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Issue 77

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In this issue of iPad User we’ve decided to take a look at all the great software you can get for you iPad that won’t cost you a thing. You’ve already paid quite a bit to get an iPad, so the news that there are so many excellent, and free, apps is a very welcome thing. Of course, discoverability is a problem with iPad apps - it’s hard to know which ones to go for. So, we’ve put together a guide to 32 of the best free iPad apps. These are the ones we use every day and we think you should too. Of course, if you’re feeling flush with cash after the holiday season then now is the perfect time to buy an iPad. Check out our buying guide on page…

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the best free apps for your ipad (and your other devices)

Many of the best-loved apps on our devices haven’t cost us a penny. They make our iPads work the way we want them to, make the internet considerably less annoying, protect our privacy, guide us through projects, and help us create all kinds of things. They provide hours of entertainment, help preserve our old home videos and introduce us to people, publications and podcasts from around the world. The apps that you’ll discover over the next few pages aren’t ‘freemium’, where the free version of the app isn’t really usable without in-app purchases or subscriptions. Instead, most are free as in free as in genuinely gratis, or are funded by unobtrusive advertising, and the ones that do have paid-for versions are still useful in their own right. So, let’s get on with…

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music, games & entertainment

GarageBand From apple.com/uk Available on Mac, iOS, iPadOS GarageBand is an extraordinary app for making all kinds of music and other audio. And for many musicians and podcasters it’s all the software you could ever need. It’s essentially a friendlier, simpler version of the mighty Logic Pro X, and its selection of auto-playing instruments means you don’t have to know how to play in order to make something magical. It also includes some superb artist lessons to help inspire you. Spotify From spotify.com Available on Mac, iOS, iPadOS, watchOS If you don’t already have a streaming music subscription then Spotify offers a very good experience without too many adverts. You don’t get Spotify Connect, Spotify Radio or the highest quality audio on the free tier so this isn’t one for your AirPods Max, but you can…

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news, weather & sports

Yahoo Weather From mobile.yahoo.com/weather Available on iOS, iPadOS Apple’s own weather app had a huge update on iPhone recently; on iPad the weather widget takes you to weather.com. Yahoo’s weather app remains one of our favourites with hourly and long-range forecasts, all kinds of info and some nice location-aware photos too. An Otter RSS Reader From anotterrss.com Available on Mac, iOS, iPadOS Promising to be ‘the most okayest and minimalist RSS reader on iOS and macOS’, this is a simpler, more visually appealing alternative to the likes of NetNewsWire for RSS feeds. You don’t get the power-user features of rival readers, but An Otter does the basics brilliantly. NetNewsWire From netnewswire.com Available on Mac, iOS, iPadOS NetNewsWire does for reading what Overcast does for podcasts. It enables you to subscribe to RSS feeds from your favourite sites (we use the free…

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business & finance

Pages, Numbers and Keynote From apple.com/uk Available on Mac, iOS, iPadOS Chances are the best office apps for you are already on your device. The recently updated Pages, Numbers and Keynote apps are Microsoft Office compatible (including change tracking and comments in Word documents) but do their thing with a distinctly Apple sensibility. Pages doubles as a pretty great desktop publishing program, the mobile versions are fantastic and fast, and the apps all integrate brilliantly with your Photos library too. Spark From sparkmailapp.com Available on Mac, iOS, iPadOS Spark is like the standard Mail app with superpowers. It offers a smart inbox and smart search, email snoozing and mail templates, shared composition, email scheduling, follow-up reminders and excellent notifications. The free version has up to 5GB of shared file storage and five email templates (you’re limited…

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education & reference

Khan Academy From khanacademy.org Available on iOS, iPadOS The Khan Academy is a nonprofit organisation dedicated to providing free, world-class education to anybody anywhere, and its app is packed with knowledge. Although it’s a little US-focused the information here is universal, and it’s particularly strong on maths and science topics. Sumdog From sumdog.com Available on iOS, iPadOS If your child is attending a UK primary school, you should be able to get this excellent educational app for free – each school has a login code. It’s a bright, friendly and fun collection of game-style tasks that are more fun than anything in a textbook. Duolingo From duolingo.com Available on iOS, iPadOS, iMessage Duolingo can help you to learn new languages or brush up on the ones you already know. It’s a friendly and charming way to broaden your vocabulary…