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Lunch Lady is a quarterly keepsake full of meaningful content, inspiring family stories, easy DIY, stacks of recipes plus funny relatable opinion pieces about the ups and downs of raising children. It's a magazine where parenting is not taken too seriously but a balanced approach to family life is.

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bush puppets

Bush puppets are made from anything that grows in nature–dried leaves, fresh leaves, seed pods, flowers and sticks. Keep your eyes peeled for shapes which you think look like animals or animal parts—e.g., long and thin eucalyptus leaves make great snakes, small oval leaves make good rabbit ears, and a spiky banksia seed pod makes a perfect echidna. Steps to making a bush puppet. WHAT YOU NEED • Nature bits: leaves (fresh and dried), seed pods, flowers, sticks, weeds– anything you can find in nature can be used! • Glue–a hot glue gun will stick things together best but other glue like PVA can work too • Texta and stickers–used to make faces • String or extra sticks STEPS 1. Gather all your materials and spread out on a table. 2. Spend some time combining the nature pieces you…

13 min.

PARENT OPINION #1 / NO MORE F'ING LASAGNE by ella ward Do you know what’s worse than a hypochondriac? A vindicated hypochondriac. You know it’s going to be bad when your GP gets choked up. No one likes telling a mother she’s got cancer. Doctor Tearful needn’t have worried. I’d been working towards this moment for years. I’ve a significant history of cancer in my family, and since my early twenties my body had produced its own selection of concerning lumps and bumps. That, combined with a middle-class-prescribed amount of generalised anxiety disorder, meant my approach to health screening drifted to the paranoid side of vigilant. All of this meant that cancer scares were my bag, but not actual diagnoses. So I certainly didn’t think I’d ever get as far as a weepy GP…

6 min.
blind parenting

Last night my kids and I sat on the living room floor, bent over colouring books, singing to ’80s music playing on the radio. Well, I was singing. They were asking me if various singers were dead yet, because clearly anyone alive in the ’80s must be so old now that they are practically knocking on death’s door. My kids were colouring trucks and penguins; I was colouring a monkey. For most this would be unremarkable, but for me it was wonderful. This was the first time I’d ever been able to draw in a colouring book with my kids. As I’m a mum who is blind, typical colouring books don’t work so well for me. I can draw on paper, but my drawing capability is somewhere on the spectrum below…

8 min.
hats of faith

Where did the idea for the book come from? I’m an imposter author. I’m not really a children’s author. But I wanted to buy a book about head coverings for my son and I couldn’t find one. I didn’t really intend to write it. I lived in South London with my young son, and in a very diverse area. He’s a very nosy, curious boy. I just knew I was going to have that moment sooner rather than later, where he was one inch away from someone’s head and saying, “What’s that?” about a hijab or turban. I thought, in this day of heightened racial profiling and violence, I have a job to do. I can’t say that’s about religion and just walk away and use my white privilege to not actually…

7 min.
hey, foundation partners, what makes you most proud of your brand?

Nature’s Cuppa Ken Henderson Managing Director We believe Nature’s Cuppa Organic is one of the very best teas in the world. We’re proud to have been the first commercial tea company to introduce this tea to the Australian market! WelleCo Andrea Horwood Founder + CEO We provide natural wellness solutions for people seeking to live a better, healthier life. Whether it’s inflammation, acidity, digestion issues, gut health, healthy weight management or sleep patternswe’re all looking for natural solutions. We sustainably source the world’s premium botanicals and adaptogens for what we believe are the purest plant-based supplements on Earth. And we deliver them in a highly absorbable powdered form and with nutrients in tact to nourish the eleven systems of the body at a cellular level. I am proud to be part of something that is…

11 min.
dream big live tiny

Can you tell us a bit about you and your family? We're an adventurous family of three (myself Bela, partner Spencer and our daughter Escher). We're always looking for more opportunity to develop our independence and creativity. We think about creating longterm value without sacrificing short-term pleasure, and growing our own family culture. Without a doubt, we’re a unit. We electively spend most of our time together. But in the end, we want to be a unit that contributes something worthwhile to other people. What do you fill your days with? We spend a lot of time growing our family’s culture through learning, playing and eating. We’re very health-conscious and do everything we can to improve our health and extend our lifespan. During our downtime (when Escher is in bed), we have long…