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Lighting 2016

Filled with inspiring examples of stunning lighting fixtures, this magazine helps readers envision how lighting can change and update a home’s style. A room-by-room section showcases fixtures in every part of the house and offers lessons on how to layer lights to create the right effect. The magazine’s products guide features hundreds of inspiring lights, fans, and components for enhancing any home’s design. Plus, you’ll find a guide to purchasing the newest bulbs.

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in praise of invention

RETRO INSPIRATION The vaguely industrial lines of this fixture offer a delicate swoop and decidedly 21stcentury bulbs for a firm grip on modern design. Macauley, Savoy Housebaywood, boxwood, hickory, cedar, and flax: Those were just a few of the more than 6,000 materials that Thomas Edison is said to have tried—and failed—to use as a filament. His quest was to locate a material that was both effective and efficient, one that would light well and light long. The ultimate winner in his first successful incandescent lightbulb? Bamboo.Tenacity, the willingness to try, to fail, and to keep trying: It’s a testament not only to Edison but to inventors, designers, and creators throughout time. To masterfully frame, shape, and develop things of beauty, things of usefulness, things that will last, is a…

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all about lighting

UP AND DOWN Upward-facing shades on the chandelier and downwardfacing hoods on the sconces reduce glare in this stylish bedroom. Ridge, Progress LightingIS YOUR LIGHT MAKING YOU TIRED?IF YOU HAVE THE WRONG color lightbulbs in your sleeping spaces, the answer might be yes.Blue light has long been shown to suppress our levels of melatonin, which in turn can affect our circadian rhythms—our sleep cycle. Harvard researchers compared blue light exposure to green light and found that the former suppressed melatonin for about twice as long and shifted circadian rhythms by twice as much.When you choose bulbs for restful spaces, it's important to consider more than just life span and efficiency. Here are some options to light your bedroom the right way:» Choose a color temperature for bulbs less than 3000K.»…

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CRYSTAL BEAUTY Bulbs of all shapes and sizes have made it easier for designers to create sculptural pieces that are as much art as they are light. This dramatic fixture supplies plenty of lumens as well as artistic statement. Hollis Collection, CrystoramaUP IN THE AIR Spectacular ceiling spaces and windows can leave a space feeling ungrounded. Here, a sleek ceiling fan and light dresses up the overhead space without distracting from the neutral bones in this room. Perseus, Casablanca Fan Co.Light SmarterDimmers make it easier to compensate for varying degrees of natural light, particularly in rooms that have a profusion of windows. Newer options have more flexible and precise controls, and wireless capabilities put you in command with smart devices.LIGHT DISPLAY Although the materials and assembly are rustic, the light…

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CEILING WITH A VIEW A light fixture palette can help to brighten a traditional space. Here, a coffered ceiling—stained a rich, dark chestnut—could overwhelm. Instead, sparkling details on the chandelier banish shadows. Lucien Chandelier, Currey & CompanySTRIKE A BALANCE In expansive spaces, it’s good to mix sizes and types of fixtures to provide lots of light that’s flexible to your needs—here, recessed cans, pendants, and a mid-size chandelier make cooking, eating, and relaxing more enjoyable. Fortune, Progress LightingBY CANDLELIGHT Graceful lines plus nostalgic details— here, candlelike lightbulb holders— lend a Colonial-style influence to this pretty, traditional chandelier. Jacksboro Chandelier, FeissWhat does traditional mean to you? For some people, traditional style may mean something straight out of New England-Colonial times—heavy wood beams, low ceilings, and minimal ornamentation. For others, traditional style…

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A WAY WITH WOOD Cottagestyle decor freely mixes materials and finishes for a vibe that seems less planned out. Here, a mixedmaterial chandelier above a wood table emphasizes that aesthetic. Socorro, Sea Gull LightingSIZED RIGHT Although cottage decor often unites disparate elements, one way to create consistency is to rely on a lighting family. Here, the same style fixture, in different sizes, helps keep the focus on stylish function. Equinox, Progress LightingCEILING SAVER In general, a ceiling fan should be 8 to 9 feet above the floor for comfort and efficiency. Embrace, FanimationThere’s an everyday ease that marks cottage decorating—an ordinariness that's anything but plain and simple. There’s comfort in cottage-style spaces, which lends itself well to very personalized lighting choices.For cottage lighting, this welcoming aesthetic equals a refreshing decorating…

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CRYSTAL CASCADE A waterfall of multicolored elements creates a work of art that’s stunning in its originality. Savannah Chandelier, EurofaseA STUDY IN LIGHT A delicate cascade of crystals adds an elegant finish to both chandelier and sconces. Eclyptix, SchonbekTHE POWER OF SIX Unusually hooded bulbs supply a distinctive aesthetic for this casually transitional chandelier. Fainlight, Currey & CompanyCOOL BREW An intersection of seemingly competing shapes and materials lends transitional appeal to this fixture. Axis, Capital Lighting Fixture CompanyMix and match, and what do you get? In design speak, it’s called transitional style, and it’s an ever-popular, ever-adaptable way to integrate bold, beautiful lighting into your home.That combination of old and new is what makes transitional lighting feel a bit like every other style—but at the same time, not. The sweet…