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March 2019

The nation’s premier log home magazine, Log Home Living encourages the dream of log home ownership. Each issue celebrates the log home lifestyle, provides practical advice, and offers photo tours of the nation’s most beautiful log homes.

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daniel boone … meet george jetson

We live in an exciting period in the evolution of log homes.For hundreds of years, log home construction didn’t change much, eventually falling out of favor for newfangled ways to build a house. In the 1970s there was a resurgence of interest in building with logs that’s continued to grow, but it wasn’t until the past 20 years, that log home construction blossomed into the energy-efficient, design-savvy and majestic medium it is today.The good news is that log homes are not done evolving. New low-VOC stains that pass strict EPA regulations continue to hit the market, as do constantly improving sealants, chinking and other materials that make a log home tighter and increasingly efficient. Though saving energy (and money) is top of mind for many log home owners, there’s a…

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online resources loghome.com

LHL WEEKLYOur free weekly newsletter points you to helpful planning, design and maintenance articles that will save you time and money. Plus, you’ll get first dibs on special deals from our partners. Subscribe now at loghome.com/newslettersCONNECT WITH USChat with our editors and share ideas, successes and photos with other log home enthusiasts. It’s the best place to get questions answered — and you might even see your story in the magazine!loghome.com/facebookloghome.com/twitterloghome.com/pinterestloghome.com/instagramloghomeu.com (an online community for log home enthusiasts)TAKE IT WITH YOUFind all of our digital editions at loghome.com/digital ■…

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with hochstetler you don’t have to choose between quality and price - you get both.

We’ve been in business since 1986, guided by a single commitment - to provide the finest quality log homes for a fair and honest price. We call it value, our customers call it more bang for their buck.Quality ProcessingQuality begins with the careful selection of suitable trees and continues with the meticulous grading and drying process. Using our state-of-the-art Yates planer and SII dry kilns our craftsmen produce the highest quality timbers in the industry. It’s your assurance of precision-milled, strong, stable logs and the resultant piece of mind.Quality DesignAlthough quality is most evident in the logs and timbers we select it is stressed in every aspect of our operation. For instance, we have experienced designers that will meet with you and transform your ideas into a well-planned, energy-efficient home.…

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shades of greatness

Filled with hand-hewn logs, antique beams and wide-plank flooring (with reproduction rose-head nails), this great room is a study in American craftsmanship, old and new. “The great room is the perfect place to curl up with a book and a quilt next to the roaring fire,” says owner Martha Coursey.From the opposite vantage point, it’s clear that the kitchen is an integral part of the space. (MossCreek Designs photos)The great room, with a peak of 21 feet, shows off the 11-inch-high logs with dovetail corners. The pine log walls are left natural and have pine trim sealed with a matte polyurethane. The metal stair and loft railings boast scenes from Harry Potter, Snow White, Bambi and others, making the cottage a blast for kids of all ages.A bird’s - eye view from…

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hey google … are you safe?

The point of technology is to make our lives easier, but what do we give up for convenience? With voice-activated devices such as Amazon’s Echo and Google Home becoming more affordable, it’s fair to ask what age-old protections are being taken out of our hands.Always Listening?Google and Amazon have assured consumers their products are not constantly eavesdropping and beaming every word you say to the Cloud. They are, however, always listening for a “wake word”: “Alexa” for Amazon Echo and “Hey Google” for Google Home. Anything you say after those wake words must be recorded and saved in order for these devices to do their job. Both devices come with a mute button, which, when activated, transforms them into paper weights.VerificationWhile these devices are good at picking up commands, they’re…

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undercover panels

Sustainable energy can be a smart long-term investment, but it’s important to make sure you get the most efficiency for your buck. Panels aren’t the only option anymore. There are alternatives, like “3 IN 1 ROOF,” that not only provide higher yields, they offer more attractive curb appeal.Traditional black or blue silicone solar cells have average efficiency ratings of around 22 percent. However, once solar cells are grouped, placed under glass, fitted with a polyurethane back sheet (a solar panel) and mounted over a traditional shingle, tile or aluminum roof, their efficiency rating can fall as low as 15 percent, particularly after 3 p.m., when roof surface temperatures are at their hottest and a solar panel’s efficiency is usually at its lowest.The 3 IN 1 ROOF solar array is different,…