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iPad User Magazine is the complete companion guide for owners of any iPad model, including the new iPad mini. Published every six weeks you’ll be kept up-to-date with the latest things to do on your iPad.

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One of the biggest unsung heroes of making Apple devices easy to use is iCloud. The invisible syncing of your photos, your settings, your documents, your calendar, your music, your apps, your backups… it all provides a quiet level of peace of mind that really can’t be underestimated. A lot of what iCloud does is enabled without effort, and you won’t need to ever think about it. But there are some useful extra things to know about it, so you can do a bit more if you want to – that’s what our in-depth guide starting from page 4 is all about. My favourite app we’re featuring this issue is Lambus, which is a collaborative way to plan a holiday. You can specify locations (and things to do there), dates, store information…

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icloud superguide

First they called it iTools. Then it was MobileMe. Apple’s online sync, storage and services platform has a long and, let’s say interesting history. It was MobileMe of which Steve Jobs famously asked a room full of engineers: “Can anyone tell me what this is supposed to do?” And after waiting patiently for them to explain, shot back: ‘So why the **** doesn’t it do that?’ Well, now it’s iCloud. And it does that. As well as a bunch of other things. So many things, in fact, that you might overlook a few. In this article, we’ll outline the most important features and show you how to get them working. We’ll clear up a few misconceptions, and unearth a few elements that ended up in places you might not guess. All…

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your photos, everywhere!

Taking photos is easy; finding them later is hard. iCloud solves it by keeping all the photos you take on any of your Apple devices and syncing them to the others. So you can show off the pictures you’ve taken with your iPhone on your iPad, Mac or Apple TV. Albums you create appear everywhere with the same photos in them. You can share photos around your family, too. When iCloud Photos (previously iCloud Photo Library) is activated on a device, every item added to All Photos – primarily by shooting stills or video in the Camera app – is copied to iCloud. This happens immediately if the device is online, or next time it connects. The copies sync to all your other devices with iCloud Photos on. Equally, when you…

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icloud drive

Another string to the iCloud bow is Cloud Drive – an all-purpose file repository within your iCloud storage. Every relevant app has its own folder there to store documents, and you can add folders of your own. Your iCloud Drive appears in macOS, when ticked in System Preferences > iCloud, as a sidebar item in Finder windows, under Favourites. In iOS, when turned on in iCloud after opening Settings and tapping your name, it’s accessed through the Files app. You’ll see the same folder structure everywhere, with the same files synced. As with photos, ‘synced’ by default means the files are stored on Apple’s servers and copies are automatically downloaded to each device’s own storage. Storage options But there may not be room on your devices for copies of all the files you have…

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how to manage your files in icloud drive

1 View Files in iOS The Files app is part of iOS. Tap Recents at the bottom to see recently used items, or tap Browse, then iCloud Drive to see the folder structure. You can tap the top right icon to switch between list and icon views. 2 Check iCloud space from iOS There’s no file size info within the Files app. To see how much iCloud storage is being used by Drive, open Settings, tap your name, tap iCloud, then Manage Storage. Tap iCloud Drive for more info. 3 Download optimised files Documents in Files show a cloud symbol when stored in iCloud but not on your device. For offline access, long-press the file, tap Move and pick On My iPad (or tap Duplicate, then move the copy).…

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family sharing

Everything in your iCloud is managed through your Apple ID, a one-to-one system that doesn’t always make sense for households. So Apple lets you link users – up to a total of six – to access your purchases and subscriptions and share photos and calendars, while still having your own logins and private files. One person has to be the ‘family organiser’: purchases go on their payment method, and they‘ll be in charge of settings for the whole family. You can choose which iCloud features to share, and the rest work as normal. All your iCloud Drives and backups can share one iCloud storage plan, so you only pay one monthly fee for extra capacity. If you use Apple Music, sharing requires a Family subscription which costs £14.99 per month to…