Love Embroidery Issue 6

Love Embroidery is the monthly magazine that is a celebration of decorative stitch. It is full of creative ideas for anyone who loves – or would love to learn – modern hand and machine embroidery.

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love Embroidery FRESH IDEAS WITH THREAD Winter is that magical time of the year when the hustle and bustle of everyday life seems to ebb away – if only for a moment or two – into a quiet calm. We spend more time indoors with our loved ones and, bundled up in our favourite jumpers, occasionally venture out to experience the sights and sounds of the changing landscapes around us. We’re letting the promise of peaceful moments ahead inspire us to slow down our stitching – an idea that sits at the heart of designer Warunee Bolstad’s beautifully embroidered knitwear. Turn to p22 to find out more. IMAGE © WARUNEE BOLSTAD, WWW.PLYSTRE.NO…

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The chill of winter always brings with it, for me, a frisson of anticipation – because I know there are plenty of joyful reasons ahead to be stitching. As the festive season approaches, so does the opportunity to create thoughtful gifts and decorate our homes afresh. With such an eventful year behind us, I’m ready to fill my evenings with plenty of uplifting, colourful stitches – and I hope this issue will inspire you to do the same! I’m excited to be taking the helm of Love Embroidery while Nikki is on maternity leave, continuing to offer fresh, contemporary patterns from your favourite designers each month. For beginners and seasoned stitchers alike, we’ve curated this issue with care and creativity. Are you feeling festive, readers? Then let us begin……

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Sweater weather Nothing says winter is on the way like slipping into the sleeves of your favourite fuzzy pullover. Eszter Apa’s Ugly Sweater design is – ironically – far from it. It’s so full of charm and fills us with a fond feeling of Christmas memories, curled up around the fire in our best and brightest jumpers. The Fair Isle look of the design is created using a mix of stitches and shades, including French Knots for those irresistible blocks of texture. Oh, Christmas tree! Imagine finding the kit to stitch this mini tree under your own Christmas tree this year – how wild would that be? Or, you could treat yourself ahead of time and make quick work of the bright red baubles, trailing tinsel and shining star that decorate this pretty…

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Use just five simple stitches to travel through the 20 idyllic street scenes in Charles Henry and Elin Petronella’s debut book Mindful Embroidery. £17.80 |Page Street Publishing Let your imagination run wild in thread as you learn the freestyle method with Doodle Stitching Embroidery Art, a new book by artist and designer Aimee Ray. £15.45 | C&T Publishing Follow Anne Kelly’s journey through historical and cultural techniques in Textile Travels, and learn how to capture your own adventures in stitches. £22.95 | Pavilion Books…

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You will need FRAMING IN A HOOP Press your finished embroidery on the wrong side to avoid flattening the stitches. Trim the fabric into a circle that’s slightly larger than the outer hoop. Place the inner hoop onto a piece of felt and cut around it if you want to back your hoop neatly. Mount the fabric back into the hoop in the same way as when you were stitching, but making sure the design is central within the inner hoop and the screw is positioned at the centre of the top. Work running stitch around the edge of the fabric and pull tightly to gather the fabric behind the hoop. Pin the felt over the back of the gathered fabric and stitch into place by hand using either small whipping stitch…

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To the slopes You can practically feel the gentle wind in your hair and hear the whirring of the ski lift above your head when you look at this snowy scene. We spotted this festive gem in our Instagram feed and discovered the Ruby Seppings blog, where you can read all about the inspiration behind this hoop – which involves ski trips and family – plus find top tips and tutorials. This piece is blissfully simple to work; it uses only Backstitch, Chain Stitch and Satin Stitch. The flurry of snow is created using seed beads, but could easily be swapped for some substantial French Knots. What would you do?…