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Inked August 2017

Inked magazine covers pop culture and music for people that enjoy Tattoo art or have Tattoo designs on their bodies. Each issue has interviews with popular celebrities and the tattoo artists who decorate their bodies. There are tons of photos to inspire your next work of body art.

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Pinchazo Publishing Group, LLC
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Hello and welcome to the annual issue that I don’t send to my mother! Speaking of moms, I was recently asked by a friend’s momma, “Don’t you feel bad for exploiting women in your magazine?” Damn. This is a question I am often asked by many conservative and/or old people. When dealing with those two groups and their response to sexual content there is a Venn diagram that is so tight it looks like a pair of boobs squished together (here I go again) . The word “exploited” is incredibly derisive. The women we feature in sexy spreads are visual extroverts. Hell, most of the models who appear on these pages approach us to promote their livelihoods and lifestyles in Inked. The thought that publishing appealing photos of women is…

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CERVENA FOX COVERS INKEDWe’ve featured Cervena across our pages a few times and it just became time to put her on our cover—she’d reached the rarifi ed iconic point in the industry of being a Tattoo Supermodel. Cervena snapped this and posted to her fans: "My latest and one of my biggest achievements in my modelling career. It's been a dream of mine to be on this cover and I fi nally made it!!!! Thanks to all those who have got their copy so far, seeing everyone tag me in photos with the issue makes my day. It means the world to me knowing I have so many supportive fans out there! Much love and happiness to all!" Oh, another big moment in her life was her recent appearance on…

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my favorite ink

Ivory Suicide How did you pick the name Ivory? I collect a lot of skulls, taxidermy and ivory, which is bones. It also helps that my ghostly complexion matches. What is your favorite tattoo? My favorite tattoo is my upper left arm tattoo. It’s a picture of my grandparents getting married, it has my birthstone, and it’s how I met my best friend. Who did the tattoo? Courtney Raimondi (@bloodofwolves). What made you want to get it? It was my fi rst legal and visible tattoo so I wanted to make a tribute to my family since it was a large part of my arm. What is the birthstone? My birthstone is sapphire because my birthday is in September. How did this tattoo lead you to meeting your best friend? She was the artist doing the tattoo! Are your grandparents still alive? If…

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pop provocateur

“Street art has this rebellious punk rock attitude that I love,” Rich Simmons sprays it loud. When he isn’t painting images of superheroes and other familiar figures on walls and the sides of buildings, he’s using reclaimed billboards to bring the experience of the street into the gallery. “It’s a case of doing it for the love of painting, giving people something on a wall to enjoy who wouldn’t normally experience art or go to galleries or museums,” he explains. “There is also a huge adrenaline rush painting out on the street, whether it’s doing it on a legally commissioned wall or running around at 6 AM with a spray can and some stencils or a bucket of paste and some posters.” Simmons approaches sexuality in a way that deviates from…

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stripper ales

Where did your performance name come from? It's a mixture of a couple things: My friends back in the day used to call me Brodie because they thought I looked and sounded like the lead singer chick from The Distillers. The second part is just turning myself into my very own Garbage Pail Kid character How have your tattoos helped or hurt your job? They usually help more when people are interested in the same things that I have referenced in my tattoos (Bruce Campbell, by Kiel "Change" Wilson, Redrum by Nate Truax). It hurts when you travel to perform in clubs that aren't as accepting of heavily tattooed ladies. Sometimes they won't hire you or the customers will be more intimidated by you and you'll make less money. What do your…

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red light special

What do you think is your signature tattoo? I think it’s my “Judge Me Not” tattoo on my chest. I got it way before porn. I actually got that tattoo because I was a CPA, in a business world where tattoos and piercings are frowned upon and need to be covered. I’m an educated woman, and I can do your taxes and give you business advice and have a sleeve tattoo… weird concept, right? So I really got it to say, hey, judge me not. See who I am, base judgments off performance, not off how someone looks. I think many people agree and it fits well in my new career too. Take a minute to see who I am, you may be surprised. How did you get into the industry? I started…