Kitchen Yearbook Vol. 25 2021

Kitchens have become one of the most important features of the home. Built for more than just cooking, kitchens are where we help kids with homework, sit and chat with friends over a coffee, watch a weather report or attempt to replicate favourite cooking show recipes, hence the need for the best appliances and accessories. Kitchen Yearbook provides the latest product news, trends and innovations currently on the market, with projects, products and showrooms featured in the magazine inspiring readers to consider renovating their existing kitchens. Plus there is the usual expert advice, cookbook reviews, and gossip from the interior design world.

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from the editor

Design choices for any room can be overwhelming, let alone the kitchen, so seeking advice from the talented pool of professionals Australia has to offer makes good sense. Not only will they help you to crystallise your design vision, they’ll stop you from falling over the cliffof analysis paralysis. Your design journey to a new kitchen should be fun, not fraught! As we do every year with Kitchen Yearbook, we’re bringing you the best we’ve got in a design showcase of temptingly tasteful kitchen projects to help you find your way to a rewarding renovation that will keep you satisfied for years to come. Should you want to ensure your new kitchen is eco-friendly and energy efficient, check out our handy article Power in the Kitchen on page 28. We take you…

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save the environment

Whether you’re cooking, eating or entertaining, kitchens are the centrepiece of every home. As sustainability becomes increasingly important, renovators are opting for materials and appliances that are more environmentally friendly. We unpack the different ways you and your kitchen can contribute to a greener and healthier planet. SLIM AND SLEEK If outdoor kitchens are your happy place, then durability is paramount. This sink mixer is made with 316 marine-grade stainless steel, providing superior corrosion resistance wherever harsh weather is present. Part of the Vivid Slimline collection, the long, smooth curves and slim lever handles combine sleek style with effortless functionality. 5-star WELS rating. Phoenix Vivid Slimline sink mixer.…

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water works

The sink is the unsung hero of your kitchen. It deals with everything from dirty dishes to helping you maintain a clean and hygienic environment. To stay water efficient, check your tapware and ensure it has a high WELS star rating. The most environmentally friendly ones are 4-6 stars. If you’re still using the 15L/min tap, it’s time for an upgrade! Replace this outdated model and you could save 11,000L of water per year. Here are some of our favourite options: EASY CLEANING There’s nothing wrong with getting messy in the kitchen, just make sure you clean up after yourself! This sink mixer gets the job done with its closed-coil spring-hose function. Simply pull it down to clean hard-to-reach surfaces and extra-dirty dishes. The spout also has a 360-degree swivel feature, enhancing…

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power to the kitchen

According to research by Your Home, kitchen appliances including fridges, cooktops and lighting account for 39 per cent of overall household energy use. That’s more than a quarter of energy use in the kitchen alone! To reduce the amount of greenhouse-gas emissions produced, determine which appliances you use the most then consider replacing them with eco-friendly options, such as LED lighting and energy-efficient stovetops. EYE-CATCHING CURVES For the style savvy, the Mercator Armstrong LED pendant is a top choice with dimmable functionality, meaning you can set the mood any way you like. Make it brighter for extra vibrancy or dim it down for more intimate mood lighting. Mercator Armstrong LED pendant. LUMINOUS LIGHTING LED lights have longer lifespans than their counterparts, which means lower carbon emissions. The elongated structure of this LED linear…

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go green

The most popular way to help the environment is by recycling and reusing materials where possible. It’s a great start, but we encourage you to think deeper to help Mother Nature thrive. Here are some other ideas to consider. FRESH FOR LONGER Shopping for organic produce is on the rise. The biggest problem is keeping it fresh for longer than a week. Cue The Swag — the world’s first and only nontoxic, sustainable, machine-washable, compostable, breathable food-storage and produce bag. Designed to keep fruit and vegetables fresh for more than two weeks, this nifty product utilises a patented three-way-action process to keep food fresh — it enhances hydration, promotes breathing and prolongs ethylene build-up. The Swag. USE HYBRID MATERIALS We love when brands get creative and Cosentino is definitely one of them. Last…

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gold-class food

CHLOE'S TOP-SIX PRODUCT PICKS “The innovative technologies and intelligent programs in the latest appliances mean that they take the guesswork out of cooking, so that anyone can feel confident to cook like a professional and achieve top culinary results at home,” says Chloe Skipp, national culinary manager at Winning Appliances. 1. AUTO ADJUST Preset oven functions can enhance your cooking from everyday meals to gourmet creations, such as V-ZUG’s combi-steam oven, which has 17 unique functions including BakeOmatic that recognises the size and shape of food to automatically adjust time and temperature, GourmetGuide to automatically carry out complex cooking techniques and Humid Hot Air for moist, succulent results. Combi-steam MSLQ built-in oven. 2. HOT AND STEAMY ASKO’s Elements five-in-one oven is also helpful in achieving great results. It is a combination of full steam…