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September - October 2018

Latinos Leaders Magazine is the only publication that targets the most influential Latinos in the United States. For more than a decade, Latino Leaders Magazine has featured the top leaders in all industries: business, fashion, music, science, politics and more. The mission of Latino Leaders Magazine is to highlight those stories of success within the Latino community both for the present and for the inspiration of future leaders. Leaders who have been featured in Latino Leaders Magazine include: Emilio Estefan, Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, Cheech Marin, John McCain, John Kerry, Robert Rodriguez and many more.

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IN THIS EDITION, we have conducted our own research of all Latino executives in C-suite level positions, both reporting directly and not reporting, to the CEO of the company. There are not many lists with this information. Actually none, that we know of. For that reason, we decided to do our own research; consulting all websites, sending e-mails, fact-checking with communication officers and through word of mouth. Our main conclusion is on the introduction of the feature, pg. 20. Basically, what we found is no different from other areas, in which we face the reality of the low level of participation from Latinos. Needless to say, this has to change. As of now, and as we’ve been doing with our 101 Most Influential Latinos list, we’re going to keep an eye on these…

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avangard innovative

RICKY PEREZ is the CEO of Avangard Innovative, a company dedicated to helping companies find the green in their waste. Perez himself was born in Mexico City and moved to the United States when he was just eight. After completing his education, Perez started his own company when he was just 22-years-old. Perez noticed in his previous work that no recycling was being done, specifically in the bottle businesses. All the bottles ended up in landfills. “All the bottle owners wanted to figure out if there was a solution, if there was a better way,” Perez said. Perez wanted to find that better way and so Avangard was born with the use of a phone and a fax in Perez’ parent’s house in Texas. Although initially starting in Mexico exporting Coke, Pepsi,…

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nina vaca :

I am proud to be a female entrepreneur. But more than that, I am ecstatic to be a female, Hispanic entrepreneur as we celebrate National Hispanic Heritage Month. Each year, I look forward to this month to celebrate the histories, cultures, and contributions of Americans whose ancestors came from Spain, Mexico, the Caribbean, and Central and South America. This year, I was able to celebrate the kickoff of National Hispanic Heritage Month while taking part in a dialogue with girls and entrepreneurs in my home country of Ecuador before cutting the ribbon on a 40-home community for earthquake victims, which was built through a partnership with the Nina Vaca Foundation, Cinemark, The Rotary Club of Quito, and of course funds donated by friends and family from around the world. My mother always…

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influencing the next generation of influencers

Many are first or second-generation U.S. Hispanics. Many are the first in their family to attend or even graduate from college. And many lack the family and professional bridges that traditionally make it easy for one successful generation to pass the confidence and the ability to succeed onto the next. But they have us. Enter today’s influential It’s easy to forget what an impact each of us can have in a young person’s life. But the fact is this: When a young person looks up and sees a successful individual who looks like them, who talks like them, and who tells them that success is achievable, the impact is life changing. My bet is that each and every one of the influentials in this issue can think of a time when they…

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bucket list in austin,tx

There are experiences in life that only come once in a lifetime. Its those moments that you want to share and enjoy the fullest. I had the opportunity to drive to Austin, TX for an amazing weekend getaway. My friends at Buick joined me on the fun. It was the perfect weekend to check things off my bucket list. Austin, TX is known for its eclectic vibe. Home of the breakfast tacos, the Longhorns, and the Congress Bridge bats. Austin is considered one of the top destinations in Texas with 27.4 million visitors each year, according Austin Convention and Visitors Bureau. I hopped on our red Buick Regal GS and begin our trek to what was going to be the best weekend ever! My trip started off in my hometown, Dallas. Such…

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the story of wine

AFTER GETTING my degree in fermentation science at University of California, Davis, in 1984, I returned to my home here in Napa Valley, where I heard it again in a stronger voice. Today Spanish is still spoken among the vine rows and wine caves but increasingly it’s also spoken by the winery owner and his or her investors and bankers. People from all parts of the world, including Spanish-speaking countries, have come to California’s wine country to make a life for themselves and I am grateful to have grown up here and have been privileged to see so many positive changes. Over the next few months, I’ll be writing a wine column for my good friends at Latino Leaders from not only the perspective of a Napa Valley winemaker but that of someone…