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Latino Leaders July - August 2018

Latinos Leaders Magazine is the only publication that targets the most influential Latinos in the United States. For more than a decade, Latino Leaders Magazine has featured the top leaders in all industries: business, fashion, music, science, politics and more. The mission of Latino Leaders Magazine is to highlight those stories of success within the Latino community both for the present and for the inspiration of future leaders. Leaders who have been featured in Latino Leaders Magazine include: Emilio Estefan, Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, Cheech Marin, John McCain, John Kerry, Robert Rodriguez and many more.

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THE EDITION you have in your hands is the most successful edition in the story of Latino Leaders Magazine. It is not only our 9th Boards Edition, but also our fourth special feature on Latinos in Healthcare Industry and we have a fantastic collection of stories and interviews with some of the most relevant leaders. Our Boards Edition is a comprehensive snapshot of the state on Latino participation in Corporate Boards. In a special partnership with Victor Arias Jr. and RSR Partners, who brings a priceless support and contribution to this edition, we’re featuring more than 120 Board Directors and more than 50 outstanding candidates ready to become Directors of a Board. The value of Victor Arias Jr. and RSR Partners mean one of the highest recognized experts on Hispanic…

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la brisa ice cream co.

Houston, Texas is home to a considerable amount of entrepreneurs. Meet Guadalupe Flores, owner of La Brisa Ice Cream Company. He is a native Mexican from the state of Zacatecas. His journey began 36 years ago in 1982 when he and his family decided to come to the U.S. in order to continue with their entrepreneurial dreams. During his time in Mexico, he established his business in his hometown and was able to develop fundamental skills to lead a business. But not everything was easy and simple, “Things for difficult in Mexico.”, said Flores. As like many other business owners, resources were limited and scarce. But Flores had a “plan B” and decided to look north of the border. Fast forward to 2018, La Brisa has become a booming business. Along the way,…

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mi pueblo services

Celia Velazquez. Latina. Trailblazer. Achiever. Entrepreneur. Born in Mexico, arrived to the U.S. at the age of 16. Her plan from the very beginning was to attend school but destiny had different plans. She soon started working at a doctor’s office as an account manager. Due to personal trials and struggles, she then decided it was time to forge her own path. In 1994, she opened her business preparing taxes and representing clients who were being audited by the government. She named her business Mi Pueblo Services. She loved what she did. She wanted to grow, so she started attending seminars, workshops and classes. Velazquez began to fiercely seek an opportunity to grow in the field. She earned her Enrolled Agent license and it was just another step closer to success. Finances, as…

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fact-based leadership

Being grounded on solid facts is particularly important in conflictive times such as the ones we are living in now. Oftentimes today, individuals debate points of view using opinions and ideology instead of facts. This leads to wrong conclusions and makes it difficult to reach agreement on key issues. Fortunately, in regard to views about US Hispanics, a new set of facts has become available thanks to the great work of the Latino Donor Collaborative*, which funded important research to track the progress and contributions of US Hispanics in America. This research, when combined with facts from the Pew Research Center and from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, sheds a new light on the impact that Hispanics are making to our country in three key areas: the economy, education, and entrepreneurship. Once you…

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eye on the prize

Legacy: “I would like people to remember that I made a positive difference to the companies I’ve worked with, and to the many outside communities I’ve served.” Mentor: Muhammad Ali “Apart from my family, I really looked up to Muhammad Ali, even as a child. His display of confidence, and the way he stood up for the things he believed in, helped develop my own self-confidence. I knew there would be times I’d have to stand up for myself, and I use him as a role model even to this day.” Obstacles: If the road to success was obstacle-free, we’d all be on top of the world – but it isn’t. “First, be sure that you truly understand what the obstacle is; next, be thoughtful and strategic about your approach to it –…

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power of discipline

GROWING up in Victorville, California, Peter was the youngest of seven boys. “We were very sports-oriented, very competitive,” he recalled. “And that taught me the value of discipline, team work, and understanding individual roles – those are skills that have helped me throughout my career.” After graduating from high school, he moved to Orange County, CA and went directly into the work force. His introduction to the financial industry was at its entry level: a bank teller. But that position served as a launching pad to a 25-year career in the banking industry that brought increasing responsibilities. He survived over a dozen mergers with other banks, culminating in the acquisition of Washington Mutual, his then-current employer, by JPMorgan Chase in 2008. “There’s no class or education where you can learn how to…