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Inked November - December 2015

Inked magazine covers pop culture and music for people that enjoy Tattoo art or have Tattoo designs on their bodies. Each issue has interviews with popular celebrities and the tattoo artists who decorate their bodies. There are tons of photos to inspire your next work of body art.

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Pinchazo Publishing Group, LLC
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“I aim to provide the public with beneficial shocks,” Alfred Hitchcock said in 1947. “Civilization has become so protective that we’re no longer able longer able to get our goose bumps instinctively. The only way to remove the numbness and revive our moral equilibrium is to use artificial means to bring about the shock.” Basically, the Master of Suspense was saying that we have gone soft; fearing for our frigging lives used to be a regular—and he claims healthy—human experience. We can thank our forefathers like Abraham Lincoln for taking out all the vampires and domesticating the planet so we don’t have to live in constant fear of vicous beings (undead and otherwise), but that animalistic emotion has atrophied in our race, perhaps leaving us vulnerable for the imminent zombie…

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WE CAN GIVE IT TO YOU BUT WHATCHA YOU GON DO WITH IT?Art is ever evolving, that’s why we try to publish the best in the world everymonth. But when we produce an issue we hope that’s not the end of the artistic flow, we want you to be inspired to create your own art or remix what we have presented. For instance check out what Julio Cesar (@ mz09art) did with our Christy Mack by Christian Saint cover shoot for the last Sex Issue. We know that most of you are so damn creative that we want to see what you can do with Inked. Have you gotten a tattoo based off one of our images? Have you used something in our pages for reference in your own art…

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my favorite ink keighla night & blazer schaffer

Keighla Night (brunette) “It’s a toss-up between my pelvic plate and the Star Trek tribute piece on my abdomen. The pelvic plate is actually the female reproductive system in tattoo form. It serves as a sweet warning with the cupcake and skulls and snakes. It could be looked at like Adam and Eve, but I prefer a cupcake over an apple! The Star Trek piece I adore because growing up I only had three channels. I watched Star Trek every night, and I loved Vulcans. I planned the piece years ago but kept putting it off. When Leonard Nimoy passed away this year, I finally went through with it as tribute. ‘Live long and prosper’ is a great mantra for life! And the second part is ‘7 of 9’ which was…

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photo negatives

While looking for photographs to sharpen her retouching skills Jane Long stumbled across the Flickr archives of Romanian World War I and post-war photographer Costica Ascinte. “There was something about the subjects that appealed to me—people trying to live a simple life in the middle of a war-torn area, trying to rebuild,” she says. Long didn’t just add color to the near-century-old photography, she inserted whimsy. “For the most part I want to put them into a different world,” she says. “It’s naive, I know, but I wanted them to be in a place where they could be happy and carefree.” Back when few people smiled in photographs—and certainly the Romanians of Ascinte’s work had little to make them grin—the expressionless subjects are wonderfully fascinating in their new environment. Perhaps the most…

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“honey, i’m at the office”

WHAT’S THE ATMOSPHERE LIKE AT THE OFFICE? It’s pretty laid back unless there’s a sports game on, then it’s every man for himself! A CUSTOME R WALKS OVER TO TH E BAR DURING A BUSY SHI F T AND SAYS “MAKE M E SOMETHING GOOD.” WHAT’S YOUR MOVE? I will Mule the shit out of anyone! I usually make mine with Jameson or Bulleit, a lil lime, splash of Sprite and some ginger beer. WHICH OF YOUR TATTOOS GETS THE MOST ATTENTION FROM CUSTOMERS? The medusa on my thigh by Mitch Anderson of Black Thumb in Salt Lake City. I get asked about it at least once every shift. WHAT’S TH E STRANGE STREQUE ST YOU’VE GOTTEN FROM A CUSTOMER? I’ve had people ask if they can buy the shirt that I’m wearing. WE H EAR YOU HAVE…

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house stark music

Irving Plaza is pulsating with house music. Every half-second the strobing lights induces the experience of being in an a vacuum with the amazing sound and then illuminates the crowd to reveal a wave of revellers being controlled by an enormous man on the decks. The New York City party set, well accustomed to writhing with international stars, take the chant of local hero Jay-Z: “Ho-va! Ho-va!” and flip it for today’s host: “Ho-dor! Ho-dor!” Yes, the man who plays Hodor on Game of Thrones is a house DJ and, yes, he is tattooed. While Hodor is known as a man of few words (well, just one word to be exact, if you don’t have HBO the only thing the character says is his own name, just google “Hodor” right now and…