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Latino Leaders March - April 2018

Latinos Leaders Magazine is the only publication that targets the most influential Latinos in the United States. For more than a decade, Latino Leaders Magazine has featured the top leaders in all industries: business, fashion, music, science, politics and more. The mission of Latino Leaders Magazine is to highlight those stories of success within the Latino community both for the present and for the inspiration of future leaders. Leaders who have been featured in Latino Leaders Magazine include: Emilio Estefan, Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, Cheech Marin, John McCain, John Kerry, Robert Rodriguez and many more.

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THE MAGAZINE you have in your hands is the MAGAZINE OF THE FUTURE. Our publication has undergone a phenomenal redesign, a change in size, color and texture making it a publication that talks to its reader and asks for feedback and analysis. A print object of desire and worship that brings the leader into informative-emotional experiences that appeal 100% to its mindset and way of life. With an 18-year history of knowing and interacting with readers, the editors have learned exactly their interests and desires, their visions and frustrations and most importantly what they want TO DO with the information they are getting from these new pages that are now brain-stimulating. Latino Leaders will no longer measure its readership in demographic general terms. It will do so by their way of thinking,…

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SARAI VEGA TITLE: EDITOR AGE: 30 LIVES IN: DALLAS, TX It is with such great honor and pride that I present to you our newly-redesigned Latino Leaders Magazine! This change was made with our readers in mind. Months of brainstorming have brought us to the beginning of this change; an innovative form of introducing information. Our mind has developed in such a way where smaller bits of information are easier to process and retain. Our team has taken that into consideration and has created a cleaner and more interactive publication. Throughout the next couple of months, we will be fine-tuning details to bring an even more pleasurable reading experience to our readers. Besides this incredible makeover Latino Leaders has received, this magazine continues to include some of the best leaders in the community.…

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prospanica’s leadership summit

EVERY YEAR, the Prospanica Leadership Summit convenes Latinos who drive change in their professions and communities. Over the course of three days, Prospanica’s chapter leadership and members dive into topics and hands-on experiences designed for immediate application across their spheres of influence. The summit features keynote speakers, breakout sessions, and special events that offer resources, tools, and opportunities for peer engagement and learning. The 2018 Prospanica Leadership Summit entitled Effecting Change: From Personal Influence to Collective Impact was held from February 8-10, 2018 in Dallas, Texas where Prospanica is headquartered. With sessions for both Prospanica chapter leadership and other business professionals, the Summit highlights how to transform personal effectiveness into community-wide change. Among the distinguished presenters were Dr. Dale Fodness of the University of Dallas, Satish and Yasmin Gupta College of…

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joined forces

Latino entrepreneurs face a unique set of challenges when attempting to grow their businesses – they can suffer from a lack of community support or struggle accessing the right kind of capital. As a way to address these problems, Global Leaders Organization (GLO) joined forces in March in New York City with Microsoft and Pinaccle Group's Nina Vaca– to create a new type community for Latino owned businesses. GLO is both a dynamic digital platform for business leaders, as well as, a network of local chapters with face-to-face meetings and events. Qualified entrepreneurs can build business networks, receive support and resources, expand markets and raise capital through a number of GLO communities. Ms. Vaca will be working closely with GLO and other key stakeholders to ensure the effort provides the…

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somos familia

Somos Familia, an organization based in the San Francisco Bay area, supports the needs of LGBTQ members who struggle to gain acceptance from their families, communities, and society. “We provide those resources, provide them in Spanish to these families who are looking for something that can speak to them as a culture, as a Latino family, so that the parents can sort of see, see and feel what it’s like for their children to come out,” said Joshua Delfin, president of Somos Familia. Founded in 2007, the organization provides workshops, social events, welcomes volunteers and participates in various activities that engage and connect the LGBTQ community with local stakeholders, ultimately forming partnerships that lead to more leadership opportunities for gays. Additionally, parents and other family members become more accepting of their gay…

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driving positive outcomes

We’re thrilled to feature another impressive, impactful, and powerful Latina leader in our column: Carly Sanchez, head of Talent Acquisition, Strategy and Delivery for Wells Fargo & Co, with responsibilities around the globe. Carly has been recognized as one of ALPFA’s 50 Most Powerful Latinas, published by Fortune Magazine on March 14, 2018, two years in a row. Her experience is rich and diverse, the scope of her job is massive, and her success is unquestionable - not because she has achieved a high corporate level job, or because she’s transformed the way Wells Fargo finds the best and the brightest, or because the way she partners with the community to ensure everyone has an opportunity to compete fairly for a job or to conduct business at her company. She’s…