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iPad User Magazine is the complete companion guide for owners of any iPad model, including the new iPad mini. Published every six weeks you’ll be kept up-to-date with the latest things to do on your iPad.

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When the iPad first launched, we really had no idea how far it could go. Apple made sure to include the iWork apps (Pages, Numbers and Keynote) to show that it could be a serious work machine, but it took other app developers to show that it could be a powerful creative tool too (musicians were maybe the first to really unlock its powers). Now we’re at a point where we can offer you the chance to upgrade your iPad skills across a range of creative and productive endeavours, using versions of apps that are every bit as powerful as desktop equivalents, and often even more ingenious. We’ve got tips to make your spreadsheets look more professional (or fun) using capabilities you may not realise Numbers has; and similarly we’ll show…

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tame siri and search

IT WILL TAKE 10 minutes YOU WILL LEARN Ways to use Siri & Search to improve your iPhone and iPad experience YOU’LL NEED An iOS 12 device Genius tip! To avoid other people getting up to mischief with your device, think about turning off Allow Siri When Locked in Settings > Siri & Search. With the introduction of iOS 12 came a bunch of improvements and customisations for Siri & Search that improve your iPad and iPhone’s helpfulness. After using iOS 12 for a while, it’ll suggest actions on the Lock screen when you wake your device. Those are the result of on-device intelligence that learns about your usage – not just of Apple’s own software, but third-party apps too. If an app has been updated to work with this, suggestions may be very specific, such as ‘Show my…

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how to tailor siri and search to you

1 Siri is clever! Siri’s on-device intelligence learns from what you do with the apps on your iOS device. It uses that info to suggest things you might want to do based on observations of past regular behaviours, such as at a particular location or time. 2 Rein things in In Settings > Siri & Search, under Siri Suggestions are three switches you can turn off to prevent suggestions appearing on: the Lock screen; in search results (at the Home screen or Today view); and when you select text and tap Look Up. 3 App-specific choices Lower down, tap an app to refine its Siri integration. The first item enables info from the app to appear in Search’s results, Look Up, on the Lock screen, and in keyboard’s suggestions. Turn it off if you never…

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keep your kids safe online

1 Guided Access For a quick safe fix, use Guided Access to share your iPhone or iPad with your kids safely. 2 Screen Time This feature enables you to restrict access to apps and provides a breakdown of activity time. 3 App Limits Here you can choose which apps your child can access, plus how long they can spend on them each day. 4 Content & Privacy Use settings in this section to prevent access to a range of unsuitable content. IT WILL TAKE 30 minutes YOU WILL LEARN How to keep children safe when using an iPad or iPhone YOU’LL NEED An iOS 12 device There’s a variety of options to restrict what your kids can do in iOS The shining eyes of an inquisitive child are a wonder to behold. A marvel when a youngster is finding a recipe for silly putty, but…

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how to set child-friendly restrictions

1 Stick to one app If you want your child to access one app safely, go to Settings > General > Accessibility > Guided Access. This feature keeps the iOS device locked into a single app. It can only be overridden using a passcode or Touch/Face ID. 2 Broader restrictions The first stop for extra safety is in Settings > Screen Time. From here, you can set which apps can be accessed (Always Allowed) and set time limits for them (App Limits). You’ll be able to see a summary of activities on the device. 3 Limit content by age In Content and Privacy Restrictions > Content Restrictions, you can prevent access to age-inappropriate content from Apple’s stores. Web content plus Siri’s web searches and explicit language can also be restricted. 4 A router’s admin page If your…

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animate objects in keynote

IT WILL TAKE 20 minutes YOU WILL LEARN How to animate objects along a path and add transitions YOU’LL NEED iOS 12, Keynote Genius tip! If two simultaneous animations (like move and scale) don’t feel like they’re in sync, tap each action to check its duration (speed) and acceleration settings. At the end of March, Apple issued updates to the iWork apps – Pages, Numbers and Keynote – that brought new features. In Keynote, these begin to explore the possibilities of the touch interface for designing slides from scratch with creative animations and transitions. The contextual menu that appears when you tap on any object on a slide includes an Animate option. Tap this and you can add a build-in transition, a build-out transition, and a variety of actions in between. These all apply to the individual object, independent…