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Timely and always star-worthy, J-14 covers celebrity news like no other teen title. From up-to-the-minute breaking news and star style standouts to who's dating who and must-watch entertainment, J-14 is THE all access destination for teens with a passion for pop culture.

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who’s that girl?

Gabby isn’t only the best babysitter in the galaxy — she’s also the best dressed. Here’s how you can grab style inspo from her wardrobe! CUSTOMIZE IT! Grab that old hoodie you have lying around and turn it into something new. All you need is an iron-on patch with your initial. New hoodie, who dis? MAKE IT RETRO! Gabby’s closet is full of ’90s-inspired pieces, like this totally Fresh Prince look. Load up on things like overalls, colorful kicks and graphic prints — vintage shops are a great spot for one-of-a-kind finds! BORROW FROM THE BOYS! If you’re going back-to-school shopping, consider checking out the boys’ section for things like long sleeve shirts, sweaters and beanies! LAYER UP! Don’t pack away your crop tops just yet. Instead, tuck a brightly-colored cami into your jeans and pop the crop…

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shawn & camila’s journey to love

They say the best relationships start off as friendships, and Camila Cabello and Shawn Mendes couldn’t agree more with that statement! After years of friendship, the two have decided to give love a shot. And while their status as a couple is relatively new, there’s no doubt that they are each other’s perfect match. From bonding over Harry Potter to writing chart-topping hits together and helping each other figure out the ups and downs of being in the spotlight, Camila and Shawn have been there for each other every step of the way. But realizing that they were actually each other’s dream boyfriend and girlfriend wasn’t something they ever saw coming. “I THOUGHT SHE WAS CRAZY!” Believe it or not, Camila says when they first met while on tour in 2014, Shawn…

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all the news thats buzzing! only in j-14

Ava’s REACHING NEW HEIGHTS IN HER ACTING DEBUT! Feeling like you stand out for all the wrong reasons is tough. So when six-foot-tall Jodi (Ava Michelle) starts high school, she isn’t exactly comfortable having all eyes on her. However, when a cute and even taller exchange student (Luke Eisner) enrolls in her class, she thinks things may start looking ... well, up. Check out what Ava told us about her new Netflix flick, Tall Girl, before it comes out! J-14: We always loved you on Dance Moms! Has it been a dream of yours to act since then? AM: Aww, thanks! Yeah, I’ve always wanted to act. Being able to step into someone else’s shoes, live in their circumstances and tell a story like this, is one the most rewarding and enjoyable things…

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j-14 takes you b-t-s!

“Griffin Gluck plays Jack,” Ava explains. “He’s always looking after Jodi even when she is not looking out for herself. He is the true friend that I hope everyone can find.” “Sabrina Carpenter is actually my older sister in the film,” Ava reveals. “She is truly like a sister to me ... just half my size.” “I wish I could tell my character to stand tall and embrace what makes her different,” Ava says. “I am so lucky to have such an amazing cast,” Ava tells J-14. “We shot in New Orleans and went bowling, on ghost tours and ate a lot of great food!”…

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dolan twins romance report!

Does Grayson have a secret girlfriend? While everyone has been fixated on Ethma, Grayson has seemingly been enjoying the single life. But a few eagle-eyed fans have noticed a string of instances that tie him to model Elizabeth Seward. It all started when Elizabeth shared a Insta Story of roses from “bae” under the Eiffel Tower. Coincidentally, Grayson and Ethan were in Paris at that exact same time and even shared their own photos at the iconic location. But that’s not the only time that Elizabeth’s IG has linked up with the boys. Elizabeth and Emma also shared separate photos of themselves holding coffee from the same shop on the same day, leading many people to believe they were on a double date. Like Emma and Ethan, it seems like this…

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madelaine petsch opens up about her insecurities: “i was bullied because i looked different!” only in j-14

On Riverdale, Madelaine Petsch’s character, Cheryl Blossom, oozes confidence. The 25-year-old actress plays Cheryl with such ease that you’d think she’d be the exact same way IRL. But Madelaine reveals she was anything but confident when she was younger, and it actually took her years to feel secure with who she is. “There are some kids who are born with confidence,” Madelaine tells J-14. “I was not one of them.” “I WAS REALLY DIFFERENT FROM EVERYBODY ELSE” Madelaine says her insecurities started when she realized she didn’t look or act like her classmates. “I was one of two redheads in a small town with parents who are South African, raised plant-based and without religion so I was really different from everybody else,” Madelaine explains. Because she looked different than her peers, bullies…