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Timely and always star-worthy, J-14 covers celebrity news like no other teen title. From up-to-the-minute breaking news and star style standouts to who's dating who and must-watch entertainment, J-14 is THE all access destination for teens with a passion for pop culture.

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billie’s big plans!

2020 IS OFFICIALLY BILLIE EILISH’S YEAR. Fresh off of her five Grammy wins, she’s heading out on her Where Do We Go? World Tour, where she’ll travel to cities across the world through September. She’ll also debut her Apple TV+ documentary, set to give fans an inside look into her world. And, of course, there’s that second album! “I will be making it this year,” Billie teases. In fact, Billie and her brother Finneas have already been back to her bedroom studio (the same one she used to make her first album!) to record new tracks. “We’re deep into the creative process on new material, for sure,” Finneas says. “In album two, there are a lot of stories we felt we didn’t get to tell yet.” Just don’t expect any of…

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is it true?

DID ARIANA JUST BREAK UP WITH HER BEST FRIEND? It looks like Ariana Grande and her longtime bestie, Alexa Luria, have called it quits on their friendship! When a fan tweeted Ariana after noticing that she’d unfollowed Lexi on social media, Ari responded, “Sometimes people outgrow each other, no matter how much they love one another or how much history is there.” The news is heartbreaking to Arianators because the girls have been friends since they were 8 years old. Back in 2016, Ari even got a tattoo on her right thumb in honor of her friend. Plus, she has made Lexi a part of major moments in her career, including giving her a cameo on Victorious and roles in Ari’s music videos for “Break Free,” “thank u, next,” and “7…

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Grace ONLY SHINES IN HER ACTING DEBUT! Grace VanderWaal may be known for her music, but this March you can see her acting in her first-ever movie, Stargirl. Find out what she’s only telling us about her new role below! J-14: We’re so excited to see you in Stargirl! Can you tell J-14 readers what the movie is about? GV: Thanks! It’s based on the book by Jerry Spinelli. It’s about a boy who meets this free-spirited girl who’s new in town named Stargirl and they end up changing each other’s worlds. J-14: Did you find yourself relating to any of the situations she experiences in the story? GV: Yeah, I definitely could relate to her being quirky and weird and not fitting in. But what I love most about her is that what other…

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spring break!

AHH, spring break. A whole week where you can turn off your alarm, forget about homework and chill. But, without a schedule to keep you busy, it’s easy to find yourself wasting away your days doing a whole lot of nothing. Avoid those dreaded Sunday scaries and try our list of spring break must-dos! You’ll head back to school Monday morning feeling ready to take on the rest of the school year! EXPLORE YOUR AREA Grab your friends and do something you’ve never done in your town, like visiting an old shop you never go in or hanging out at a park you never go to. GIVE BACK Consider volunteering at a humane society or youth center. It’ll feel good and looks great on a college resume! DO A WEIRD ACTIVITY Think of something unusual you’ve…

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no date? no problem!

YES, YOU READ THAT RIGHT: You don’t need a date to have the time of your life at prom. Flying solo to the dance can (and will!) be just as much fun as going with a plus one, as long as you go into it with the right attitude. Here’s what you need to know to have a night you’ll remember forever! YOU WILL NOT BE THE ONLY SINGLE GIRL! We assure you that there will be other classmates at the prom who arrive sans date. Whether you’re close friends with them or not, knowing your not completely alone in your choice to go solo will make you feel less self-conscious. THERE ARE MEMORIES TO BE MADE ! If the only reason you’re not going to prom is because you don’t have someone to go…

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celebs who went to prom without a date!

OLIVIA HOLT Olivia flew home to Mississippi from California just to attend prom with her closest friends! “I’m blessed to have such an awesome group of friends to grow up with,” she says. SHAY MITCHELL Shay turned a potential nightmare into a great prom experience! “I was dating my first boyfriend in high school for a long time, and we broke up before prom,” she says. “I hadn’t met anyone else that I really wanted to go with, so I went with my friends!” CHINA ANNE MCCLAIN China brought her sister Lauryn with her as her date to prom! SELENA GOMEZ AND DEMI LOVATO Selena and Demi ditched their own movie premiere to crash a local high school’s prom together! “I finally had prom!” Selena said at the end of the night. JOANA CEDDIA Joana was actually promposed to…