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Inked October 2017

Inked magazine covers pop culture and music for people that enjoy Tattoo art or have Tattoo designs on their bodies. Each issue has interviews with popular celebrities and the tattoo artists who decorate their bodies. There are tons of photos to inspire your next work of body art.

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I’m often asked what my favorite Inked shoot has been and I never had a clear answer until this month with The Dazzling Dozen. These vivacious ladies have scars from breast cancer, both physical (though those are now mostly covered by tattoos) and emotional, which they share with us in hopes that it helps someone going through a tough time. During the shoot with the incomparable Sophy Holland (1) and her team, we all laughed, cried and hugged—it was truly a dynamic group. Y es, I cried. I’m not ashamed to say I cry during touching moments, like weddings and the end of Rudy. I got emotional just going through e-mails from brave and fabulous women who wanted to be part of this project. Some couldn’t make it to New…

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MANDA LOVE IN YOUR LAP. I LOVE YOU GUYS AND LOVE YOUR POSITIVITY TOWARDS ME! So wrote Manada Love upon receiving last month's Inked featuring herself and Nikki Nichole in bed. We by chance met Manda in Miami a few months ago during a model casting. We dug her vibe, shot her that day, and then the next with Nikki. People often ask us where we find our models, and the answer is everywhere. If you think you have what it takes to sparkle on the pages of Inked send your photos to, look out for our open calls and if you are coming through NYC, you can make an appointment to drop by our offices through that e-mail. We'd love to meet you! facebook MANDA LOVE Carl Smith Absolutely gorgeous. Ryan Caneforlyfe…

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my favorite ink

Jessica Jane Williams My favorite tattoo is hard to choose but I’d have to say my shin piece. It’s gory and stands out a bit from my other tattoos. I feel like it expresses a part of myself I don’t share with everyone, it brings out the badassery in me. My grandma really dislikes it, when she asked me why I got it, I told her to challenge society! Hajnalka Gyurgyovics of Newport Tattoo in Costa Mesa did the piece and has done probably 90% of my tattoos. I bring Hajnalka concepts and her creativity runs with the idea to grow the piece. The concept originally came from a Traditional piece I had seen. Hajnalka found images of a hand, a knife and a mouth and put them together to create a realistic…

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make new york colorful again

New York City may never sleep but in the evening it does get a lot darker. In certain spots in the city, when small business owners close up shop for the day, their last act is to reach up and bring down their roll-down security gates. With the squeal of metal gears and a thunderous impact with the city sidewalk, beautiful storefronts are shut off from the public. The vibrant streets of Gotham now look like cold corridors of corrugated metal. In 2014, artist and skater Billy Rohan grew tired of the drabness and came up with the idea to bring legal street art to the gates. He met the good folks at Lower East Side Partnership and they gathered the funding and organization to launch the 100 Gates Project. The group…

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kayte rae

PLEASE TELL US HOW YOUR COLLECTION OF BACK TATTOOS CAME TO BE? My back tattoos began with "Lust" written in script on the top of my back. When my roommates and I were younger we all decided to get "matching" tattoos of our sins. The artwork below came later but also symbolizes lust as it's main theme: a Siren creating chaos in the ocean but still longing for love of her own. WHAT'S "PRETTY POISON" MEAN? It was a nickname I was given, also one of my first tattoos. It still kind of sticks with the general theme of lust and me being something that's beautiful but will damage you in the long run. WHAT DO YOU DO MORE OFTEN: CHANGE YOUR HAIR COLOR OR GET A NEW TATTOO? That's definitely a…

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the dazzling dozen

MYLEE CÁRDENAS Los Angeles, 3 years cancer-free “I’m actually grateful that I went through this because I get to share my experience. I get to help empower women to be aware and be a part of their treatment.” JENNIFER JAYE New York City, 6 years cancer-free “I picked up surfing. I’m kicking ass with ice climbing. If I die in some extreme sporting event, my last thought will be, ‘Oh, thank god cancer didn’t get me!’” KAT VAN WINKLE Heath, Ohio, 1 year cancer-free “I work for a school, and there were 400 kids who needed to see this wasn’t a death sentence. I wanted to be that advocate, that strong person.” JEN HEARN Middletown, DE, 3 years cancer-free “My husband and I have been together since we were teenagers, so I knew he loved me, but I stopped loving myself…