Kitchens & Bathrooms Quarterly Issue#25.4 - December 2018

Kitchens & Bathrooms Quarterly Series is the top-selling publication catering for kitchen and bathroom renovators. Each quarterly issue is packed with the latest designs from Australia’s leading kitchen and bathroom manufacturers. Every issue of Kitchens & Bathrooms Quarterly runs the following features: Profiles of a well-known and respected chef, restaurateur or food writer, The latest news from the design world, Kitchen showcase , Bathroom showcase, Product showcase, Showroom showcase, Appliance reviews, Product reviews as well as Q&A with a panel of experts answering readers’ questions on their kitchen and bathroom renovations. Purchase includes the Digital Edition and News Service. Please stay in touch via our Facebook Page.

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from the editor

Choosing a designer to shoulder the responsibility of bringing your renovation dreams to life is no easy task. Many readers say selecting a designer is often one of the most difficult parts of the reno process. After all, they have to be trusted to design and create a space to suit your home and style preference. If you’re at this stage of the renovation process, you have made the right choice in picking up this magazine. This edition of Kitchens and Bathrooms Quarterly is jampacked with the work of some of Australia’s top designers. We showcase their best projects so that you can peruse these pages and choose the designer and design styles that catch your eye. If the very best is what you crave, make sure to check out the…

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what we love

LA DOLCE VITA Here’s some sweet news: Smeg has released a new range of wine cellars that are perfect for every wine connoisseur’s home. Featuring minimalist styling in black Eclipse glass with refined copper or stainless-steel detailing, the wine cellars’ aesthetics mirror the design of the collection’s other appliances and when installed are in perfect alignment. Uninterrupted lines, precision craftsmanship and elegance are signature traits, while home entertaining is taken to restaurant-quality perfection. Best of all, wine cellars come in both built-in and under-bench options. W: SHOWER TIME Methven has created the ultimate personalised shower experience with its award-winning Tūroa design for all you lovers of refreshing showers. Not only is the Tūroa beautiful, with a sleek stainless-steel design, it is intended to meet diverse shower needs and experiences at different times.…

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tried & tested

THE INTELLIGENT Featuring three modes — spiral, zigzag and cell by cell — this robot was effective in cleaning a specific spot, a larger room and complex areas which required more care. The Smart Inverter Motor ensures a deep clean, automatically detecting carpeted areas and correspondingly increasing suction power. With a mopping function that avoids running on carpet, this machine could clean a space effortlessly. The robot barely bumped into the many obstacles of the room, navigating the space like a pro with its high-quality 3D sensor. At the end of the clean and with little effort, the robot moved back to its home port for charging, making the experience extra simple. LG Roboking Turbo + HomeView, $1599, THE CORNER-CONQUERER The square front of this robot was unique to this design, and enabled…

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the best on the block

I’ve been an avid spectator of channel Nine’s The Block for many years now, and I have to say, the show never disappoints. Though engaging 10 amateur renovators to rip up and redo five worn-out apartments or houses seems disastrous in theory, the contestants always seem to exceed expectations and create stunning spaces, and this year has certainly been no exception. The kitchen, bathroom, butler’s pantry and laundry spaces have been particularly impressive this season. If you also watched the episodes, admired the gorgeous spaces and mentally planned how you will be recreating them during your upcoming renovation, you’re in luck! You won’t have to guess which surfaces, appliances and accessorises were used — you’ll find comprehensive products lists on the following pages, which will help you recreate each of the…

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let your light shine

1. DOWNLIGHTS Sleek and subtle, downlights provide functionality and a seamless aesthetic. Downlights go about their business of lighting a room with no fancy baubles. The ideal solution for spaces with low ceilings, particularly over a kitchen island, recessed downlights also won’t collect grease — perfect for cooking. 2. PENDANT LIGHTS These are the tiaras of the lighting world. Offering not just functionality, they can make a statement, whether they’re bold in gold or have a striking shape. Versatility is part of the allure of the pendant light, with options to subtly blend in with a light wood finish or add an industrial accent in matt black. The drawback of pendant lights is that although they’re great for singular task lighting and gently illuminating a room, their typically small bulbs mean you may…

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four clever bathroom storage ideas

1 TOWEL LADDER An ideal solution for individuals or large families sharing a bathroom, towel ladders sport a simple design that allows multiple towels to dry in the same space. Combine this functional product with a seating option and you have a bathroom must-have. The RÅGRUND, from IKEA, is small-bathroom friendly, with space for three towels and an extra shelf at its base. 2 TROLLEY We’re not talking about the supermarket type here. Trolleys are one of our favourite forms of storage as they are mobile and easily accessible, meaning you’ll be able to wheel around personal grooming and styling items to suit yourself. They can also hold towels in a location of your choice. Cheery and bright, the Car-Met Engioi storage trolley in yellow is one example of a fun way…