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Lighting 2017

Filled with inspiring examples of stunning lighting fixtures, this magazine helps readers envision how lighting can change and update a home’s style. A room-by-room section showcases fixtures in every part of the house and offers lessons on how to layer lights to create the right effect. The magazine’s products guide features hundreds of inspiring lights, fans, and components for enhancing any home’s design. Plus, you’ll find a guide to purchasing the newest bulbs.

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Meredith Corporation
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the feeling of light

Like most American families, mine spends much of our time in the kitchen—cooking, eating, working. It’s the hub of our home and our lives. So a few weeks ago, when the fixture over our kitchen sink fritzed out, it changed how all of us felt about being in that room. No more early morning light for gentle wake up; no more extra bright light for un-fun but necessary tasks of dishes and cleaning. It’s illustrative of the power of light to affect emotions in tangible ways. The color of bulbs, dimmability, even the number of fixtures: Those are the real tools for homeowners, helping them improve light and in turn affecting both their health and their mood. Of course, lighting designers and manufacturers have always known this—but technology has caught up with new tools. The…

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all about lighting

From Fashion to Fixture WHAT’S ON THE RUNWAY makes its way into the home—and into lighting. Here are top fashion trends that have already moved from the pages of magazines to your lighting showroom. More runway trends Check out your lighting showroom for more future-focused lighting fixtures. • Blue: A single color takes multiple forms with all the shades of blue. • Prep: Crisp lines and classic colors help translate this runway trend into the home in lighting. • Neon: Bright and fun? It has a place in lighting, too.…

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how to use this magazine

• Choose your lighting preference. Flip through the style sections and tag images. A lighting showroom can help sort through favorites. “The magazine is a great tool,” says Tim Stumm, Dallas showroom manager, Expressions Home Gallery. • Work through a lighting planning and timeline. Turn to the Workbook section (page 108) to find hints on how to schedule design work and pick out fixtures. • Learn more about your lighting options. Find helpful tips for picking out bulbs and more (page 114). Feeling inspired? Find fixtures to satisfy every style and inspiration—and meet all those lighting must-dos— at your ALA lighting showroom. 5-15-30-60: Lighting Makeovers in Minutes Want to recast the illumination in just one room? Here’s how—in 5, 15, 30, and 60 minutes. 5 MINUTES: Put in a new lightbulb. Pick an LED and you’ll save…

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anatomy of a ceiling fan

Controls (both fan and light): Many of today’s ceiling fans are controlled with WiFithrough an app or handheld remote. Decades ago, ceiling fans were turned offand on using a switch that was activated by a pull chain. Light kit: Most ceiling fans provide the option to include lights, either through an add-on light kit or integrated into the fixture. With lights, ceiling fans can double as overall light for a room. Fan blades: Many blades extend out from the center portion of the fan. Some conceal the blades to provide ceiling fan function with a traditional chandelier look. Based on the fan’s size, the fan blades vary in width and angle. Fan arm: The fan arms connect the fan’s blades to the fixture’s central housing. Fan motor and housing: Enclosed inside the fan’s housing…

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led bulbs sprint ahead

LET’S FACE IT: Many of us are confused by all the bulbs available. That’s because when you pick a bulb, you’re picking not just the bulb, but the light level, light color, energy consumption, and bulb type. But there’s one change coming that might help simplify things for consumers: Compact fluorescent bulbs are slowly coming offshelves as designers and manufacturers move toward LEDs. LED has sprinted toward more and more adaptability to different fixtures and colors, as well as compatability with dimmers. “The change is all LED and nothing but LED,” says Brian Brandes, senior vice president, SATCO Products. And advances in home electronics have benefited advances in home lighting. “LEDs are used in so many things, such as smart phones and TVs, so more capability and volume have also equaled lower cost…

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a modern mix

Modern design has shown remarkable resilience, even as it has endured the ever-fickle style enthusiasms of the American homeowner. Although its exact “birth” date is often debated, the first forms, materials, and general of modern design aesthetic started to filter into homes in the late 1920s and 1930s. Many of those classic accents, including lighting, have endured—take the George Nelson Bubble lamp, for example, which first appeared in 1952. Still others, however, take the original ethos of modern design and adapt it not only for today’s homes, but for those ever-changing homeowners. The results may harken to a slightly retro vibe, but the lights and their adaptability are resolutely a modern-day interpretation of contemporary design.…