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Inked September - October 2015

Inked magazine covers pop culture and music for people that enjoy Tattoo art or have Tattoo designs on their bodies. Each issue has interviews with popular celebrities and the tattoo artists who decorate their bodies. There are tons of photos to inspire your next work of body art.

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I was a weird kid. I bet you were a weird kid. I think every kid feels weird in some way. When we were younger (and even now) we had certain feelings that don’t seem normal, and instead of asking about or expressing them, we kept them to ourselves which made us feel weird—or worse—shameful. These feelings could have been sexual or societial or religious or even the odd preference for orange Starburst. That’s how we can all empathize with Caitlyn Jenner’s turmoil before her coming out party. Regardless of your view on other people’s sexuality (I’m not talking binoculars) you have to admit that we are all better off when we are free to express ourselves. This issue is a celebration of free thought and sex. You’ll hear from…

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SHOW US YOUR INKEDNothing gives us more of a kick than seeing your photos with our magazine. From a printing plant in Minnesota, Inked is sent out to the four corners of the world so we love to see who takes us home. Got a picture of you reading Inked at work? Send it in. Did you use some photos from Inked to decorate your tattoo shop? Put that up on Instagram and tag us. Did you use our pages to line your ferrets’ cage? E-mail that to me at If you send me a photo of you reading on the toliet, you better be cute. The above is the last issue’s cover girl DJ Megan Daniels who either has longer arms than when we shot her, a selfie…

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my favorite ink: nikki nichole

Don’t let the high heels rope-a-dope you, model and stripper Nikki Nichole would prefer to sport boxing shoes. In fact, Nikki, the former pugilist’s favorite tattoo is the Boxer’s Prayer on her left thigh. It reads: “I ask you not for victory for somehow that seems wrong, but only for protection and courage to be strong, strength not to concur but just that I fight well, and prove myself a sportsman at the final bell. I ask you Christ of suffering that should I suffer pain, I’ll offer it for all my sins so that it won’t be vain, and if perhaps he cuts me and the bright red blood I see, I ask that I remember the blood you shed for me.” When she was younger, Nikki had a…

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Pokras Lampas St . Petersburg, Russia Odd characters envelope the nude model. The long strokes look like those belonging to Leonardo da Vinci had he lived further east. But it’s not the cryptic code of the Renaissance Man but that of Russian calligraffiti writer Pokras Lampas. Inspired by typographic visual masterpieces of Niels Shoe Meulman, Lampas started to write modern gothic calligraphy letters on the streets of Moscow. Then two years ago he started writing on girls. “I was always was interested in different kinds of handwriting: tags, calligraffiti, tattoo fonts and some kind of typography experiments,” Lampas says. “Now I’m trying to achieve new rules, shapes, compositions and alphabets.” For those who aren’t fluent in Lampas, that doesn’t necessarily mean you don’t get his art. “My works are really difficult to read, I’m…

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featured entertainer

IS YOUR JOB REWARDING? It’s amazing. I get to travel to new places and I’m always meeting new people. I am grateful that this many people want to see me naked! WHAT GOES THROUGH YOUR HEAD WHILE YOU DANCE? It depends on the routine. I have one where I start in a straight jacket and I’m a sex crazed maniac so I think very dirty thoughts—it’s very sexual. I also have a techno routine in which one song talks about being the person’s ecstasy and that’s a very sexual song to me, so I think about dirty sex. During my upbeat stuff like Michael Jackson and country I just try to keep the crowd energy up and it keeps me hyped up. DO YOU HAVE A SIGNATURE MOVE? Everyone notices my big boobs so I…

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nick hawk

Nick Hawk is a gigolo. “Lucky guy,” you say. Well, yes, but the dude has put in work. No man is born a gentleman-stud; his attitude, determination and positive outlook have molded him into the man that women pay to date. Before the California girls started throwing money at him for his companionship he was just a kid working on a farm in Wisconsin. His work ethic made him excel in the high school sporting arena and then in college, but the humble hunk ran out of tuition funds. He joined the Air Force and used his time served to take advantage of the GI Bill and go back to school. He stripped to pay the bills and during his last year of schooling he founded Explicit Strippers which has since…