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International Traveller December 2017 - February 2018

Turn your dreams into reality, with International traveller you will be guided to the most irresistible destinations in the world. Whether you're after an adventure, or a luxury escape this magazine has got you covered

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editor’s letter

Ican’t believe how quickly our annual bumper Reasons to Travel›issue has come around again, but its arrival is always welcome here in the office. While magazines are in the business›of tracking what readers are thinking, liking and dreaming of, this›issue is about predicting the next big thing, whether it’s destinations that we think are ripe for discovery (check out our 2018 Hot List starting on page 114, the new European hot spots to plan for on page 92, or the intriguing Mallorca, Oman and Greenland, pages 86, 134 and 142 respectively), how you will be consuming your travel (anyone for a starter cruise? – page 36) or simply the latest hotel openings, travel books, and newly minted sights that are going to get you off the couch and on the…

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WOULD YOU PAY $30,000 TO›GET UTTERLY LOST? IF YOUR IDEA OF A GREAT TIME IS BEING CAST ADRIFT IN A RANDOM, REMOTE LOCATION HAVING TO ESCAPE BACK TO REALITY YOURSELF, THEN MASOCHISTS REJOICE, THERE’S A TRAVEL COMPANY DEDICATED TO HELPING YOU… AT A COST. SEARCH: ‘PURPOSELY LOST’ THE LONDON RESTAURANTS YOU NEED TO BE EATING AT Landing in London, your first thought – after a pint at a classic pub – is to hit the hottest bars and restaurants in town. But how to keep up? With our up-to-date hit list, of course. SEARCH: ‘LONDON’ IT’S TIME TO SHELVE THE HAVAIANAS, PEOPLE The era of the rubber flip-flop is at an end (except at/on the beach, of course), so up your shoe game with these beauties that are also conveniently svelte for packing in your suitcase. SEARCH: ‘SANDALS’ COBBLED›STREET…

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pitch perfect

California’s Big Sur is renowned for its sublime natural wonders, so why would you want to cosset yourself away from them behind four walls? At Ventana Big Sur’s new Redwood Canyon Glampsites (part of the sublime Alila Hotels and Resorts roster), there’s nothing between you and the great outdoors but canvas and some rustic-chic inclusions. But when mod-cons are required, they are close at hand: Ventana’s more traditional lodgings nearby offer up an Alila spa, pool, fitness centre and Social House. alilahotels.com…

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the lowdown

A TALE OF TWO CITIES Marrakech and Paris were where the designer Yves Saint Laurent thrived. Paris was the creative epicentre of his career, his fame and legend, while Marrakech was the place where he found respite and repose. Now, two new museums have opened their doors in these divergent cities in celebration of the man and his craft. The Musée Yves Saint Laurent Marrakech (museeyslmarrakech.com), located on the Rue Yves Saint Laurent (just a stone’s throw from the Majorelle Garden – the vivid blue Cubist villa and sprawling gardens created by painter Jacques Majorelle in the 1930s and acquired by Saint Laurent and his partner Pierre Bergé), is a low-slung terracotta building with Cubist tendencies of its own. Created by French architectural firm Studio KO, headed by Karl Fournier and Olivier…

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what you need to know about the louvre abu dhabi

• Back in 2007 when the ambitious joint project between Abu Dhabi and France was first announced, the original opening date for the Louvre Abu Dhabi was slated for 2012. Various factors, from labour issues to global oil prices to the economy, caused the date to be revised to 2015, then 2016 before it finally opened to the public on 11 November, 2017. • To make the Louvre Abu Dhabi a reality $ 525 million was spent to use the Louvre name for 30 years, $ 984 million to rent the artworks on show and a paltry $ 141 million for the build itself. • A staggering 55 detached buildings, all of which appear to float on water (much like the islands that make up Abu Dhabi), make up the sprawling Louvre…

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souq shopping 101

• Do your research – many cities have several souqs and markets to shop at specialising in different things, from wet markets to flea markets to gold markets. Decide what you want to buy before setting out so you don’t waste time browsing fresh fish when you actually want to buy a carpet. • Leave your credit card in the hotel safe – cash is king when it comes to markets so make sure you have plenty of it in small denominations. • Have a look around – don’t be tempted to buy the first thing you see; do a walk through and make a mental note of the places you want to return to. • Drive a hard bargain – haggling is one of the best parts of shopping in souqs and…