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Inked November 2019

Inked magazine covers pop culture and music for people that enjoy Tattoo art or have Tattoo designs on their bodies. Each issue has interviews with popular celebrities and the tattoo artists who decorate their bodies. There are tons of photos to inspire your next work of body art.

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inkwell mail

Let’s get "Physical," because this 2019 Health Issue is a knockout that’s "Gonna Make You Sweat." We believe our readers should not only take care of their tattoos, but their bodies and minds as well. We’ve curated the best in the business to help you "Push It" to the limits. From top tier professional athletes to the tattoo industry’s finest, these experts can help you to "Shake It Up" or simply get "Into the Groove" during your next trip to the gym. So, get ready to lose "Control," because when it comes to getting in shape, "You Got It." Our ring hero, Roman Reigns, shares his rise to headlining WWE programming and storylines, and having to relinquish his Universal Championship because of his battle with leukemia. But of course, as all…

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shock value

As human beings, there’s something deep down inside that prevents us from looking away from scenes of horror and disaster. Whether it be a car accident on the highway or a torture porn slasher flick, something in our minds is drawn to witnessing atrocities. And it’s this peculiar lust for gore that makes the work of oil painter Christian Rex van Minnen so seductive. His provocative style evokes emotions of disgust and curiosity simultaneously, a juxtaposition he’s perfected over the last decade. We sat down with the Rhode Island native to learn how he developed his graphic approach and to uncover his growing fascination with ignorant style tattooing. How did your upbringing inspire you to pursue a career as a painter? I was raised to value the pursuit of knowledge of…

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sammy wilk

After building a following through the now-defunct social media site Vine, Sam Wilkinson signed with the KSR Group and dropped his 5-track EP Keep It In The Middle. INKED caught up with Sammy Wilk to talk music, his clothing line and the WILK Project, which raises money and awareness to build music and art programs for the children in the African nation of Sierra Leone. What was the biggest change when you made the move from Omaha, Nebraska to Los Angeles? I was lucky enough to move out with a few friends from my high school, which really helped the situation. I think the biggest changes were the traffic, which is terrible, and the people. The people that grow up in the midwest are still the best people I've met in…

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maliibu miitch

There’s never been a better time for women to thrive in hip-hop, with rappers like Nicki Minaj, Cardi B, Megan (Thee Stallion) and Tierra Whack dominating the charts. This shift is in stark contrast to the industry just five years ago, and for Bronx-based artist Maliibu Miitch, she found her sound just in time. Hot off her collaboration with Brooke Candy and Charlie XCX, as well as her feature on HBO’s hottest teen drama, Euphoria, we sat down with Miitch to discuss her artistic evolution, perspective on girl power and dream collaborations. How did growing up in the Bronx impact your decision to go into music? I used to get in a lot of trouble and when I started rapping, it kept me out of trouble. It gave me a little…

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marisa laren

While you may remember her from season 6 of Ink Master, Marisa LaRen is far more than just a reality television contestant. She’s a dedicated athlete whose journey to achieving her fitness goals has been anything but a smooth ride. However, through sickness and health, she’s never given up on the gym. We sat down with LaRen to learn more about the challenges she’s experienced along the way and what advice she would give to people looking to get into the best shape of their lives. Take us through your fitness story and how you transformed both physically and emotionally. I grew up playing sports my whole life and was always extremely active. I played varsity softball and golf all through high school and was snowboarding every free day I had.…