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Inked September 2017

Inked magazine covers pop culture and music for people that enjoy Tattoo art or have Tattoo designs on their bodies. Each issue has interviews with popular celebrities and the tattoo artists who decorate their bodies. There are tons of photos to inspire your next work of body art.

United States
Pinchazo Publishing Group, LLC
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When I wake up in the morning the first thing I think about is you. Y es, you dear reader. By purchasing Inked, reading our website and following us on social media you have kept this marvelous media thriving, so I want to ensure that our content always serves your desires. The second thing I think about is coffee. I need coffee. And the third is our story subjects. The pride of Inked has been our ability to shed light on incredible tattoo artists, celebrities, brands and models for a decade. You have been wonderful enough to also endorse three of these by getting tattooed by artists we’ve featured, supporting our celebrities’ projects and buying products from Even though models routinely feature on the cover of the magazine, those poor…

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THIS IS WHAT A STRONG, BEAUTIFUL WOMAN LOOKS LIKE. Mikayla Salmons was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis at just two months old and as of press time the 18-year-old is fighting for her life. A few months ago she shot this photo for us and spoke of her bodyart. Tattoos "show more of who I am, that I am not just Cystic Fibrosis, I am Mikayla and I have likes, ideas and enjoy many things," she said. "[Getting tattooed] does take away the pain just for a little time that I have from this disease and it’s a pain I chose to go through. My first tattoo was ‘Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take but by the moments that take our breath away’ with a purple…

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third eye vision

I am staring at my computer screen looking through Alex Garant’s gallery and I’m feeling a little lightheaded “For me, it is about more than trying to paint something beautiful, I want my art to be an experience for the viewer,” Garant says. “I truly appreciate when people have a reaction to my works.” Her work plays with the eyes of her muses that she uses. A peak into her inventory of female portraits is dizzying; the way the colors mesh into each other and how each face is drawn with four or six eyes is rather disassociating. I am both repelled and drawn at the same time. “The reaction can be negative, positive, confusing or even for some, nauseating; it is irrelevant to some degree,” she says. “As long as people feel…

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uptown girl

HOW WOULD YOU DESCRIBE BONDURANTS? Bondurants is a neighborhood craft beer and bourbon bar. We've poured almost 3,000 different beers so far and we have over 200 American whiskies. We do have awesome food that's all made in-house—some in our smoker!—and I guess it's got a bit of a Southern accent. Don't get me started on the ranch, what I consider the nectar of the gods. IS THERE A TATTOO SCENE ON THE UPPER EAST SIDE? The only scene I come across is a stroller gang. There are so many babies everywhere! WHAT DO PEOPLE THINK OF YOUR TATTOOS? Besides the ones that think I'm going to rob them? Most don't care but love my work. WHAT MADE YOU DECIDE TO GET SCARIFICATION? Scars are beautiful to me, they tell a story, no…

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live every day like it's hump day

What is your idea of perfect happiness? I'm a simple gal. My idea of perfect happiness is getting home from a long day of work, taking all my clothes off, and eating a gallon of ice cream in front of my television. What is your most marked characteristic? I'd have to say that it's a close call between my goofy personality and the fact that I have only watercolor tattoos. What do you consider your greatest achievement? My greatest accomplishment would be changing the direction my life was headed, when I was young. I was following the footsteps of my parents;, which was prison. With the help of boxing, I learned self-control and had a healthy way of relieving stress. What is your greatest fear? I have crazy anxiety when I'm driving and I see pedestrians walking…

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We All Float Down Here! Those with coulrophobia (that’s the fancy word for “fear of clowns”) may want to steer clear of this fright flick. Based on one of Stephen King’s most popular horror novels, IT is set in Derry, Maine, a town that is plagued by a shapeshifting, child-eating demon whose favorite form is a sinister, balloon-loving clown named Pennywise (the story pre-dates the "Bro Hymn" band). Pennywise was famously played to creepy perfection by Tim Curry in a 1990 TV movie. If you never thought that performance couldn’t be topped, think again. This time, Bill Skarsgård (Hemlock Grove) plays the titular role and if you’ve seen the spine-tingly trailer, his interpretation is the stuff of pure nightmares —Gil Macias RED ALL OVER Yes, yes, yes! If there is such a thing as…