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Inked April 2017

Inked magazine covers pop culture and music for people that enjoy Tattoo art or have Tattoo designs on their bodies. Each issue has interviews with popular celebrities and the tattoo artists who decorate their bodies. There are tons of photos to inspire your next work of body art.

United States
Pinchazo Publishing Group, LLC
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When surrounded by Playmates at Playboy’s 25th Anniversary, my old boss Hugh M. Hefner told them, “Without you, I would be publishing a literary magazine.” Those words aren’t lost on me as we put together this Inked Girls issue of Inked. Without you wonderful tattooed women we would be publishing a tattoo art magazine. As Playboy has returned to embracing their identity and brought nudity back to their pages, we have decided to increase the amount of models in this issue and skin on our new platform. Introducing This is our new website where you can see more of your favorite girls. As you can see across our pages, websites and social media networks we often dangle over the line of NSFW. We grew increasingly frustrated over censorship and created…

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YOU CAN SHOP FOR EASTER ON YOUR KEISTER. Every day letters, e-mails, direct messages and smoke signals (though those may be the dudes a few floors below us toking on the fire escape) pour into our office asking where people can get Inked swag. While we aren’t in stores (though, when’s the last time you stepped foot in a mall?) you can cop all things Inked at There we have clothes for anyone from your girlfriend to your best friend (they better not be the same people, those whose wedding vows include “I’m marrying my best friend!” make us sick) to your cool baby niece—if you haven’t seen our tattooed onesies get ready to lose your tough guy persona and melt for a minute. EMILY SHEPHARD Henry Hawkes This is freaking awesome Jo…

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my favorite ink

Farrah DeMorte My favorite tattoo is my back piece. I look at it every day before and after the shower. I’ve always been drawn to back pieces. It’s the largest uninterrupted canvas on the body in my opinion. Even though I’m tall, I have a small frame, so certain pieces wouldn’t work in many places on my body. This was one location I could really do something and not lose translation...and I wanted to cover up my tramp stamp from the late ‘90s! My back was done piece-by-piece. Mike Oliver and I would discuss our next option while working on the current piece. It started with Boris Karloff and Elsa Lanchester (Frankenstein and Bride); then the Psycho house, “Mother” and Janet Lee; then Edgar Allan Poe, followed by Bela Lugosi and Helen…

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elle of an artist

“I decided to scale a billboard in Brooklyn. I knew it was tall, but I didn’t realize quite how tall it was until I was on it,” Elle recounts. “I had to climb an existing ladder— which was all rusty, and missing screws. The building next to me was 6 stories tall and the billboard went up above that. It was absolutely terrifying. After reaching the top I just lay there for about 15 minutes with my eyes closed. I finally got my breath back enough to stand and paint the roller piece. I don’t know that I’ll ever try to climb anything that high again… not worth dying for.” Like so many artists who cut their artistic teeth creating street art, Elle honed her craft without any formal art education.…

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get ripped city

IF YOU ARE IN PORTLAND,STOP BY AND SAY HI TO ANASTASIA BROWNING AT CROW BAR HOW WOULD YOU DESCRIBE CROW BAR? Crow Bar is a local Portland staple. It has all the wonderfully comfortable vibes of a dive, with nothing but quality behind the bar. Delicious cocktails, rotating local tap beer, quality wine selection, and the ever gold-standard of a shot and tall boy [big beer] combo. It's nothing if not a Cheers bar for most of the community. WHAT DO CUSTOMERS SAY ABOUT YOUR TATTOOS? My tattoos are always a subject of conversation. Luckily for me, our clientele is very open-minded, so the conversations tend to lean towards the complimentary and collaborative. There is always the threat of the ever-obnoxious arm-grabber who sees your tattoos as more of a cry for attention, but…

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the painted prosthetic project

The Painted Prosthetic Project is an incredible endeavor that displays talent, altruism and quirk. The creativity seen across the following pages is up for auction online, go to the to bid on them and more with proceeds going to help “veterans and homeless veterans get back on their feet!” Jon Palestini, who founded the project, gave a host of talented artists a prosthetic, six months and free reign. Here is the origin story: “I collect oddities and curiosities, and knowing that, I would have clients and friends give me old prosthetics they found as tips and gifts. Prosthetic legs aren't really an oddity to me, and it got to the point when I had more than 10 sitting around my house that the idea of using them in art appealed…