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Inked July - August 2015

Inked magazine covers pop culture and music for people that enjoy Tattoo art or have Tattoo designs on their bodies. Each issue has interviews with popular celebrities and the tattoo artists who decorate their bodies. There are tons of photos to inspire your next work of body art.

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ink well

You are going to hate some of the music acts we cover in the following pages. There’s no way around it when dealing with something as subjective as music or, frankly, any type of art. You might even sneer at some of the tattoos and photographs on the following pages—there is no such thing as the perfect piece or composition. That is what makes creativity exciting. We are Sisyphus, but with ink, and we will ceaselessly push creating music, tattoos, art and editorial content toward such great heights without ever reaching a consensus pinnacle. What’s your favorite song? That’s not the easiest of questions and even if you did have a response chambered, there is no way five of your friends will answer the same way (unless it is, “Let me think…

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BETTER THAN HIGHLIGHTS FOR CHILDRENWe are often asked what to look out for in a tattoo shop to indicate that it is on the up-and-up. Chiefly, always seek out an autoclave and overall cleanliness—a tattoo shop should be as clean as a doctor’s office or a kitchen after Gordon Ramsey has berated the staff. On the notion of a doctor’s office, a secondary cue is finding an Inked magazine in the waiting room, remember how your pediatrician had a rack of Highlights for Children next to that contraption with the colorful blocks on a wire track? Reputable tattooists put out Inked, and we want you to give them their shine. Snap a picture of any of the following combinations: you, the artist, Inked, your new tattoo, the Starbucks cup you…

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my favorite ink christie jay

If you follow Inked on various forms of social media you know we are fairly prolific when it comes to posting pictures of tattoos, girls, memes and the occasional skull-themed wedding cake (or a puppy photo that we couldn’t resist). For the most part our audience is receptive to the photos we select to share with the community but once in a while a tattoo or a model won’t just be “liked” but adored. In this case it was both the girl, Christie Jay, and her owl tattoo, from the Deftones’ Diamond Eyes album cover, that drew hearts all over our platforms. “The owl was done by Joseph Barrios in Las Vegas,” says the Vegas-based model Christie. “I mentioned the idea of the owl in our emails before our first…

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grime machine

If Richie Velazquez was born 20 years earlier, he would have painted all of the vomit for Ren and Stimpy. If he was born a century ago, he would be painting drippy moustaches on Charlie Chaplin and Joseph Stalin, and if he lived during the Renaissance, the Mona Lisa would be covered in a mozzarella money shot. His work is cheesy, his work is grimy, and he couldn’t be more pleased. Operating under the moniker DelaDeso and propelled by the rocket fuel that is the internet, Velazquez has delivered a psychedelic scissor kick to anything and everything pop culture. “Grimy to me isn’t always a bad thing,” explains the LA native. “I wanted to call my artwork something so people could find it and that’s how grime came about.” DelaDeso’s work…

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keeping it 100

WHAT’S THE SCENE LIKE AT WASTED GRAIN? I would describe it as a Prohibition-style bar that offers live music and an upstairs nightclub. Whether you’re in the mood for live jams, club music or an oversized chill patio scene, we have it covered. YOU GUYS SEEM TO THROW A LOT OF THEMED PARTIES. Every weekend we have a different theme, from Alice in Wonderland to Under the Sea. One of my favorites our Where’s Waldo? party. HOW DO THE CUSTOMERS REACT TOI YOUR TATTOOS? Most customers love my tats! I get a ton of compliments on my tiger tattoo. But I’ve also had a few older gentlemen make shitty comments like, “Why would you put a sticker on Bentley?” WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE PIECE? I’ve always been fascinated with Japanese culture and when I knew I wanted…

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strange love

If you have ever signed up for a dating website or app (Farmers Only, right?) you know you have to build a profile with your hobbies to find someone with compatible interests. Most looks fade and pheromones die off, but common interests keep couples together. While both Ryan Ashley Malarkey and Josh Balz are both still young and great looking, they have turned their shared passion into a second business, a second home. Their names may sound familiar as Balz is the keyboarder for metalcore group Motionless in White and Malarkey is a young phenom in the tattooed skin game. The creative couple’s cottage industry? Selling antiques and ephemeral at their fairly-recently-opened shop The Strange & Unusual Oddities Parlor in Kingston, PA. “We just collected so much stuff over time that…