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Kid Magazine June/July 2018

For mums who like style, pretty things and looking after themselves and their families. Kid Magazine is a place to discover all the latest and greatest products for the families, indulge in some me time and have a laugh along the way. Fashion, beauty, food and lifestyle finds, tips and hacks for mums.

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editor’s letter

My eldest is starting school next year. She has been asking me since the start of the year when she is starting big school and is always sitting down to write the alphabet or playing counting games in the car. I’m not concerned about her readiness. It’s me I worry about. Last week I announced to my girls that we were going to spend the afternoon in bed. I was over spending the whole day cleaning up after them and so we marched off to my bed with a few toys and that is where we stayed for the next few hours until my husband arrived home. It was absolute bliss. Just the three of us, chatting, playing and enjoying each other’s company. They weren’t pulling all of the plastics out of…

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shop the shoot

Long sleeve check shirt dress, $15, kmart.com.au; Wila faux fur knit vest, $44.99, cottononkids.com; Magnificent world of ABC – Food, $40, tigertribe.com.au Sonny jacket, $49.99, cottononkids.com Wild crew neck sweater in grey marle, $24.95, pumpkinpatch.com.au; Kids chambray pant, $34.95, www.bonds.com.au; Attipas Argyle in green, $44.95, attipas.com.au Pom pom trim long sleeve shirt in light grey, $16.95, pumpkinpatch.com.au; Pink pinafore, $19, kmart.com.au; Lulu puffer vest, $34.99, cottononkids.com; Attipas Ice Cream in pink, $39.95, attipas.com.au Be You print (unframed) from $29.95, fizzypopdesigns.com.au ; Kids Activity Table, $139.95, mocka.com.au; Officeworks ‘Learn and Grow Range’ currently available in store and online at officeworks.com.au/ learnandgrow Prickly Pete backpack, $59, www.kidstock.com.au;Metallic pink mini fashion backpack, $24.99 and Faux fur heart school backpack, $29.99, both cottononkids.com; Yoga Animalasana print (unframed), from $89.95, fizzypopdesigns.com.au Left: Pocket long sleeve tee in alpine green, $19.95, pumpkinpatch.com.au;…

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easy as abc

ABC matching eggs This is a good one for kids learning to recognise the matching upper and lower case letters. You will need 26 plastic eggs (they are usually available in craft stores around Easter or check eBay at other times of the year). Write the upper case letter on the top half of the egg and the lower case letter on the bottom half of the egg. Pull the two halves apart and then the task for your child is to match the correct halves together. You can also do this one with numbers. Write the number on the top half and then draw the corresponding number of dots on the bottom half. Post it alphabet This is another good activity for matching lower and upper case letters. Place 26 post it…

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plugged-in and ready to learn

Classrooms of today look very different to the classrooms of our childhood. Unlike our experiences of school with desks arranged in meticulous rows, a teacher who stood at the front of the classroom and imparted knowledge via blackboard, chalk and books, modern schools boast flexible learning spaces with ergonomic furniture, beanbags, breakout areas and even recording studios and ‘campfire areas’ for group brainstorming sessions. Dr Kristy Goodwin explains that these tech-heavy environments can actually be beneficial for student learning outcomes. Not only has the physical landscape changed, but so too have the technologies inside classrooms. Today’s classrooms are often equipped with computers, interactive whiteboards, tablet devices, laptop trolleys, headphones, microphones and programmable toys just to name a few. Whilst blackboards, books and overhead projectors remain in many classrooms, it’s the newer,…

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watch your language

School language programs have become increasingly popular in Australia over the past few years. Being such a multicultural nation, raising a bilingual child has many great benefits for children. Cultural appreciation, tolerance and not to mention future benefits if they enter the workforce with a second language under their belt. For parents who don’t speak a second language however, learning how to support your child learning another language at school can feel daunting. With these tips, you can support your child and maybe even learn a thing or two along the way! Take an interest in the language When your little one comes home singing songs or reciting those poems, ask about her class, ask her to show you the work she is doing at school and talk about what she learned. Really…

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active kids

Jo Franklin Centre Manager at Kingswim Dingley How long have you been teaching swimming? I have been teaching kids how to swim for 8 years What made you decide to become a swimming teacher? I was in a class with my six year old son and was approached by the teacher to ask if I would be interested in becoming a swim teacher. It wasn’t something I had ever thought of before but it was the best decision I have ever made. Other than the obvious benefit of learning to swim and keeping kids safe, what are the benefits of swimming lessons? Interacting with other children, being a part of something and really swimming is a skill your child will take with them for life. When a child is reluctant to get in the water and is visibly…