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Inked September 2019

Inked magazine covers pop culture and music for people that enjoy Tattoo art or have Tattoo designs on their bodies. Each issue has interviews with popular celebrities and the tattoo artists who decorate their bodies. There are tons of photos to inspire your next work of body art.

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Sex might sell, but we’re unbuttoning more than clothes in this 2019 Sex Issue. Baring it all, we’ve brought together the best and boldest innovators in the world of intimacy—from porn’s finest to exotic dancing’s elite. Along with hip-hop headliners to reality TV stars, and all things tattoos to taboos; this issue has everything for the shy, sex kitten to the dauntless dom, alike. Without further adieu, consider this rag your ticket to the sexiest show in town. Don’t be surprised if you meet the girl of your dreams within our pages. Speaking of sexy, what’s more attractive than the “classic gentleman?” Iconic Schorem barbers, Bertus Rietveld and Leen Bergmann, share their drug-and-alcohol-fueled expedition along 60-combined years of chartering the tradition of the world’s second-oldest profession. Opening a “shave haven” for…

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THE MOTO ISSUE “Congrats to the finalists of the Inked Cover Girl Contest! It was amazing watching these finalists rise above thousands of hopefuls. What an amazing way to discover beautiful tattooed women from around the world and of course, raise money for a great cause! The final shots were absolutely gorgeous and I love how diverse the women in the top six were. And as always, Jessica Wilde looks absolutely stunning among this pack of beauties. Can’t wait to see who takes the top prize this year and best of luck to this years contenders.”—Lucy McBride—Santa Fe, NM CAREY HART Samantha Dyer— I have frequently thought that we know so much about Pink but know very little about you. It was nice to read about you as a child/man/husband/motorcycle/tattoo business. KALEN THORIEN Chris Clark—…

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honey trap

Many tattoo artists never dream of leaving their careers behind. However, after 14 years working to become a world-renowned realism artist, Mike Dargas said goodbye to the tattoo world. Dargas’ decision was not made in vain. Instead, he channeled his energy toward large-scale hyperrealism paintings and his collections have been shown in prestigious galleries around the world. We sat down with Dargas to find out what led him to make such a drastic career change and what his process is for creating paintings with a sticky-yet-sweet twist. PRIOR TO BECOMING A WORLD-RENOWNED PAINTER, YOU WERE A TATTOO ARTIST. TAKE US THROUGH YOUR EXPERIENCE IN THE TATTOO INDUSTRY AND WHY YOU LEFT THAT CAREER BEHIND. I was always an artist. Since childhood, I recognized my passion and others recognized my talent. Tattooing was…

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cullen mcrae

After almost two decades of breaking down videos of Major League baseball players, Cullen McRae speaks on transitioning from capturing strikeouts, to being captivated by the wild world of adult entertainment. McRae went from being a 19-year Video Coaching Coordinator for the Miami Marlins, to batting for the heaviest hitter in porn: Bang Bros. With two World Series Championships, handshakes from two presidents, and getting caught in the background of a Sports Illustrated cover, McRae says that although “this profession is not for everybody,” he was hooked from the moment he wrote his first script. And yes, his friends ask him to introduce them to porn stars “all the time.” How has baseball prepared you for this line of work? As crazy as it sounds, the Marlins — and baseball — have prepared…

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Layla Rose Shapiro went from reselling designer pieces she would snag from thrift stores to selling broken nails and pictures of fans’ names on her forehead. Better known as TOOPOOR, the Instagram model, fashionista and style blogger is now jumping into the music scene, dropping her first two singles, “Crazy Girls” and “Gone.” WHERE DOES THE NAME TOOPOOR COME FROM? When I first moved to LA, I didn't have that much money and I was living on a couch in someone’s living room for $300 a month. I got kicked out of this house because the landlord died. I got fired from my job, and I left crying like, “My life's over. I have no money. I don't know what I'm going to do.” I went back to the house I was…