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Inked August 2016

Inked magazine covers pop culture and music for people that enjoy Tattoo art or have Tattoo designs on their bodies. Each issue has interviews with popular celebrities and the tattoo artists who decorate their bodies. There are tons of photos to inspire your next work of body art.

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Pinchazo Publishing Group, LLC
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Sex is like air—it isn’t important unless you aren’t getting any. That’s an old joke, albeit not the funniest turn-ofphrase, but it rings absolutely true. Sex is that crucial. Sex is the ultimate pleasure, creates an essential bond with your human (if done right) and is the giver of life. No earthly action compares, yet talking about sex was impermissible for much of modern history—as taboo as it once was to walk around with a visible tattoo. What a time to be alive! In this issue you will have an intimate experience with tattooed women like Venom (6) who shot her SuicideGirl sisters in their own personal spaces. Get up close and personal with AVN’s (Adult Video News) Best Supporting Actress Kleio Valentien (yes, that’s the way it’s spelled, yes, she…

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YOU AUTO KNOW.The lovely, lovely Amanda Chu posed with some awesome Detroit steel for her spread “Built to Thrill” in our July issue. Adorers of tattooed women and cars chimed in with praise for Amanda with “car talk.” Here's some of the comets (damn, autocorrect!): “It's legal, let's get hitched.” “Better than my ride at home.” “You are making me overheat.” “Now that's an auto body experience!” “Nice rearview.” “I love that fat tire.” facebook AMANDA CHU Bryce Mulvaney Move over, Megan Fox Archie F. Pajimula Make sure the door jam is clean down to the corners next time. Otherwise a great picture. [Editor's Note: Fuck you Archie.] TATU BABY & CLYDE Victoria Carole You look like Brigitte Bardot in the movie [she was not in the movie, but whatever] Juan Sebastian Beautiful Baby REFEN DOE Bob Sue Prettiest face tattoo ever Dan Clegg You are…

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leigh raven

INK MY FAVORITE My favorite tattoo is one I got pretty recently, at a tattoo convention by an amazing artist/friend Fame, who owns Eminence Ink in Connecticut. It’s a portrait of my best friend’s baby picture on my hand. We have been friends for 15 years and I thought it was time to honor her beautiful face. Her name is Hannah, but now goes by the name “Hand-ah”…it makes for pretty interesting porn scenes! I’m pretty new to porn. I’ve only been in the industry since December 2015, I’ve done less than 20 scenes, and I love it. Typically tattoos tend to be a hinderance to one’s porn career, but they have contributed to helping me meet some of the coolest people in the industry. I’ve had the pleasure of working…

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carving sacred cows

Precision, craft, history, it’s all in the name. Just like your neighborhood meat market, Butcher Billy serves up fresh cuts (of commentary). “[The name] comes from the idea that I’m always slicing pieces of pop culture to bring them together in different ways.” The native Brazilian prefers the use of American pop references but doesn’t see his work in terms of territories, opting instead for universal icons and concepts. As a child he was always interested in British and American pop culture without even realizing it. “Cinema, music, comics, games, history…recently people even came to me saying that I seemed to know aspects of their culture [through my art] so well that they couldn’t believe I was from another country and culture.” Being an individual with such a unique perspective on socio-cultural…

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tap queen la habra, ca

YADIRA MARTINEZ AT CASK & HAMMER IN LA HABRA, CA, IS THE BEST TYPE OF BEER SNOB WHAT’S CASK & HAMMER ABOUT? It’s a very low-key craft beer bar. NOT WHERE WE’D TYPICALLY EXPECT TO FIND AN INKED GIRL. When customers see me at first they’re surprised, because usually the bartenders are just dudes that know a lot about beer—kind of hipster guys. They think I was hired mostly just for show. But once they start asking me questions and get to know me they’re really surprised because I actually do know a lot about craft beer. Obviously they’re happy that I’m around then. They think this chick doesn’t know much, and I turn the tables on them. DO THE “BEER SNOBS” LOOK DOWN ON TATTOOS? La Habra still attracts people who ride bikes and are…

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entertain at home

THE BEES' KNEES 1½ parts Casamigos Blanco tequila ½ part honey syrup 2 splashes of fresh lemon juice Add all ingredients to a shaker with ice. Shake then strain into a coupe glass and serve up. Garnish with lemon twist. PEACHY KEEN 1 part Gentleman Jack ½ part Cointreau ½ part simple syrup Splash of lemon juice ½ a peach sliced (skin on) Muddle peaches and simple syrup in mixing glass. Add Gentlemen Jack, Cointreau, lemon juice and top with ice. Shake vigorously. Strain into mason jar filled with crushed ice. COGNAC COLADAC 1½ parts Hennessy V.S. 2 oz coconut cream or Pina Colada mix ½ oz chocolate syrup Splash of lime juice Splash of Amaretto Add all ingredients to a shaker with ice, shake, then pour into a glass. Garnish with an orange slice or a cherry or both.…