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Inked September - October 2016

Inked magazine covers pop culture and music for people that enjoy Tattoo art or have Tattoo designs on their bodies. Each issue has interviews with popular celebrities and the tattoo artists who decorate their bodies. There are tons of photos to inspire your next work of body art.

United States
Pinchazo Publishing Group, LLC
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inkwell mail

As an editor of a tattoo lifestyle magazine, people are constantly coming up to me and rolling up their pant leg or pulling down their shirt and saying, “Check out my awesome new piece!” Most of those tattoos are iffy, so to spare their feelings I’ve practiced the rote response of, “Hey, good for you,” followed by a stoic expression. It’s called “resting niche face.” You probably have worked on your own knee-jerk expression if you work at a tattoo shop. If you don’t work in our field or a specialty with subjectivity, think of the face you make when someone shows you an ugly baby. No, Laura, not all babies are cute! Why are there so many bad tattoos out there? We at Inked think it’s a matter of education and dissemination.…

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my favorite ink

“With tattoos I never feel naked,” says this girl named Eric Liyah Kane. She’s a 29 year-old international cover model from Poland who is covered in tattoos. She didn’t go under the needle until she was 22 years-old, the first was a piece with wings on her back that she now believes needs to be freshened up with new ink and a new meaning—any takers for a cover-up job? Her favorite tattoo is the big, badass wolf done by Amber Jane, a fresh talent in the tattoo world who is adept at black and dot work tattoos. The wolf took 10 hours to complete and is named Augustus. Eric’s real-life lupine companion is actually a Shih Tzu named Tesla, after the “father of electricity” Nikola Telsa. Yes, there’s a beautiful mind…

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stroke of genius

While there are posh gallery shows and even museum installations of tattoo art, our main medium of skin is still not generally accepted into the fine art community. You can debate whether that is a good thing, but what can’t be disputed is that most fine artists struggle when trying to paint tattoos. Not Chris Guest. The UK-based artist depicts tattoos better than most any oil painter in the world Guest admits that he is not exactly sure why skin art is part of his muse. “I’ve been interested in tattoos for such a long time, and I liked the challenge of trying to make tattoos look good with oil paint,” he says. “I did try a few landscapes, abstracts, random things like that, but would soon get bored and would always…

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ME E T T H E P I P ING HOT P INK PA N T HER Z E SP RE S SO BIK INI B A R I S TA J E N A E ’ KOS K I WHAT IS I T L I KE WORKING IN LINGERI E? It’s different…but it is fun because you get to dress cute. WHEN YO U H EAD O UT TO WORK , DO YOU JUST G ET I NTO YOUR CAR IN LINGERI E O R D O YOU D I S R O B E UPON AR R IVING AT WORK? Typically I would leave the house in sweats and a sweatshirt and change once I get to work. HOW MUCH CAN A CUSTOME R S E E? The custumers can see from headto-toe, unless…

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drinking games

Hochstadter’s Slow & Low. The first whiskey in a can is actually an incredible rye. Add to lemon/lime soda for a “Rickey Williams” Bailey’s Irish Cream Basically a sweetened creamer with booze Add to coffee for a “Fighting Irish Coffee” Ron Abuelo Anejo Rum All-plastic bottle in case of metal detectors Add to lemonade for a “Ron Mexico” Suntory Hakushu 12 Year-Old For exciting games, make it Suntory game. Add to ginger ale for an “Andy Dalton” Captain Morgan Spiced Rum The least assertive spiced rum— and that’s a good thing. Add to cola, obviously, for a “Tom Tupa Libre” Woodford Reserve Bourbon Can you tell we like whiskey? Add to Dippin Dots and root beer for the “Annexation of Puerto Rico”…

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bibbidi bobbidi boo

JWoww is now a wife, a mother of two, a businesswoman and continues to be a personality while looking more stunning than ever before. Jenni Farley flaunts her new sexy Millennial Mom bod and debuts her new Disney-themed tattoo exclusively across these pages. by rocky rakovic | photos by kareem black stylied by stephen cucci + darius baptist | hair by joei fox | makeup by kathryn bee It’s a tale that’s old as time. A little girl is raised on Disney films but when she grows up and leaves the comfort of Neverland she finds out that there is no Prince Charming, nor do we even live in a feudal society that allows for royal titles, painting with all the colors of the wind is only possible while on psychedelics and you…