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Inked February 2016

Inked magazine covers pop culture and music for people that enjoy Tattoo art or have Tattoo designs on their bodies. Each issue has interviews with popular celebrities and the tattoo artists who decorate their bodies. There are tons of photos to inspire your next work of body art.

United States
Pinchazo Publishing Group, LLC
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She was 24, I was 11. Her name was Stacey Williams—you never forget your fi rst. She was in no way the prettiest of the bunch but I adored her. I held her Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue in my hands and fl ipped past Kathy Ireland (eh), Vendela and Tyra and stopped on Stacey with an ‘e.’ I hemmed and ‘awed over which photo to clip out—know- ing that after I made my decision the picture on the other side of the page would be lost, taped against my bedroom wall for eternity. Eventually I selected one of her in a shimmering metallic bikini with a striking demure look (and thusly a men’s magazine editor was born?). Sadly for Stacey there were more after her, and more still, like a…

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HELLO NORMA JEAN.What sort of woman reads Inked? Anna Moore is not Marilyn Monroe, but she plays her during photoshoots. The classically gorgeous blonde flipped through a copy when being photographed for Retro-A-Go-Go (, a company that is the cat’s pajamas (but does not sell sleepwear for felines). The New Age Norma Jean says that she, “Admires the creativity Inked magazine holds. It’s versatile, inspiring, and simply sexy! Each individual is unique with a bold image. Your magazine truly shows how our bodies can work as a canvas.” The only bad news, Anna doesn’t yet have any tattoos. “With the Marilyn look, I decided to wait on tattoos.” Ah, she doesn’t have tattoos—yet! facebook PAUL BOOTH Jeremy Bates Damn this dude is badass. I saw him several yrs ago on a show and…

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my favorite ink shonda mackey

Shonda Mackey’s look is eminently classic beautiful with the modern-day edge of tattoos and capped off with lusciously inviting lips. She’s the total package laid before you and giftwrapped in a pin-up outfi t, a genre she loves. “Back then it was such a bold move to be so dressed up!” Shonda says. “I also love pin-up for the classiness of the girls.” When asked to consider what tattoos Bettie Page and Marilyn Monroe would have if they were modeling now she says, “I feel like Bettie would have the daring tattoos like a snake or poison bottle and Marilyn would be more cutesy stuff like perfume bottles and a portrait of her dog.” Our modern-day pin-up queen Shonda is covered in ink, her favorite being her octopus. “When I was…

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she’s got legs

It may happen in other cities but for New Yorkers it’s not spring until you see new metropolitan women (often interns or recent grads who landed their fi rst offi ce jobs) walking terribly awkward in high heels. Like Bambi attempting to traverse the icy pond, these women have not yet acclimated to their climate. New York City is a hub of fashion, both high and low, heels being a must for the former and once a woman has mastered the tightrope she owns the streets. NYC is the perfect place for GumShoe to paint artistry. Seen in galleries and on Gotham’s streets (also LA and Seattle) are her collec-tion of women’s legs, propped up by gorgeous heels but also often held down by a wad of chewing gum. “If she…

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riot girl

Costa Mesa, CA ALIX (AKARU BYLEER I OT) THROWS THEM BACK AT MADELEINE’S IN ORANGE COUNTY. WHAT IS THE VIBE AT MADELEINE’S? Madeleine’s is a cozy neighborhood bar with a lot of regulars who treat each other like family. It’s a great place to go if you want to relax and drink a stiff cocktail. I’ve been guilty of coming in on my days off to enjoy myself. I call it “working overtime.” WHAT’S YOUR FAVORITE DRINK? My favorite drink is defi nitely a Bloody Mary. Most people will order them in the morning but the way I make them, I’ll drink them anytime! I always joke with people, “That’s why my hair is so red! It’s from all the Bloody Marys I consume!” HOW DID YOU GET INTO PIN-UP? My mother is one…

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hello d ollies

On Ashley, left... Zest White Corset: MURMUR, Champagne Retro Contrast Seamed Stockings: What Katie Did, Floral Heels: Palter DeLiso, Lumen Earrings: Lulu Frost, Pearl Bracelet: Wouters & Hendrix Pearl Ring Set: Patricia Field On Sara, middle... Retro White Bra Top: MURMUR, Pulp White Shorts: MURMUR, Fully Fashioned Point Heel Stockings: What Katie Did, Glorified Girl Suspender: Dita Von Teese, Slip Knot Necklace (worn backwards): NY2YOU, Vintage Necklace (worn backwards): Trifari with stones by Stazia Loren,Quad Quill Ring: Amanda Pearl, Vintage 1900s Ring: EatJewels On Jordyn, right... Zest Black Corset: MURMUR, Retro Contrast Stockings with Black Seam: What Katie Did, Heels: Salvatore Ferragamo, Earrings: Lele Sadoughi, Vintage Stone Ring: Stazia Loren Syrup Skirt: MURMUR Aster Heels: Palter DeLiso Oleander Ear Crawlers: Lulu Frost Pearl Bracelet: Wouters & Hendrix Ring: Patricia Field Retro Cut-Out Swimsuit and High-Waisted Bottoms: 1950s High-Waist Crepe Swing Skirt: Black…