Kitchens & Bathrooms Quarterly Issue #28.2 - July 2021

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from the editor

Colour, colour, colour! I’m a big fan of colour. We all know colour psychology is the study of colour as a determinant of human behaviour. It influences our perceptions, affecting everything from the taste of our food to our moods. Blue and green tones are known to soothe, while vibrant tones in red or orange can act as a stimulant and boost energy. It is for this reason that I’m so happy to see colour returning to kitchens and bathrooms. From bold tile choices to adventurous wall paints, coloured cabinetry and daring art selections, colour is creeping back into our spaces. Off setting a bold palette can be easily achieved with form and texture, making it less overwhelming. This could account for the influx of curves and timber we are seeing…

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what we love

If you want to share your new kitchen or bathroom with us, email or message us on social media — simply search for Kitchens & Bathrooms Quarterly. BIPOLAR CONTROLLED IONISATION Taking a cue for our European counterparts, the Mare E.ion rangehood from Falmec is part of the E.ion™ System collection. Utilising bipolar controlled ionisation, this patented technology acts in indoor spaces on all pollutants by purifying, sanitising and improving the environment. Perfect for creating that sustainable kitchen with style you always wanted. TO THE MANOR BORN Add a touch of elegance to your cabinetry with the Furnipart Manor collection from Nover. Available in matt black and antique brass, this detailed range of knobs and handles was created by designer Jakob Kamper. Elevated beyond the realm of contemporary industrial, the textural diamond pattern stamped…

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spotlight on sustainability

Caroma’s Elvire range showcases a beautiful selection of locally grown and sustainably sourced Tasmanian timbers. Every piece in the collection celebrates Australia’s natural environment, pairing Tasmanian oak and Tasmanian blackwood with luxurious finishes that will elevate any bathroom or kitchen. Discover how to do your part for the earth but still have a kitchen or bathroom that embodies luxury and elegance. These tips will help you keep sustainability front of mind without sacrificing your design desires. PLAN FOR THE PLANET Whether you’re planning a new build or an extensive renovation, look into using passive design principles for an eco-conscious project. Things like solar orientation, thermal load and insulation can go a long way in reducing the need for artificial heating and cooling in your kitchen or bathroom. Not only is this better for…

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let there be light

Light-filled homes sit at the top of the wish list for most potential home buyers. We all want bright, open-plan, domestic bliss, but unfortunately, most of our existing architecture lacks the light we seek. This leads many down the renovation route and we have some expert knowhow to share that will make your renovation (or the planning phase of your new build) flow a lot smoother and ensure the bright abode you’ve always dreamed of. From skylights and windows to artificial lighting and reflective walls, there are many ways to illuminate your kitchen and bathroom. Strap in and slide on your sunglasses, because we’re in for a sunny ride! SOARING SKYLIGHTS The use of natural daylight in interior design has grown exponentially over the past decade, with architects, designers and homeowners recognising…

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bathroom lighting tips from montauk lighting

More than ever, the bathroom is a multifunctional space where more than showering and toileting occur. It’s where makeup application, shaving and other daily grooming routines happen. The best place to start with light is at eye level. Mounting wall lights either side of a mirror provides shadowless illumination and the best results for your vanity area. Once vanity lighting is sorted, begin layering the rest of the bathroom with other lighting elements depending on the zones. Add ambient ceiling lighting to assist with overall lighting in the bathroom and think about how you might use the shower area differently to the bathtub corner or the pamper zone. And what about pendant lighting in the bathroom? It’s an increasingly popular choice as a pendant light positioned in the corner of the…

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let’s get groovy

Home bars are becoming an essential in every household, especially since snap lockdowns are now a common occurrence. Bars and restaurants are usually the first to close during these times, making home bars even more alluring as they serve as a safe haven away from the madness. There’s something wonderful about drinking in your pyjamas or having a cheeky nightcap before bed in a groovy bar setting of your own creation — one that even rivals the coolest bars and restaurants in the country. With online alcohol purchases soaring to 309 per cent in the last year (Nielsen Research), it seems stocking up on our favourite beverages to prepare for future lockdowns isn’t going away any time soon. If you’re looking to create a groovy home bar, here’s what you’ll need to…