desired by all type of man. This beautiful and delicious toy will be yours for US$2,500 (more or less), depending on the requirements you demand from the manufacturer. However, this incursion plans to relate to artificial intelligence, which will lead to the sex toy interacting and enjoying everything you want to…

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confessional of infidels:massages, health, and happiness..

A short time ago I looked at the large amount of ads on the Internet about massage, and I thought very innocently Why so many masseurs? And gave reasons such as "the world is a stressful place, we need massage," "we are stressed by global warming," and decided to go get a massage that relaxes my back. I arrived at this good place in LA, where an Asian woman received me very happily, indicating at least 24 women, they were happy to massage me.Initially I looked at her hands, I wanted smooth hands to massage me, for that reason I selected Ana Yang, with whom I entered a small space. At the beginning of the session I told her about my back pain, it seemed that she didn't understand me, when she…