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Inked December - January 2017

Inked magazine covers pop culture and music for people that enjoy Tattoo art or have Tattoo designs on their bodies. Each issue has interviews with popular celebrities and the tattoo artists who decorate their bodies. There are tons of photos to inspire your next work of body art.

United States
Pinchazo Publishing Group, LLC
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inkwell Can you believe that we have been publishing Inked for 10 years? What started out as the “outsider’s insider magazine” (and is still referred to as such on Wikipedia) has become a vast community. From the onset, Inked was created to give a legitimate voice to the tattooed because the mainstream media treated ink as a freak curiosity and the other tattoo titles were steeped in a mindset that was so outdated. “Shots fired!” I know. Those in charge of curating Inked’s content for the past decade have done an incredible job protecting our integrity by tapping the sharpest writers, most daring artists and absolute rockstar photographers to shape our point-of-view. The mission was accomplished, the tattoo scene was given a proper publication and we helped steer the conversation of tattoos…

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INKED LIVE. IF YOU GUYS HAVEN'T BEEN FOLLOWING ON FACEBOOK, WE HAVE BEEN BROADCASTING SICK LIVE VIDEOS. Through our Facebook Page, you are able to watch revered tattooists like Jose Perez Jr., Steve Butcher and Popo pull lines in real time. We've broadcasted from a porn convention, Jordyn Rider's bedroom and the shoot for this cover with Brittanya. Watching Mr Cartoon (above) tattooing Tony Touch was a religious experience that tied together our whole community. Here's a sampling of places viewers checked in from: Brazil, Texas, Delaware, Hawaii, Scotland, Cambodia, Alaska, Newfoundland, Puerto Rico, Australia, Sweden, India, Denmark and one jackass who got that Adele song stuck in our heads when she wrote, "Hello from the other side." INKEDSTAGRAM: HASHTAG YOUR SELFIE #INKEDMAG @TESIA_THE_WICKED @HALEYBOOXO @PATTYSIMOES2 @TEGAN_SHMEGAN facebook CHRISTY MACK Kelly Brown I would fight that snake just to bite…

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my favorite ink

Alexandra Heart “The phoenix to me represents more than just a bird or character. I’ve overcome so many obstacles throughout my teenage years. But having the courage and self-hope to come out of all I was facing unscathed was the biggest accomplishment of all. To me, this phoenix symbolizes a second chance at life and knowing you can overcome anything thrown your way. It was done by Tony Linville, who now works at American Nightmare Tattoo in Las Vegas. He actually had the idea of the feathers wrapping around to my butt, which hurt like hell! But in the end it was worth it. To this day everyone asks me about it and if they can see it. I love showing it off! My family took a little bit of time to accept…

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freak off a leash

“You could use a tiny bit of crazy!” is Mathijs Vissers’s welcome to his website. Damn skippy. We could all use a tiny bit (more) of crazy. For some of us, we grow up, work for the man, and vote down a party line while tamping down the crazy to assimilate into society. Remember that crazy, that freedom, we had when we were young? Vissers never lost that part of him. “Like most kids I was always drawing, and I just kept on drawing,” Vissers says. “Having three older sisters and an older brother, I got to see a lot of weird movies and cartoons, which sort of shaped the things I drew. I loved making random stuff, weird for the sake of weirdness. As I grew older the weird sometimes turned…

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love to serve you

Los Angeles, CA HOW WOULD YOU DESCRIBE THE CLIENTELE? In a word, awesome! The Wet Spot is a sports bar so we have a lot of male clientele, but we get plenty of ladies in the door as well. I have a wide variety of regulars from all walks of life as Los Angeles is a very eclectic city. I love being able to say that I know lawyers, an industrial machinist, a NASA scientist…where else can you network like this? Bartenders have the best resources! WHAT DO YO U PATRONS TH INK O F YOUR INK? I have been told countless times, "I don't normally like tattoos on women, but yours suit you." I feel pride knowing that I might be able to change even just one person's perception or preconceived notions about…

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brittanya razavi glitters in gold

10 questions for a bonafide 10 1. When did you first get tattooed? “I was 11 years old at a party. And it is so lame but I got my own name on my back. It is covered now. But the good news is that he turned out to be a phenomenal tattoo artist. Even when I was 11 years old I knew what was up.” (She still mainly gets tattooed by Manuel Valenzuela.) 2. If you didn’t grow up in Southern California do you think you would have different tattoos? “Most of the work I have is black-andgrey but as I got older, now I just love color. But that is hard to say because I think tattoos reflect who you are and how you were brought up. It is not…